ISBN#: 978-1-101-88502-4/978-1-101-88502-4/978-1-101-96604-4
February 7, 2017
Ballantine Books
E-book/Paperback/Hard Cover
270 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Everything is falling into place for Kailey Crain. Her fiance Ryan is an amazing man who loves her dearly, and her job as a journalist is what she has always wanted. The biggest hurdle right now is the wedding itself, and it looms larger every time she thinks about it.

A decade ago Cade McAllister and his partner were a force in the music industry. With Cade’s ability to spot incredible talent, and James’s business savvy, they were making a name for themselves. Now Cade is barely surviving, with little recollection of the man he used to be.

Kailey and Ryan are just leaving a beautiful restaurant when an encounter with a homeless man changes her world. Seeing Cade after ten years, especially in the shape he is in is devastating, but just knowing he is alive and in Seattle has her heart racing in her chest. Loving Cade came so naturally and with such passion she cannot and will not walk away when he needs help so desperately. Ryan is an incredible man, but Cade holds a piece of Kailey’s heart that has never been forgotten.

The moment Kailey lays eyes on Cade you can feel her heart crack wide open. To love someone so much, and then lose them without a trace would be devastating, and to Kailey this must feel like a second chance. What hurts is seeing her hide her feeling from Ryan, who is always so incredibly loving and supportive. Heartbreak is inevitable, but whose will it be, or will it be all three?

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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