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3 Seductions and a Wedding by Julie Leto
33 Valentines by Stephanie Monahan
A Barbed Wire Cross
A Christmas Collection Anthology:  Sensual by Cheryl Pierson, Diane Craver, Charlotte Raby, and Celia Yeary
A Class Apart by Wendy Soliman
A Conflict of Interest:  Book 1 by Barbara Dunlop
A Cowboy & A Gentleman by Helen Hardt
A Cowboy in Manhattan: Book 2 by Barbara Dunlop
A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree by Janet Dailey
A Firm Merger by Stephanie Ganon
A Golden Betrayal by Barbara Dunlop
A Good Many by J.J. Murray
A Knight in Cowboy Boots by Susie Quint
A Life of Bright Ideas: Book Two by Sandra Kring
A Little Bit of Blackmail by RC Bonitz
A Love Rekindled by Myne Whitman
A Matter of Faith
A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamarah
A Never Ending Love by Melissa Miller
A Perfect Match by Kelli A. Wilkinson
A Perfect Storm:  Book 4 by Lori Foster
A Place to Land
A Rancher’s Pride by Barbara White Daille
A Seal at Heart by Anne Elizabeth
A Spirited Heart by Dalba Y. Castrillon
A Stitch in Time by Amanda James
A Terrible Love by Marata Eros
A Thread so Thin by Marie Bostwick
A Very Southern Affair by Elaina Lee
A Vow to Love
A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson
Accept my Love Sasha, Book 2 by Marie Rochelle
Act like We’re in Love by Christi Barth
Addicted:  Book 3 by Marilyn Lee
Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti
Against the Wind:  Book 1 by Kat Martin
Aidan’s Game by Sienna Mynx
All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins
All that Mullarky by Susan Moorcroft
All the Good Men
All You Need is Love by Cathy Tully
Almost Home:  The Chesapeake Diaries 3 by Mariah Stewart
Almost Perfect – A Fool’s Gold Romance by Susan Mallery
An After-Hours Affair:  Book 2 by Barbara Dunlop
An Imperfect Wife by Grace Wen
An Unexpected Father
An Unfair Division by Zequeatta Jaques
Analysis of Love
And When She was Good by Laura Lippman
Angel of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshawe
Angel’s Rest:  An Eternity Springs Novel, Book 1 by Emily March
Back in Black
Back to You:  Book 2 by Robin Kaye
Bad Girl by Night:  Book 1 by Lacey Alexander
Baer Necessities:  The Three Baers Book 2 by Linda McMaken
Barefoot in the Sand:  Book 1 by Roxanne St. Claire
Barefoot:  Sequel to Bonkers by Michelle Holman
Barets and Bras by Lily Harlem
Be My Baby
Because we Belong:  Book 3 by Beth Kery
Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson
Bedded by the Italian Playboy:  Book 2 by Emma Shortt
Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee
Behind the Iron Fist by JC Szot
Better Than Chocolate:  Book 1 by Sheila Roberts
Big Sky Summer:  Book 4 by Linda Leal Miller
Big Sky Wedding:  Book 5 by Linda Leal Miller
Black Tie Affair
Black Ties and Lullabies by Jane Graves
Blazing Bedtime Stories III:  You have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs
Blood Crystal by Jannifer Hoffman
Blood of His Fathers:  Sinners and Saints Book 1 by Michelle Chambers
Bored in Barcelona:  Book One by Kate Hofman
Borrowing the Bride by Roni Denholtz
Bound to Protect: Book 1 by Alyssa Fox
Boycotts & Barflies
Breakaway by Deidre Martin
Breath of the Desert by Jennifer Mueller
Breathing his Air by Debra Kayn
Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor
Brodie’s Bride by Amie Louellen
Broken Wings by Alexandrea Weis
Brooklyn Love by Yael Levy
Brothers and Wives by Cydney Rax
Brush Strokes
Burning Up by Susan Andersen
Burning Up:  Smoke Jumpers:  Book 1 by Anne Marsh
Caitlin’s Christmas Roses by Fiona Neal
Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber
Can’t Buy Me Love by Molly O’Keefe
Can’t Help Falling in Love by Carol Dunitz and David W. Menefee
Can’t Hurry Love:  Book 2 by Molly O’Keefe
Can’t Hurry Love:  Book 3 by Christie Ridgeway
Can’t Stop Believing:  Book 6 by Jodi Thomas
Carnal in Cannes: Mediterranean Mambo, Book 3 by Jianne Carlo
Carolina Heat
Caskets and Corruption by Cindy Christiansen
Cast the Cards by S L Armstrong et al
Caught in a Spider’s Web:  Book 3 by Empress Lablaque
Caught in the Act by Jill Sorenson
Cave Dweller by William Nikkel
Chances Are
Chasing Perfect – A Fool’s Gold Romance by Susan Mallery
Chayton’s Tempest
Chelsea’s Rescue by Tonya Ramagos
Christmas Eve:  Doorstep Delivery
Christmas in Cedar Cove by Debbie Macomber
Christmas of Hope
City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte
Close Quarters by Lucy Monroe
Code Monkey by Mechele Armstrong
Coming Home by Christine S. Feldman
Coming Home by Anna James
Command Performance by Sally Quilford
Conference Cupid
Cowboy Blues
Cowboy’s Challenge by Susan Laine
Cowboys Never Cry by Tina Welling
Crazy Thing Called Love:  Book 3 by Molly O’Keefe
Crossing Hathaway by Jocelyn Adams
Cruisin’ Towards Love by Christi Barth
Cupcakes & Cupids by Jennifer Conner
Damage Control by Amy J. Fetzer
Dangerous – Long, Tall Texans Series by Diana Palmer
Dangerous Secrets by Evanne Lorraine
Dare to Be Dirty:  Book 2 by Savanna Fox
Dear, Isabel by Maria Beatrice Panico
Death Upon Me by B  K Walker
December, December by Emma Shortt
Deception by Kris Kennedy
Designs on Haley by Nita Wick
Digging Deeper by Barbara Elsborg
Dimple of Doom:  Book 1 by Lucy Woohull
Don’t Mess with Clear Lake Women by Linda Hadaway
Dorian’s Mate by Y.L. Stokes
Double Black:  Book 2 by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid
Double Play by Joanne Rock
Doukakis’ Apprentice by Sarah Morgan
Down London Road:  Book 2 by Samantha Young
Dr. Zinetti’s Snowkissed Bride/The Christmas Baby Bump by Sarah Morgan/ Lynne Mrashall
Drawn Together:  Book 6 by Lauren Dane
Dreamer by Jane Susann MacCarter
Driftwood Cottage:  Book 5 by Sherryl Woods
Dylan:  The Secret Life of Cowboys: Book 2 by C H Admirand
Echoes in the Dark
Edge of Sanity:  Book 3 by Shannon K. Butcher
Edible Delectables by Amy Wiseman
Effortless by S.C. Stephens
Emily’s Cowboy:  Book 5 by Donna Gallagher
Enchantment in Morocco by Madeleine McDonald
Entirely Yours by E.R. Haze
Erotic Deception by Karen Coté
Every Time I think of You:  Book 1 by Camryn Rhys
Exclusive:  Book 3 by Simone Sinna
Exit – A Novel by Liliana Badd
Fade to Black
Faith of the Heart:  Damaged Heroes Book
Fall into Me
Family Affair by Debbie Macomber
Fascinating Rhythm:  Book 4 by Lynne Connolly
Fearless Love by Meg Benjamin
Fifty-Seven Shades of Sh**:  Rude Awakenings by Alex Cook
Fight for Love:  Book 2 by Delaney Diamond
Finding Home by Melanie Rose
Finding Marco by Kenneth C. Cancellara
First Date by R. Ann Siracusa
Five Alarm Lust:  Canadian Heroes Book 1 by Elise Whyles
Flaws and All by Mahalia Levey
Flesh for Fantasy by Chloe Waits
Fly Me to Paradise by Catherine Andorka
For Love or Duty by Bethanne Strasser
Foreplay:  Book 1 by Sophie Jordan
Forget Me Knot:  Book 2 by Melissa Glisan
Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child
Fortune Cookie Karma by L.F. Crawford
Fourteen Days Later by Sibel Hodge
Fragile Bonds by Toni Noel
Freedom is Earned by Kristal McKerrington
Fringe Benefits
From Inside by Susanna L. Hargreaves
Fur Ball Fever by Maureen Fisher
Game On!  by C.L. Scholey
Garden of Secrets:  Book 5 by Barbara Freethy
Georgie on his Mind by Jennifer Shirk
Glimmer of Gold by William Nikkel
Going Cowboy Crazy:  Book 1 by Katie Lane
Going Home Again
Gold Fire:  Larkin Sisters Book 2 by Starr Ambrose
Golden Christmas by Kate Hofman
Golden Heart by Kate Hofman
Golden Heir by Kate Hofman
Goodbye to All of that by Margo Candela
Greek Doctor:  One Magical Christmas
Greenhorn Heart
Guilty as Charged:  Book 1 by Anna James
Half Moon Hill:  Book 6 by Toni Blake
Hands on Justice:  Book 3 by Tonya Ramagos
Happily Ever Afton by Kelly Curry
He’s My Son by Raven Starr
Headed for Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann
Healing by Veronica Towers
Heart Sent Christmas by Heide Katros, Kate Hofman, Diane Davis White
Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas
Heat Seeker by Lucy Munroe
Hell, Yeah:  Book 2 in the Honky Tonk Series by Carolyn Brown
Her Baby out of the Blue
Her Crystal Chameleon:  Book 4 by Empress Lablaque
Her Italian Prince by Kate Hofman
Her Lone Cowboy
Her long Lost Husband by Josie Metcalfe
Here Comes Trouble
Here to Stay: Book 3 by Catherine Anderson
Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich
Hers for the Holidays:  Book 2 by Samantha Hunter
Highland Hogmanay:  Book 3 by Krystal Brookes
His Motherless Little Twins by Dianne Drake
His Right Hand by Silence O’Shea
His to Control:  Book 4 by Sam Crescent
Holding Off for a Hero by Gail MacMillan
Holding On:  Book 2 by Sherri Thomas
Holding out for a Hero by Jennier Johnson
Holiday OP by Lori Avacato, Anne Elizabeth, Tara Nina, DC Devane, Lia De Angelo
Home in Time for Christmas
Hometown Girl:  Book 4 by Mariah Stewart
Homo Saywhaticus by Lance Manion
Honeybun in a Loin Cloth:  Book 5 by Sam Cheever
Honeybun Sheik:  Book 2 by Sam Cheever
Hot For Fireman:  Book 2 by Jennifer Bernard
Hot on her Tail by Ruth D. Kerce
Hot to Trot, Book 4 of the Cougar Challenge Series
Hot Zone by Betty Womack
Hummingbird Lake:  An Eternity Springs Novel by Emily March
Hurricane Warning by Ginger Simpson
I Need You for Christmas by Leah Braemel
Icebreaker:  Book 10 by Deirdre Martin
Identity Crisis:  Book 2 by Grace Marshall
In His Brother’s Place by Elizabeth Lane
In It to Win It by Morgan Kearns
In Love with a Dark Stranger by Imari Jade
In Pursuit of Passion
Insolence by Lex Valentine
Instant Family by Elisabeth Rose
Instant Temptation
Intimate Friends by Claire Matthews
Into the Wild by Beth Ciotta
Intruder Alert:  Book 1 by Franny Armstrong
Joining the Party:  A Lucky Springs Story Book 1 by Cheryl Dragon
Juliet by Anne Fortier
Jungle of Deceit by Maureen A Miller
Just a Little Hope by Amy Norris
Just Don’t Go:  Book 2 by Lynn Carmer
Just for the Night by Tawny Weber
Kate’s Escape by Elana Paige
Kelly and the Candidates by Fran Shaff
Kennedy Kingston Private Investigator
Keys to the Castle by Donna Ball
Kilt by Love by Jennifer Conner
Kiss Me Slowly by Amber Lea Easton
Kissing Kelli by Kathy Carmichael
Knight on the Children’s Ward by Carol Marinelli
Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharpe
La Caveman by Christina Crooks
Labor Relation by Georgie Lee
Lady Be Bad by Elaine Raco Chase
Lady Luck by Susan Diplacido
Last Call:  Book 2 by Alannah Lynne
Last Chance by Last Change by Christy Reece
Last Resort by Rebecca Boschee
Laura’s Light:  Book 3 by Donna Gallagher
Laws of Attraction by Stephanie Morris
Lead Me On
Leave me Breathless by Helenkay Diamond
Lemonade Dreams by Mary Lou George
Lesson in Romance by Harmony Evans
Lessons in French
Leveled Mind, Confused Heart by Angelique
Lifeline Echoes:  Book 1 by Kay Springsteen
Little Gay Gale Gumbo by Erika Marks
Looking for Trouble by Erin Kern
Love and Lattes:  Book 1 by Heather Thurmeier
Love at Morley Cove by Katrina Thomas
Love by the Book by Angela Scavone
Love Comes Knocking by Kathy Cakebread
Love for Christmas
Love Play: Sequel to Pamper Me by Marie Rochelle
Love Under a Dark Sky by Shellie Foltz
Love’s Sweet Surrender
Lovership of the Stake: Book Five by J. Morgan
Luck be a Lady by Cathie Linz
Lucky Girl by Cate Lord
Mad About the Boy by Suzan Battah
Male Order:  Volume 1 by Lillian Grant
Male Review:  Book 2 by Lillian Grant
Man Trouble by Sabine Ferruci
Marriage of Convenience by Madison Cole
Marry Me by Zena Wynn
Matters of the Heart:  Book 4 by Vanessa Devereaux

McKetterick’s of Texas:  Garrett by Linda Leal Miller

Meet me at Taylor Park by Jason W. Chan
Merciless:  Book 36 by Diana Palmer
Miracle Road:  Book 7 by Emily March
Miss you Most of All by Elizabeth Bass
Miss:  Never Gonna Love Again
Money, Honey by Susan Sey
Montana Legacy
Montana Destiny: Montana Series by R.C. Ryan
Montana Magic
Moon Love by Cynthia MacGregor
Moonlight Masqerade:  Book 3 by Jude Deveraux
Moonshell Beach:  Book 4 by Joann Ross
Move Over Darling by Christine Stovell
Mr. Right, I Presume by S. J. Welsted
Mr. Wonderful Lies by Kaitlin Maitland
My Cowboy Valentine by Jane Porter and Tanya Michales
My Give a Damn’s Busted by Carolyn Brown
My Italian Vendetta:  Book 2 by Empress LaBlaque
My Love Life and Other Disasters by Bernadine Darcy
My One and Only by Kristan Higgins
My Perfect Wedding by Sibel Hodge
Nailed by Cindy Spencer Pape
Nashville Naughty
Nautier and Wilder:  Book 6 by Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton
Needing Audrey:  Book 3 by Madison Scott
Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham
New Boss, New Year Bride
Newborn Needs a Dad by Dianne Drake
Next Move by Sabrina Garie
Next Move by Sabrina Garie
Night of Scandal by Sarah Morgan
Night Road by Kristin Hannah
Nightingale Way:  Book 3 by Emily March
No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger
North of Need:  Book 1 by Laura Kaye
Nothing but Trouble by Rachel Gibson
Nothing Like Romance by Amanda Winters
Nothing to Lose by Lavada Dee
Nurse, Nanny…Bride! By Alison Roberts
Obsessive, Compulsive and Published!
Off Kilter:  Book 2 by Donna Kauffman
On Jason’s Watch:  Book 2 by Susan Hayes
On the Steamy Side
Once a Good Girl: Book 1 by Wendy S. Marcus
Once in a Blue Moon by Leanna Ellis
Once Tempted:  Book 1 by Laura Moore
Once Upon a Groom by Karen Rose Smith
One Day in Apple Grove:  Book 2 by C.H. Admirand
One Good Woman
One Heart’s Opinion by Cynthia MacGregor
One Night by Aline De Chevigny
One Summer:  Book 2 by Joann Ross
One True Place by Margaret P. Cunningham
One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy
Only Mine:  Book 4 by Susan Mallery
Opposites Attract:  Book 4 by Lacey Wolfe
Out of the Past by Terri J. Lynn
Out of the Smoke by Becca Jameson
Overdrive by Ariel Tachna
Package Deal:  Book 3 by Stephanie Morris
Pandora’s Gift by Jennifer Lynne
Par for the Course by Jennifer Vido
Passion, Purity and the Prince by Annie West
Passionate Pleasures by Bertrice Small
Pavarus:  Book 1 by Jennifer Wright
Paying her Debt by Emma Shortt
Persuade Me by Juliet Archer
Pesto Packin’ Mama by Nan D. Arnold
Picture This by Cate Masters
Pippa’s Fantasy:  Book 4 by Donna Gallagher
Pirate’s Promise:  Sequel to Stolen Treasures by Laurie Ryan
Playing Dirty by Susan Anderson
Prescription in Russian by Mona Risk
Presidential Liaison
Priceless by Olivia Darling
Prince Charming, Inc. by Jamie Brazil
Prince of Scandal by Annie West
Private Encore by Elle Rush
Project:  Runaway Heiress by Heidi Betts
Promise Canyon: Book 1 by Robyn Carr
Psyche’s Promise:  Book 3 by Ann Grimpel
Pursuit to Paradise by Mark Damaroyd
Racing Hearts by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Nancy Warren, Dorien Kelly
Rancher’s Son by Leigh Duncan
Rancher’s Son by Leigh Duncan
Re/Paired:  Book 2 by Michele Zurlo
Real:  Book 1 by Katy Evans
Recipe for Love by Fiona McGier
Red Ride by Tymber Dalton
Redeeming Characters by Jennifer L. Hart
Reflection Point:  Book 6 by Emily March
Relentless:  Book 3 by Cherry Adair
Rent a Husband, Inc. by Moira Reid
Renting to Own by Linda Rettstatt
Required Surrender by Riley Murphy
Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson
Return Engagement by Elaine Cantrell
Rhythm of my Heart:  Book 2 by Kemberlee Shortland
Riding the Waves by Jennifer LaRose
Riding the Waves by Tawny Weber
Romance on Route 66 by Judith Leigh and Cheryl Norman
Rumor Has It by Virginia Nelson
Run to You:  Book 3 by Rachel Gibson
Running Wild:  Book 1 by Linda Howard and Linda Jones
Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James
Sand Dollar:  A Story of Undying Love by Sebastian Cole
Saved by the Bride:  Book 1 by Fiona Lowe
Savin’ Me:  Book 1 by Alannah Lynne
Scandal – His Majesty’s Love-Child by Annie West
Scarlet Diaries by A Ford
Searching for Superman by Ute Carbone
Second Chances by Kristie Leigh Maguire
Second Time Around – A Romance Anthology
Secret of the Shroud by Pamela Binnings Ewe
Secrets and New Beginnings by Amelia Everheart
Shadow on the Floor:  Book 1 by Jane Toombs
Shamrock Kisses by Christianne Charles
Shining Armor by Kate Sherwood
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Silent Partner by Renee Vincent
Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose
Simply Irresistible:  Book 1 in the Lucky Harbor Series by Jill Shalvis
Sing to Me Cowboy:  Book 1 by Lauri Robinson
Sister’s Keeper by Marilyn Lee
Six Angels by McArtney Green
Skye’s The Limit by Kianna Alexander
Slipping on Stardust by Gordon Osmond
Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier by Lisa Dale
Slow Heat
Smokin’ Ace
Snowbound on the Island by Kate Allan
Snowbound Summer:  Book 6 by Veronica Tower
Solo Honeymoon by Jillian Chantel
Some Like it Scot by Donna Kauffman
Someone Like You:  Book 3 by Vanessa Devereaux
Something about You
Sometimes Mine by Martha Moody
Southern Embrace by Tamaria Soana
Sparring Partners:  Book 1 of the Dojo Chronicles by Leigh Morgan
Spirit Bear
Stand in Mom by Mega Kelly
Still Sweet on You by Kat Jones
Still the One by Robin Wells
Storm Tide to a Homicide by N.A.L. Gauthier
Stormy Weather
Straight Up
Sugar Creek-Destiny Novel book 2 by Toni Blake
Summer Love by Linda Swift
Sunny Rain by Ci Ci Foster
Surviving Passion by Maia Underwood
Susanna’s Heart by A. M. Wells
Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise: Duke Brothers Series Book 2 by Kate Carlisle
Table for Two Hearts
Tails:  Werewolf Book 2 by Cheyenne Meadows
Take Me Home by Nancy Herkness
Take Me, Break Me by H.C. Brown
Take my Breath Away by Cara Summers
Take the Cake by Sandra Wright
Taking a Chance on Forever by Anna Small
Taking the Reins:  Book 1 by Kat Murray
Tart:  Book 2 by Lauren Dane
Tempest’s Gift:  Book 3 by Robin Leigh Miller
Tempted by Trouble by Michelle Smart
Tempting Mr. Parker by Delilah Hunt
Ten Yen True by Amanda Armstrong and Christina St. Clair
That Night on Thistle Lane:  Book 2 by Carla Neggers
The Millionaire’s Fake Fiancée by Rita Sawyer
The Ages of Love by Nicole Hayden
The Apple Tree by Lynette Sofras
The Arrangement by Delaney Diamond
The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife:  Book 3 by Paige Cameron
The Billionaire’s Con by MacKenzie Crowne
The Billionare’s Christmas Baby by Victoria James
The Bodyguard by Neila Carlyle
The Boyfriend Bylaws by Susan Hatler
The Bride Blunder
The Collector
The Daddy Catch by Leigh Duncan
The Daddy Spell by Josie Malone
The Definition of Wind by Ellen Block
The Devil and Miss Jones by Kate Walker
The Doctor’s Rebel Knight
The Dom with the Dragon Tattoo:  Book 5 by Jan Bowles
The False Identity by E.R. Haze
The Fireman Who Loved Me by Jennifer Bernard
The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde
The Full Moon Bride by Shobhan Bantwal
The Gingerbread House by Nell Carson
The Good Student by Stacey Espino
The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
The Greek’s Stolen Bride by Kate Hewitt
The Guarding of Eden
The Guy’s a Loser Detective Agency by M. T. Albright
The Haunted Spring by Anthony Diesso
The Heart of Winter by Maggie Shayne, Linda Winstead Jones, Day LaClaire
The Heat is On by Jill Shalvis
The Hero:  Book 3 by Robyn Carr
The Homecoming Joann Ross
The House of Roses by Holden Robinson
The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood
The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove by Susan Gregg Gilmore
The Key to Love by Meg Mims
The Last Boyfriend: Book 2 by Nora Roberts
The Last Victim by Karen Robards
The Long Way Home by Cathryn Perry
The Long Way Home:  Book 5 by Mariah Stewart
The Love Programme by Zanna MacKenzie
The Marriage Merger: Book 4 by Jennifer Probst
The Mask:  Book 2 by Anya Winters
The Memory Thief by Emily Colin
The Millionaire & The Girl Next Door by Becca Dale
The Money God by Zena Livingston
The Morning After by Brenda Whiteside
The Morning After by Sally Clements
The Officer’s Girl
The Path of Innocence
The Perfect Hope:  Book 3 by Nora Roberts
The Peter Heater by Trixie Stilletto
The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman
The Pirate:  The Savage Seven Series, Book 2 by Katherine Garbera
The Promise by Ambrielle Kirk
The Promise by Tory Richards
The Ranger by Rhonda Nelson
The Reluctant Matchmaker by Shobhan Bantwal
The Renegade by Rhonda Nelson
The Road Back by Liz Harris
The Road Back by Liz Harris
The Rodeo Man’s Daughter by Barbara White Daille
The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space by Brian Sfinas
The Sheikh’s Bargain Bride by Diana Fraser
The Social Climber’s Handbook by Molly Jong-Fast
The Stories of My Life by Crystal Hubbard
The Stranger Next Door by Chastity Bush
The Summer Hideaway
The Surgeon’s New-Year Wedding Wish
The Surgeon’s Miracle by Caroline Anderson
The Sweetest Thing:  Book 2 in the Lucky Harbor Series by Jill Shalvis
The temple of the Heart by Richard A. Anderson
The Training:  Book 3 by Tara Sue Me
The Trouble with Cowboys:  Book 1 by Melissa Cutler
The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Sarah Morgan
The Unidentified Redhead:  Book 1 by Alice Clayton
The Unlikely Candidate by Kathryn Keller
The Untied Kingdom by Kate Johnson
The Vampire Who Spanked Me by Honey Jans
The Way Back Home by Barbara Freethy
The Wedding Diary by Margaret James
The Wedding Party by Elisabeth Rose
The Week Before the Wedding by Beth Kendrick
The Welcome Home Garden Club:  Book 4 by Lori Wilde
The Wild Card by Rhonda Nelson
Thoughtless by S. C Stephens
Three Weddings & A Dress by Mary Martinez
Tinseltown by Stephanie Taylor
To Honor by DF Krieger
Together for Christmas by Lisa Plumley
Too Close for Comfort by Lynne Marshall
Too Damned Hot by Eleanor Sullo
Too Devious to Tame:  Book 3 by Doris O’Connor
Transatlantic Loving by Rachel Brimble
Trouble Me:  Book by Laura Moore
True Love at Silver Creek Ranch:  book 2 by Emma Cane
Trust with Hearts by Kelli A. Wilkins
Trusting Destiny
Truth or Dare by Brenda Williamson
Try the Tofu:  Book 5 by Karenna Colcroft
Turn and Burn:  Book 5 by Lorelei James
Turn up the Heat by Isabel Sharpe
Turning The Tide by Christine Stovell
Twisted:  Book 5 by Laura Griffin
Two Brothers by Christina Wolfer
Two of a Kind:  Book 11 by Susan Mallery
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul
Tyler by C.H. Admirand
Undressed:  Book 1 by Avery Aster
Unlike Me
Unwrapping Scrooge by Anne Holly
Up in Flames by Rosanna Leo
Veiled Deception:  Trust Me, Book 2 by Amy Romine
Villa Mirabella by Peter Pezzelli
Voice of Abandon, or the Princeless and the Violinist
Want to Know a Secret by Sue Moorcroft
Wanted!  Sons of Chance:  Book 1 Sons of Chance Series by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
Weekend Fling
Weighting for Mr. Right by Patricia W. Fischer
Welcome to Last Chance:  Book 1 by Hope Ramsay
What a Girl Wants by Selena Robins
What He Didn’t Say:  Chasing the Truth by Carol Stephenson
What Truly Matters by Mildred Trent
When Harriet Came Home by Coleen Kwan
When We Were Perfect by Emily Duvall
Whisper Falls:  Book 3 in the Destiny Series
White Horizon by Jan Ruth
White Trash Beautiful:  Book 1 by Teresa Mummert
Wicked Knight
Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee
Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe
Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring by Mira Lyn Kelly
Winning her Racy Heart:  Book 1 by Tara Rose
Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock
Wishing for a Miracle by Alison Roberts
With No Remorse:  Book 6 by Cindy Gerard
With Regrets, Adam by Zelma Orr
With this Collar:  Book 1 by Sierra Cartwright
Woe in Kabukicko by Madelynne Ellis
World’s Apart by Anne Ashby
Worth Waiting for by Shari Thayn
Wounded Spirits
Written on her Heart by Julie Anne Lindsey
You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk






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