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Science Fiction Reviews ... In the Past

A Final Battle

A Greater Art

A Wizard for Hire

Acknowledging Meirion

Afterlife:  The Resurrection Chronicles by Merrie Destefano

Alien Deceptions:  Book 1 by Regina Paul
Alien Worlds by Barbara Custer and Tom Johnson

Alliance:  Cosmic Scandal

Aries Rising

Bad Religion by Kathleen Scott

Banner’s Bonus

Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy

Black Jaguar:  Chronicles of Kassouk Book Three by Vijaya Schartz

Blade Dancer

Blast from the Past by Angela Verdenius

Blue Fire by Angela Castle

Blue Lioness:  Book 4 by Vijaya Schartz

Bride of Atlantis:  Book 1 by Madelaine Montague

Bungi Gungi

Buried Passions

Challenge to the Stars

Chasing Booty

Cherished Invader Forestal Series Part One

Cimmerian City:  Book 1 in the Cimmerian Series
Claire De Lune by Robert Appleton & Sloan Taylor

Coin Operated Boy

Comet Coalition 4:  Mystic

Cosmic Hearts

Crucifying Angel, Book 1 of the Future Imperfect Series
Damaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo
Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Matter by C.S. Chatterly
Desperate Alliance
Diamond Star

Doorway to the Stars

Dream Traveler

Earthchild by Katriena Knights

Echoes of Passion

Emerald Twilight

Flights of Fancy 1:  Burning Love

Forbidden Desire:  Book 5 by Angelia Whiting

Forced Alliance:  Book 3 Intimate Invasion Series by Aubrey Ross

Friends in Deed

Girl Gone Nova


Guardian of the Storm

Have Mercy

Heart of a Peacekeeper

Heart of the Wild Beast by Patricia Harreld

Her Commander

Hero: The Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks

Heroes Die Young

Hiding Space by Linda Andrews
Houri’s Pleasure
Icarus Unbound by Bernadette Gardner

IGO Sudden Snow by Raelynn Blue

Illicit Affair

Imperfect Judgment
Intergalactic Justice:  Reckless Bounty:  Book 1 in the Intergalactic Justice Series by Marly Mathews
Isolation (the Saa’ar Chronicles) by A.B. Gayle
Key to Liberty
Kicking Bots:  Book 3 by Vijaya Schartz


Lila Luminosity and the Lipstick Murders
Lizard World
Love in the Time of Fridges

Love, Heart, and Soul Moments by Angela Verdenius

Love’s Winsome Warrior:  Book 14

Love’s Reflection

Lust in Space

Mating Season by Allie Ritch

Night Raven


Nimmet Goddess of Love

No Future Christmas

Oasis of Pleasure

On the Fringes

Orient Fevre by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Outpost Epsilon

Pale Stars in her Eyes

Pangaea: Eden’s Children

Pangaea:  Eden’s Planet

Paradise 21:  Book 1 by Aubrie Dionne

Parallel Attraction

Parallel Triangle by Sandy Hyatt-James

Praxton Slaves of Rogue World Book 1 by Nick Howard

Prophesied:  Interplantery League Series

Queen of the Stars: Volume One by Lorelei Orion
Reckless Bounty:  Book 1 by Marly Mathews
Rock Hard

Runner’s Moon Book 2:  Tiron

Safe Sex Incorporated

Salvation, Si’ Ludo Sisters Book 2

Samsons and Delilah

Sasha’s Calling by T. C. Archer

Savor Me Slowly

Secret of the Sands
Seduce me in Flames:  Book 2 by Jacquelyn Frank
Settler’s Mine 3:  The Woman

Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy

Shades of Dark

Si’Ludo Sisters – Book 3:  Atonement

Silver Phoenix:  Beyond the Kingdom of Xia

Sleeping with the Enemy

Snatched by Vijaya Schartz

Solar Wind

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Laurann Dohner, Mel Tescho, et al

Soul of a Predator

Soul of a Guardian

Space Lords:  Frost Maiden

Star’s Destiny


Story Time by Linell Jeppsen

Tale of the Dragon

Tau 4

The Diamond Heartstone

The Mercenary’s Wife
The Emperor of the Seven Galaxies
The Fifth Gate:  The Threshold Lost

The Sarran Plague

The White Room
The Alliance by David Andrews

The Eleven-Hour Fall

The Gate by Kaitlyn O’Conner
The Katzman's Mate

The Last Guardian

The Limit of Desire:  Book 3 by Nico Rosso

The Lottery by Alexandra O’Hurley

The Path to Forever by Etienne

The Portal by Alan Zendell

The Red Storm

The Trinity Key by Marly Mathews

Tiger of Talmare

Tunnel Through Space

Unleashed by Crystal Jordan

Valuable Cargo

Waiting Weapon
Wanted:  Handsome Alien Abductor by Myra Nour

When the Condor Returned






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