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12 Nights of Christmas: The Gift Within
A Sentry's Touch
A Trace of Moonlight:  Book 3 by Allison Pang
A.E.O.M. Snow Blind
A.O.E.M. Carousel
About Cat Scratch Fever
Apocalispstick by Lisa Acerbo
At Grave's End: Night Huntress Series Book 3

Autumn Rose:  Book 2 by Abigail Gibbs

Bane of Existence
Banishing the Dark:  Book 4 by Jenn Bennett
Before I Wake: THe Nightmare Chronicles
Behind the Black Door
Beyond the Vision of Dreams
Binding the Shadows:  Book 3 by Jenn Bennett
Biting Comfort
Blood and Bullets by James R. Tuck
Blood Drive
Blood Magick by Suzan Harden
Blood Tear Trilogy - Book 1 Burning Rose
Blood Tear Trilogy - Book 2: Frozen Heart
Blood Ties
Blood Wish by Fionn Jameson
Blood-Mage Rising:  Book 2 by Tory Michaels
Bound by Blood: The Awakening Book One
Catching Caroline
Cold Hard Secret:  Book 7 by Sierra Dean
Computer Games
Confessions of a Vampire's Lover
Cream by Zenobia Renquist
Crimson Sins:  Book 1 by Madeline Pryce
Cruel to be Kind
Dark Hope by H.D. Smith
Dark Passion Rising:  Book 1 by Shannan Albright
Dark Stallion:  Book 2 by Raven Willow-Wood
Dark Water Anthology
Dark Waters Anthology
Dawn of Eternity by Kylie Jordan
Dead Man’s Deal:  Book 2 by Jocelynn Drake
Dead on Delivery by Eileen Rendahl
Deadly Sin:  Book 6 by Sonnet O’Dell
Death’s Sweet Embrace:  Book 2 by Tracey O’Hara
Devil’s Honor:  House Phoenix Book 2 by S. W. Vaughn
Diary of a Vampire Stripper by Cinsearae S.
Dragon Child by LJ DeLeon
Dweller On the Threashold:  Book 1 by Rinda Elliott

Ever After:  Book 21 by Kim Harrison

Fading Light: Book 2 by Anela Dennis
Fairy Proof by Constance Phillips
Forbidden: The Ascension
Forget Me Knot:  Book 2 by Melissa Glisan
Forgotten Legends by Laura Dasnoit
Ghost Soldiers:  Book 2by Keith Melton
Goblin Fires:  Book 1 by Brantwijn Serrah
Haunted Moon:  Book 13 by Yasmine Galenorn
Haven:  Book 1 by Celia Breslin
Heart of Darkness 1: Taint of Shadow
Heart of Darkness 1: Taint of Shadow
Immortal Duty by J.K. Coi
Immortal Eclipse by Sheri Soule
Inner Demons by Gloria Oliver
Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart by Gemma K. Murray
Kept:  Book 2 by Shawntelle Madison
Kiss Across Swords:  Book 2 by Travy Cooper Posey
La Vida Muerta
Long Shadows:  Book 2 by Cecilia Dominic
Loving Among the Dead by Dahlia Dewinters
Midnight Reign: Book two of the vampire Babylon Trilogy
Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch
Mona Lisa Craving: Book 3 in the Monere Series
Natural Born Enemies:  Book 2 by Gemma K. Murray
Nocturnal Origins by Amana S. Green
Odd Stuff by Virginia Nelson
On Needles and PinsP:  Book 3 by Yolanda Sfetsos
Plan Witch from Out of Town by Heather Long
Red Phoenix:  Book 2 by Kylie Chan
Riding in on a Burning Tire:  Book 2 by Shannon Donnelly
Sacrificial Magic:  Book 4 by Stacia Kane
Seal of Surrender by Traci Douglass
Sealed with a Curse:  Book 1 by Cecy Robson
Seduced by an Angel:  Book 3 by J. Rose Allister
Shadows of Fate: Book 1 by Angela Dennis
Shadows of the Night:  Book 2 by Erin Simone
Shaedes of Gray:  Book 1 by Amanda Bonilla
Shifting Currents by Lissa Trevor
Silent Screams:  Book 1 – The Dragon Queen Series by Yvonne Nicolas
Spellbound Desire by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks
Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase
Strut:  Book 2 by Susan Diplacido
Succubus Shadows
Switchblade Goddess:  Book 3 by Lucy A. Snyder
Taken by the Others:  Book 2 by Jess Haines
Talent to Burn by Laura Welling
That Thing at the Zoo by James R Tuck

The Earl with the Dragon Tattoo by Teresa Wilde

The Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick by Mandi Casey
The Blue Moon Cafe
The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons by Angela Fiddler
The Chameleon’s Bite by Erika Gilbert
The Corpse Goddess by Kristi Jones
The Garden House
The Halfling’s Court
The Healer by Sabrina Furminger
The Prince of Elantis by Lyn Brittan
The Vampire Oracle: Sacrifice
The Vampire Oracle: Sacrifice
To Kiss An Angel
Torn from the Shadows:  Book 4 by Yolanda Sfetsos
Unholy Embrace
Unholy Ghosts:  Chess Putnam Book One
Unknown:  Outcast Season:  Book Two
Unperfect Souls

Up from the Grave:  Book 14 by Jeaniene Frost

Vampire Voyage:  book 3 by Kelly Lougheed
Vengeance:  Book 3 by Denise Tompkins
Wait for Dusk by Jocelyn Drake
Warrior’s Rise:  Book 1 by LJ Deleon
Wicked City
Wolf’s Eye by Mara Lee
Wucaii by Pembroke Sinclair
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