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A prehistory romantic mystery free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

A Narrow Margin of Error:  Book 13 by Faith Martin
A Shot of J & B:  Book 7 by Lou Sylvre
Barefoot Kill by R.W. Clinger

Basket Case:  Book 1 by Nancy Haddock

Bone of My Bones by Debra Doggett
Broken Bonds:  Book 3 by Karen Harper
Broken:  Book 1 by Cynthia Eden
Circus Wolf:  Book 4 by Lynde Lakes
Cold Case in Cherokee Crossing:  Book 4 by Rita Herron
Courir De Mardi Gras by Lynn Shurr
Dangerous Love by Kara Leigh Miller, Jody Holford
Dead Man’s Puzzle:  Book 10 by Parnell Hall
Deadly Interest:  Book 2 by Julie Hyzy
Death by High Heels:  Book 1 by Violet Ingram
Death of a Second Wife:  Book 4 by Maria Hudgins
Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch:  Book 6 by B. J. Daniels
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower:  Book 1 by Jennifer McQuiston
Eluding Illusions by Wren Michaels
Flesh and Blood:  Book 22 by Patricia Cornwell
Forbidden Ground:  Book 2 by Karen Harper
Future Imperfect by Pelaam
Gut Instinct:  Book 2 by Barb Han
Insane Train:  Book 2 by Sheldon Russell
Kansas City Cover-Up: Book 1 by Julie Miller

Killer Kitchens:  Book 3 by Jean Harrington

Killer Cruise:  Book 3 by Marilyn Baron

Killshadow Road:  Book 3 by Paula Graves

King of Hearts by Wendy Stone
Lady of the Eternal City:  Book 4 by Kate Quinn
Midnight Rider by Joanna Wayne
Murder Most Austen:  Book 4 by Tracy Kiely
Murder by the Seaside: Book 1 by Julie Anne Lindsey
Murder in the Mist by Loretta C Rogers
Navy Seal Noel:  Book 3 by Liz Johnson
Newport by Jill Morrow

Parrots Prove Deadly:  Book 3 by Clea Simon

Protection Detail by Shirlee McCoy
Rattle:  Book 1 by Olivia R. Burton
Ryker’s Justice by Leann Sontheimer Murphy
Silent Night by C.J. Kyle
Skating on the Edge:  Book 2 by Joelle Charbonneau
Skating on the Edge:  Book 3 by Joelle Charbonneau
SWAT Secret Admirer:  Book 3 by Elizabeth Heiter
The Spoils of Avalon:  Book 1 by Mary F. Burns
The Sudoku Puzzle Murders:  Book 9 by Parnell Hall

The Day the Cat Ran Away:  Book 2 by Nancy Gotter Gates

The Death of You by Allyson Young

The Deputy’s Redemption:  Book 5 by Delores Fossen

The King of Hell’s Kitchen by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly
The Marine’s Temptation: Book 2 by Jennifer Morey
The Sheriff by Angi Morgan
Vanished:  Book 2 by Elizabeth Heiter
Vanished:  Book 2 by Elizabeth Heiter
When the Past Haunts You:  Book 3 by L.C. Hayden
Why Stop at Vengeance:  Book 14 by Richard Stevenson

Woman with a Secret:  Book 9 by Sophie Hannah





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