The Siren Legacy Book 1
AISN Number: B06WLJ16ZZ
April 25, 2017
Amazon Digital Services LLC
362 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5  Cups

The Siren’s sons are four brothers; Alec Cantio is one of them. They work hard at keeping humans safe from the Gods and sometimes themselves. While they must hide their true identities Alec finds himself in a predicament when he learns of a friend’s death and meets his granddaughter. She is everything he cannot have, or can he?

Eilidh MacLeod is dealing with the grief of losing her grandfather. All she wants to do is pack up his magic shop and head back home. But fate has other things in mind for her, which puts her right smack dab in the middle of a world she only thought were ancient legends.

When Alec and Eilidh meet things are just absolutely crazy! The Gods are crazy, or so it would seem to Eilidh, falling into a world of mythical creatures and of crazy strong powers. Is she to believe all is real? She and Alec can never be as a couple it is just impossible with the anger of a goddess, or worse yet, Zeus?

What an entertaining read. I loved all the different worlds that are out there just beyond what we mere mortals see. A great blend of paranormal suspense and romance that grabs you and says hang on for the ride. I also am loving the fact that ALL the brothers will have their own story! Awesome!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
The Siren Legacy
Book 1 – The Siren’s Son
Book 2 – The Siren’s Eyes
Book 3 – The Siren’s Code

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