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My name is pronounced ooh-tah. It’s a German name that means nothing in particular, though Ute was Seigfried’s mother in the Rhineland sagas. Leave it to my folks to name me after a mom instead of a fairy princess.

I live in New Hampshire, where we have lots of lovely dark and deep woods. I like to walk in those woods and ski in them when the snows come. 

I love the theater, and my husband and I save our pennies and go to New York a few times a year to see Broadway shows.

I’m an avowed bookaholic. I love to read and will read anything. I’ve been known to read cereal boxes, though novels are much more interesting. I love nothing more than cozying up with a great book and getting lost in the story.

Which explains why I’m a writer, I guess. And, given the K-cup  to Kierkegaard span of my reading, its small wonder I write in a number of different genres. So far, I’ve written a few romantic comedies, some literary women’s fiction, and a little historical romance.  I also write poems and short stories. Because variety is the spice of life, right?  

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