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ISBN# 1595783237
March 2007
Liquid Silver Books
112 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, an enhanced human born to normal parents in an experiment to make a generation better skilled at most things, both physical and mental. He is the assistant to Her Majesty, the Conqueror, who saved his life when he was orphaned at sixteen.

Rheyn Destoiya is the Conqueror, or Empress. In her corner of the universe she reigns supreme over 2twenty-two planets, including Tarth. She is a Sempervian, an immortal, more or less from another world and another time and place. She has lived for thousands of years, and ruled for many of them.

Alitus is different, an enhanced human, they have gifts including physical beauty and can affect most with their pheromones. Saved as a teen by Rheyn, when he came of age he was brought into her stable of Jade sex slaves. She has been his only lover, though she as a Sempervian goes thru lovers daily, except for Alitus. She is making governmental changes that affect Betters and NOT for the better. Is the love they feel enough to get thru this?

Part of the Tales of the Chosen series, and the first I have read, it was easily understandable. I see similarities in our own nation here with segregation, riots and separatism of a people that is different and looked down upon. A government run by a woman, maybe that would be a good thing and would like to see it happen. This future is a sex driven one but contains a forbidden love and secrets that can change a world. If you like subtle erotica and science fiction you may want to go check this out. I hope you enjoy the gentle and caring love scenes between Wulf and Alitus as I did.

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