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ISBN # (10) 0061689394 / (13) 978-0061689390
6 January 2009
HarperCollins Avon Red/ HarperCollins Publishers,Inc
E-book /Trade Paperback
$10.95/ $13.95 US/ $14.95 CAN
320 Pages
Romance Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Torn Desires

Sophia is a widow who has allowed herself the pleasure of being lovers with Quinton after her husband’s death. He makes her feel things her husband never did, until Alistair came along. With the affections of two men she finds attractive, she discovers that she wants both as lovers. Sophia knows she must make a choice. Yet the choice is one that no one would suspect.

Quinton enjoys having sex with Sophia, yet he feels he must look elsewhere for a wife and mother to his son. He just assumes he can keep Sophia on the side; he keeps her in the dark about his plans. Alistair makes the trip to the country with the women Quinton is to choose from and finds himself drawn to Sophia. He cannot seem to get her out of his mind.

Whew! Steamy hot is this story. Quick, sexy and entertaining is what you find reading Torn Desires.

Get There

Edie is a writer on a popular show, which, sadly, is ending. But she is just as excited as disappointed because she has another job lined up and she is finally going to be with Ty. They have bought a home in Pennsylvania. Edie and Ty use their talents to find a creative way to compensate until then.

Ty is an illustrator who works on the opposite coast as Edie. He too has landed a new job which allows Edie and him the chance to be together without a long distance between them. Neither can stand the wait till they are together. But after all their planning, will a snag undo all of it?

Very creative writing with down to earth, likeable characters makes this story a fun read.

Hell is Where the Heart is

Daunuan is an incubus who loves what he does. He is a seducer; he seduces humans then takes their soul to Hell. Yet no matter how many times he is able to have sex, he has a burning desire for Jezebel. Since they are not human, they should not feel love. Yet if they were, what they feel would not be just lust but love.

Jezebel is a succubus who also loves her job. It is very similar to Daunuan’s, and she feels the same desire for him that he has for her, no matter how many clients she has. What Jezebel and Daunuan have transcends thru time; they always find one another and become one again.

Scorching Hot. You need a fire extinguisher with you when you read this story. Heat straight from the depths of Hell.

By Valentine's Day

Charlotte Kendrick has fancied Colin ever since her brother brought his friend home for a visit. What she felt for him grew into love, yet he did not love her, so she wed another. She is now widowed and a suitor has asked for her hand; thus she must make a decision, one she would rather not make.

Colin Winchester, the Earl of Atleigh, has been a friend to Charlotte for many years. His feelings for her have changed, and upon hearing that she might re-marry, he needs to convince her to be with him. Colin surprises Charlotte by arriving where she has decided to be alone to make her decision. He offers her pleasure in the hope that she will surrender first her body then her heart to him. But is he too late and has lost her for a second time?

Very sweet romance and steamy sex are just what you find in this quick read. Very enjoyable.

This particular grouping of short stories fits perfectly well together. They all blend romance and plenty of sex. Sweetness and raw lust make the pages turn quickly till the very end. If you are looking for a way to turn the heat up this Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter, then this is the collection of stories you will want to sink your teeth into.

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