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Hello all! Once again the Mistress has stepped out for a moment. I think she went to check out the new leather store downtown. I guess they cater to more exotic tastes if you get my drift! We have a couple of reviewers who seem to love the whipping post. I won’t name names or anything (cough…cough…Kimberly…cough…cough). Anyway, so while she is away I figured I would once again dare her wrath and interview another lovely member of our crew. So please sit down, relax with your favorite cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee and listen in as I talk to LaVerne.

1.       How long have you worked for Coffee Time Romance?  Almost 4 years, I think.                                                                                              
2.       What are your duties?  Edit Reviews
3.       What are some of your favorite books?  Romances - historical and mystery
4.       Who is/are your favorite author(s)?  Mary Balogh, Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts are a few of my many favorite authors.
5.       If you could pick one book that you have read to be turned into a movie which book would it be and why?  I don't know - I seldom watch a movie.
6.       Which state/country do you live in? Texas, USA
7.       If you could travel to any location in the world (maybe even in the galaxy) which dream destination would you choose and why? First, I would see ALL the sites in the US then Britain, Then? Another trip to Asia.
8.   Tell the viewers something quirky about you something that maybe we don’t even know.  I speak with the Native Texas Drawl.
9.   Do you have any social networks you belong to? None of those but I do belong to a writer/reader group called Arizona Ambience
10.   What has been your best experience with Coffee Time Romance?  Reading all the chatter.
11.   What type of music do you listen to? Country/Western
12.   What is your favorite movie? Sarah, Plain and Tall
13.   What is your favorite genre to read? Romance
14.   What do you prefer: printed books or eBooks? Printed
15.   What flavor of Coffee would best describe who you are?  Don't drink coffee, but do drink plain old Hot Tea.

Thank you so much for talking to us LaVerne. Now I have put together a little math teaser as well as a good old Mad Libs. Make sure you play along. No cheating! The answer key is at the bottom. Oops! I hear the clack clack of the Mistress’ fine Italian spiked heel boots. Gotta go! Until next time!


Answer Key:

Mad Libs

As I was packing for my tour of the world, I realized I had forgotten to pack the most important item in my carry-on coat. Sipping a cup of plain old hot milk, I perused my worn bookshelves as I looked for my favorite book. Picking it up, I walked it into my bag and smiled. I could not wait. I was on my way. Soon I would be high in the sky flying in the scooter on my way to Britain. After fourteen glorious hours I would leave from there and travel to Asia. I had always wanted to travel all around the U.S. and Britain but until I won the dice I never thought I would get the chance. Thanks to lady luck my dream was within my grasp. I shook my nose when I thought about the fateful day when I won the mega jackpot. I never play the lottery because it always seems like such a waste of time to me. But that one day the gas station was running a promotion. Buy a lottery ticket and get fifteen cents off each gallon of gas you pump into your hot rod. Figuring it would amount to about the same I decided to do it, never expecting to win. After I checked off the rest of my list, I sat down to ski some television. Digging through the channels, I saw one of my favorite movies on: Sarah, Plain and Tall. Sighing, I began to enjoy my late night movie as I wondered what people would think of my Texas Drawl. Smiling, I knew that I would soon find out.

Brain Teaser Solution



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