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ISBN# 0979332702
March 2007
Vintage Romance Publishing
PO Box 1165,Ladson, South Carolina 29456-1165
312 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Kaitlin Wakefield is a young and headstrong Englishwoman whose father’s lands border Scotland. She decides that rather than waiting for her father to accompany her, she will go by horseback to visit her grandmother on her own. After all, she can take care of herself, or so she thinks. That is until Laird Nicholas Rothirforde’s men discover her trespassing on his land. They take her to Nicholas, who locks her in his tower until he can decide what to do with her. He considers her father his mortal enemy and the murderer of his own father.

Aidan Rothirforde is Nicholas’s widowed younger brother. He lives with his daughter Kylee and his mother-in-law Eilis, an old and somewhat hateful woman. She keeps house for him, but is really too old to adequately care for either his home or Kylee. He arrives at his brother’s home when Nicholas sends for him; little does he know what Nicholas has in mind.

When Nicholas orders Aidan to take Kaitlin home with him to care for his daughter Kylee, he is furious. Like Nicholas, Aidan hates Kaitlin’s father thinking him the murderer of his own father. However, it is not long before Kaitlin wins him over, and they fall deeply in love with each other. But there are many dangers in his home. What with items appearing and disappearing from the nursery, shadows in the corners, and people appearing seemingly out of nowhere, it is hard to tell who is friend and who is foe. With enemies plotting and secrets being revealed, will these plots, and secrets, not to mention irate family members who seek to keep them apart, win? Or will Kaitlin and Aidan be able to overcome the many obstacles that lie in their path and unite their families as one?

Aidan’s Chance is a grand historical love story! I loved Kaitlin’s spunk and sass as it made the story so much fun to read. Aidan as the thick-headed male had me roaring with laughter in places as he tried to get Kaitlin to do as he wished. Instead she mostly did exactly as she pleased. Kylee, Aidan’s daughter, is precious, and Kaitlin’s loving care of her makes for great reading. The author does an excellent job of drawing the suspense out. I found I could not stop reading until I had reached the final page. The lovemaking is beautifully intense and very natural, adding to the emotional value of this story. I eagerly await another book from this author, and highly recommend her!

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