Coffee Time Romance & More





A Clockwork Fairytale by Helen Scott Taylor
A Clockwork Heart:  Book 2 by Liesel Schwarz
A Steampunk Carol:  Book 6 by Steven R. Southard
A Study in Silks:  Book 1 by Emma Jane Holloway
An Affair with Mr. Kennedy:  Book 1 by Jillian Stone
As Timeless as Stone Maeve Alpin
Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique Frost
Carnal Machines:  Steampunk Erotica by Teresa Noelle Roberts, et al
Clockwork Kiss by Nina S. Gooden
Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher
Dearly, Beloved:  Book 2 by Lia Habel
Disenchanted & Co:  Book 1 by Lynn Viehl
Future Imperfect by Pelaam
Her Sky Cowboy:  Book 1 by Beth Ciotta
Lord Regret’s Price:  Book 3 by Joely Sue Burkhart
My Lady Quicksilver:  Book 3 by Bec McMaster
Nefertiti’s Heart by A.W. Exley
Noble Magic:  Book 1 by Ravon Silvius
Noble Metals by L.A. Witt
Pistons and Pistols:  Book 2 by Regina Riley
Project Ordell by Susanna Hays
Sex, Gunpowder, and Saving the Day:  Book 1 by James Cox
Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones
Tarnished: Book 1 by Karina Cooper
The Clockwork Wolf:  Book 2 by Lynn Viehl
The Adventures of Miss Upton and the Sky Pirates by C.J. Archer
The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato
The Innocent’s Progress and Other Stories by Peter Tupper
The Inventor’s Companion by Ariel Tachna
The Janus Affair:  Book 2 by Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris
The Madame of Gravestone by Misty Burke
The Mechanic’s Mate:  Book 1 by Mikea Howard
The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter:  Book 3 by Jillian Stone
The Six Hundred Dollar Man by Steve R. Southard
The Thackery T Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer






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