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The Heroes of Silver Springs Series

Book 1: Caught Off Guard
Book 2: Twin Games
Book 3: Stormy Nights
Book 4: All or Nothing
Book 5: Picture This
Book 6: Hollywood Lights
Book 7: Taken By Surprise
Book 8: Sexual Games
Book 9: Going Under

ISBN#: 1-60601-192-8
September 2008
Siren Publishing
78 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Bailey Lamont is working her dream job. She is a fireman for the Silver Spring Fire Department. She works her tail off to be seen as an equal to the men on her shift, and she will let nothing, not even love compromise her job.

Tripp Barrett is Lieutenant for B shift at the Silver Spring Fire Department. However for the time being he is on medical leave, due to an accident that could have very well left him paralyzed.

Bailey is self aware enough to realize that she is indeed greedy. She wants her job, and she wants her lover, but she is not willing to allow one to affect the other. Now her greatest fears and hopes are being realized. Tripp has almost completely healed after a horrible accident on the job nearly killed him, and he is ready to return to work. She knows that his job is as important to him as it is to her, but she will not compromise her rules. Tripp is certain that given time Bailey will reconsider. He knows that they are meant for each other, and that they can put aside their personal life while on the job. Bailey is equally assured that that will never happen. She believes Tripp’s accident was proof of that, and the next time one of them might not be so lucky. That is a risk she could never bear to live with.

The risk of loving someone and having them get hurt because of it is Bailey’s greatest fear, and this story is her “Catch 22”; she loves Tripp, and she loves her job. This may be a situation not many of us find ourselves in, but it is not hard to feel Bailey’s pain. Her character as well as Tripp’s are down to earth and feel like real people. I enjoyed their roles as firefighters, and would love to have seen more of that in the story. This is a really nice read; its plot is original and well written, and the characters strong and sexy.

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