Delane is an avid reader who has been told her whole life to get her nose out of the book.  She was the closet nerd in school until she got old enough to beat the crap out of anyone who made fun of her for reading and studying.  She reads everything out there at least once.  If she really likes a book she has been known to read it 2, 3………okay over 100 times.  Spare time?  As an avid reader she has no spare time because every spare moment of the day is spent reading.  She carries her eReader in her purse and if she has 5 minutes standing in line then she is reading.   The rest of her day is dedicated to her children, her country, and to her never-ending quest for higher learning.


One Year Anniversary
Staffer for 6 Incredible Years!!!


Tiger by Laurann Dohner

The Hob by Dana Marie Bell

Strength of the Mate by Kendall McKenna

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