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Nefertiti's Heart by A.W. Exley



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Our main reason at Coffee Time Romance is to bring Readers honest reviews.  We have some wonderful reviewers who work hard to read those books and bring their honest opinions to you.  We also have an editing staff that reads the reviews and decided to share their opinion on a review that..."Yanks My Chain"

So check out the review our Editing Staff has choosen this month!  Congratulations to Regina and her review of Sailing the Astral Tides


Our main reason at Coffee Time Romance is to bring Readers honest reviews.  We have some wonderful reviewers who work hard to read those books and bring their honest opinions to you.  We also have an editing staff that reads the reviews and decided to share their opinion on a review that..."Yanks My Chain"

So check out the review our Editing Staff has choosen this month!  Congratulations to Regina and her review of Ceremony of Seduction




Let's see what to say about myself...hmmm....I'm Native American (Oglala Lakota/Shawnee/Sauk) and while I am also a smattering of Scots/Irish, English, and French I most strongly identify with my Native American heritage. Until recently by trade I was an Administrative Specialist; I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I've been happily married for the last 18 years to a wonderful man who is very supportive of all my endeavors. I am very interested in paranormal topics such as hauntings, ESP and the like, as well as alternative spiritual traditions. I am a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction. When I have free time, I like to create Native American Beadwork, paint watercolors, and cuddle with my hubby, although not necessarily in that order.

A year ago I decided I had had enough of the corporate world and began writing full-time. I have presently completed 1 novel, Getting Out Alive a science fiction romance, and the first book in the Otherworld Series, and 2 novellas, The Mark of the Guardian, a fantasy romance, and Destiny's Choices, a romantic suspense with paranormal elements, as well as numerous articles. I am presently working on another novel the first in TheKeepers series called The Keepers of Eternity, a fantasy/romantic suspense/time travel which I hope to have completed by the new year. I also have a monthly newsletter, and when you sign up you get free reads, including The Mark of the Guardian, and a serial reincarnation romance Soul Memories that I am adding a chapter to monthly. To find out more about my books and or my newsletter, please visit my website

Reviewer of the Month - April 2006
One Year Anniversary
Staffer for 6 Incredible Years!!!


Soldier Mine by Amber Kell


22 Nights
33 A Gay Love Story by J. J. South
A Mending at the Edge
A Promise Kept
A Dance of Shadows
A Dillon Sandwich:  Book 1 by Joyee Flynn
A Game of Dress-Up
A Killing Tide

A Liar’s Moon:  Book 2 by Joy Lynn Fielding

A Noble Deception:  Book 1 by Veronica Bale
A Place to Belong by Hurri Cosmo
A Promise Given

A Vampire in Paris by Cynthia Arsuaga

A Wish in Time
A Younger Man by Cameron Dane
About Cat Scratch Fever
Addicted by Devon Gray
Afraid to Dream
Aidan’s Chance
All Hunters’ Eve
All Jacked Up
All Night with a Rogue
Allegra's Seduction
Alliance in Blood
Alpha 2:  Stay

Alpha Shaman:  Book 2 by Erin M. Leaf

Alpha’s Flame:  Book 1 by Antoinette Turner

Altered Heart
Amanda and Simon
Amber’s Blood Mates by Becky Wilde
Amorous Woman
An Alpha’s Pride:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
An Erie Operetta:  Book 2 by B.L. Locey
An Erie Operetta:  Book 2 by V.L. Locey

Andre By D.J. Manly

Angel Vindicated
Anything for a Byline:  A Velvet Glove Tale
Asher and the Elevator Romp
Asphodel:  The Gift of Redemption
At Any Cost

Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes

Back in Black
Back in the Saddle by Ashlynn Monroe
Barbarians of Malka
Bare Witness
Be Still my Vampire Heart
Becoming Anne Elise
Behind the Mask
Bella’s Wolves:  Book 2 by Stacey Espino
Beneath the Surface by M.A. Church
Best Fantastic Erotica
Beyond the Night by Joss Ware
Big City Bad Blood
Bird in a Cage
Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique Frost
Black Tie and Hot Tails
Blast from the Past by Angela Verdenius
Blood Rite by Trista Ann Michaels
Blood Magick by Suzan Harden
Blood on the Feather by Melinds Elmore
Blood Prince
Blue Lioness:  Book 4 by Vijaya Schartz
Bond of the Maleri':  Mate Hunt
Bound By Shadow
Bound in Black:  Book 3 by Juliette Cross

Boundary Conditions by Alex D. Opal

Branded by Gold

Brian’s Mate by Hollis Shiloh

Burning Hunger
Butterfly Unpinned
Call Me Sir
Call Me Sir, Too
Callie’s Sexy Surprise
Camelot’s Destiny
Canterville:  The Dead Speak
Captain’s Surrender
Captive Angels
Cat O’Nine Tales
Cat Playing Cupid

Catting Around:  Book 16 by Charlie Richards

Cave Creek Cowboy Trailer Trash
Ceremony of Seduction
Chain Reaction
Chained Melodies – An Unfamiliar Scene
Challenging Carter
Chameleon Wolf:  Delta Wolf Book 1 by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
Chaps:  Book 2 by Jules Dixon
Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo

Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo

Chasing Shadows by Jez Morrow
Chemical Bonds by LM Somerton
Chronicles of Nubain Underworld:  The Awakening

Claim Me:  Book 3 by Maria Medina

Coin Operated Boy
Come as You Are
Comet Coalition 4:  Mystic
Conflict in Blood
Connor’s Wolf:  Book 6 by Jory Strong

Controlling his Illusion:  Book 4 by Ellen Cross

Convince Me
Corporate Desires
Corpse Whisperer
Covenant in Blood
Cover of the Night
Cowboy Dreams
Cowboy Easy:  Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Legacy
Cowboys Make Better Lovers
Cowboys Don’t Dance
Crimson Ties
Crown of Crystal Flame by C L Wilson
Crying for the Moon by Sarah Madison
Cultivated Love
Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher
Dangerous Pleasures
Dante's World 3:  Tale of the Night
Dark Court:  Dark Side of the Veil

Dark Days:  Book 2 by Naomi Clark

Dark Elves IV:  Dissent
Dark Masquerade
Dark Stallion:  Book 2 by Raven Willow-Wood
Dead Ringer by Mary Burton
Deadly Deceptions
Deep Water Legends
Del Fantasma:  Texas Tea
Demon Master
Desire:  The Notebooks of Madame B by Siobhan Kelly
Destinies in Darkness Part 1:  Book 3: Kaldor Saga by Scarlet Hyacinth
Destinies in Darkness Part 2:  Book 3: Kaldor Saga by Scarlet Hyacinth
Devil’s Heart
Diablo Blanco Club:  Unfair Advantage
Dignity Takes a Holiday by Rick Reed

Dirty Irishman:  Book 2 by Keely Jakes

Dirty Trouble
Doing Love Right by Diana Dericci
Don’t Talk back to your Vampire
Double Jeopardy
Dragon Child by LJ DeLeon
Dragon Ours:  Book 2 by Joyee Flynn
Dragon’s Bloodmoon:  Book 4 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Dream Mate
Dreamer by Jane Susann MacCarter
Dreaming of Her by Maggie Morton
Duality:  Guardians of the Light Book 1
Dying Assassin Book 3 by Joyee Flynn
Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson
Eluding Illusions by Wren Michaels
Embrace the Wind
Eostre’s Hare by Arlene Webb
Erin’s Alien Abductors by Becky Wilde
Every Time We Kiss
Everything Forbidden
Evil Wind:  Book II Wind Demon Trilogy
Eye of the Beholder by Sara Dennis
Faerie Fate by Margaret Madigan
Fairy Dreams

Fallon’s Raven:  Book 4 by Stephanie Hecht and Jacki Nacht

Fantasy Mountain

Feral Fascinations by Skhye Moncrief

Feral Hedonism
Fire Demon by Stormy Glenn
Fire for Ice
First by K.C. Wells

First Omega by Rebecca James

Flights of Fancy 1:  Burning Love
Flights of Fancy 2:  Knights of Desire
Floggers’ Holiday Sale by H.C. Brown, Stormy Glenn
Forbidden loves:  Paris Between the Wars
Forbidden Love by Stormy Gleen, H C Brown, Anna O’Neill, Aleksandr Voinov
Forced Alliance:  Book 3 Intimate Invasion Series by Aubrey Ross
Forever in Lingerie by Gina Gordon
Forged in Blood by April Reid
Forget about Tomorrow
Freeing Silver:  Book 2 by Blair Nightingale
Friends and Lovers
Full Moon Mating
Future Imperfect by Pelaam
Gemini Heat
Ghost Moon
Ghost Wind
Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft
Giving up the Ghost By G. A. Hauser

Goblin Fires:  Book 1 by Brantwijn Serrah

Good Girls Don’t by Shiloh Walker
Gothic Heat
Graphic Intentions
Grassland by Carol Lynne
Hammer of the Earth
Heart of a Peacekeeper
Heart of Light
Heart of the Woolf
Heart Song:  True Blood Mate Book 1 by Stormy Glenn
Heaven and Hell 2:  Redemption
Heavy Metal Seduction 3:  Sports Beats
Her Handyman

Here be Dragons:  Book 2 by Ian Jarvis

Here Kitty, Kitty:  Book 1:  Purrfect Mates by Joyee Flynn
Hiding Space by Linda Andrews
Higher Rank:  Book 2 by Joyee Flynn
His Gentle Touch

His Insatiable Bear:  Book 1 by Maria Medina

His Wicked Kiss
Hitman’s Creed by Edward Kendrick
Home Port:  4 of Wands
Honey Potts and Her Alien Mates by Becky Wilde

Horse of Bells by Pelaam

Hostage Heart
Hot Georgia Winds
Hot House 2:  Michael & Mercy
Hot Property
How About a Threesome by Ginger Segreti
Howling at the Moon:  Tales of an Urban Werewolf

Hunt:  Book 2 by Bailey Bradford

Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez
I Spy a Wicked Sin
I’m Watching You
Ice Commander
IGO Sudden Snow by Raelynn Blue
Immortal Warrior
In the Heat of the Moment
In Alien Arms by Ellen Starr
In Training

Incognito by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Intergalactic Justice:  Reckless Bounty:  Book 1 in the Intergalactic Justice Series by Marly Mathews
Intimate Traitors
Intriguing Mission by Jo Addison
Irresistible Nemesis by Annalynne Russo
Isle of Desire
Isosceles Triangle

It Will Rain on our Wedding Day by Skylar Jaye

Jackie’s Boys by Bekki Lynn
Jawk:  Tales of the Chosen
Jazz & Sapphire
Jazz Noir Seidr

Jeremy:  Book 5 by Catherine Lievens

Jeremy:  Book 5 by Catherine Lievens

Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C.

Joseph Jaeger
Just this Once
Just a Taste of Me

Just a Vampire by Stormy Glenn

Just for a Night
Kama Sutra Lovers
Key of Solomon, Relic Defender by Cassiel Knight
Kindred Hearts by GS Wiley
Kiss the Moment

Kiss of the Dark Prince by Jade Astor

Kiss of the Wolf
La Ceinture
Laced with Desire by Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill, Denise Rosetti
Leader of the Pack
Leading her to Heaven

Leading Me Home: Book 1 by Megan Linden

Leap of Faith: Book 1 by Gabrielle Evans
Leave Me Breathless
Legion 2:  Adult Education
Lessons & Liasons
Let me Entertain You
Little Wolf:  Book 4 by R. Cooper

Lone Wolf and his Cool Cat:  Book 2 by Susan Laine

Lone Wolf:  Book 4 by Erin M. Leaf

Lord of the Deep BY Dawn Thompson
Lord of Thieves: The Chronicles of Sherwood by Ingela Hyatt
Love Always, Promise
Love in Death’s Embrace by Trina M. Lee
Love Slave for Two
Love Through Time by Lucy Felthouse
Love, Lies, & Legacies
Loving Control
Loving Master
Loving Someone Extraordinary by K.M. Mahoney
Lucky 13:  Thirteen Tales of Getting Lucky
Luke’s Surprise:  Book 1 by Lavinia Lewis
Lust & Vamp:  Book 2 in the Anything Goes Series by Joyee Flynn
Maewyn's Prophecy 3: A Heart Aflame
Mahape A Ale Wala’au
Maia’s Magical Mates:  book 3 by Gigi Moore
Majorie’s Homecoming
Masquerade by Flesa Black
Mating Games: Book 2 in the Delta Wolf Series by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
Mating Heat by Stormy Glenn

Maxie Briscoe:  Werewolf

McKettrick’s Heart

Menage A Fairy:  Book 4 by Anna Keraleigh

Mending Shattered Souls:  Book 4 by Scarlet Hyacinth
Mercury’s War
Mia Case Files:  Blood Relations:  Book 2 in the MIA Cast Files Series by K.C. Burns
Midnight Ecstasies
Midnight Showcase, Erotic-aah Digest, Vol 05-02
Molly's Surrender
Monte’s Marines:  Dark Court: Book 2 by Stormy Glenn
Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan
Mother May I by Draw Zachray
Mr. Wonderful
Murphy’s Hero
My Alien Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey

My Ghostly Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey

My Chameleon Loves:  Book 2 by Missy Martine
My Everything
My Girl by Stormy Glenn
My Lupine Lover
Mysteria Lane
Mystic Guardian
Nefertiti’s Heart by A.W. Exley
Night Fall
Night Hunter
Night Raven

Nightime Promises:  Book 2 by M.A. Church

Nikrova’s Passion
Nine Lives
Noble Magic:  Book 1 by Ravon Silvius
Nothing On Earth by Rachel Clark
Notice by M. Raiya
Nowhere to Hide
Odd Stuff by Virginia Nelson
Oil & Water
On the Sand
On Dragon’s Wings by Pelaam
One Wish
One Touch
One Wrong Move
Orange Moon
Orion’s Way by DC Juris
Out of the Past by Terri J. Lynn
Overdrive by Ariel Tachna
Parallel Triangle by Sandy Hyatt-James
Paris Bites:  Book 1 by Missy Lyons
Passionate Ink:  A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance
Personal Demon
Phoenix Rising
Picture Me Perfect
Plan Witch from Out of Town by Heather Long
Playing Nice
Pleasing Michael by Stormy Glenn
Porn Star by Sam Crescent
Power Play
Predator’s Salvations:  Sisters of Emsharra 2
Prey for Mercy

Pride Under Fire: Book 5 by Elizabeth Coldwell

Prince of Fire
Private Places
Project Mendel
Psychic Moon by M.D. Grimm
Publish Yourself Create & Sell Your Own eBooks by J.M. Snyder
Pyrite:  A Taste of Twilight
Queen of Swords
Raincheck by Sarah Madison
Rainy Day Confessions
Raymond by Wanda Degloier
Rearranging Stars by Diane Adams
Reason to Believe
Reclaiming Love
Red Alert

Red River: Book 2 by Cardeno C.

Redemption by James Buchanan
Refining Limits:  Exploring Limits Series Book Three by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna

Rehabilitating his Dingo:  Book 23 by Charlie Richards

Release by Beth Kerry
Reluctant Partnerships by Ariel Tachna
Reparation in Blood

Rescue by Pelaam

Rescued:  Mother-To-Be
Return of Buck:  Serendipity’s Sacrifices Book 1
Return to Wonderland:  Kalina’s Discovery
Rhiannon’s Alien High Chancellors by Becky Wilde
Ring Shy
Rites of Spring:  The Switch
Roamin’ Love
Rock Star Baby by Erin M. Leaf
Rock Star Baby by Erin M. Leaf
Ruby:  Lost and Found by M.D. Grimm

Running Scared

Sailing the Astral Tides
Sammy Dane
Sanctuary By Jade Falconer

Savage Awakenings:  Book 3 by Stephani Hecht

Savvy My Heart Love Bites
Scales and a Tail:  Book 2 by Stormy Glenn

Scent of a Wolf by Draven St. James

Sealed by Magic:  Book 2 by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
Seduced by Wolves by Kristina Lee
Seduction: The Notebooks of Madame B
Seduction’s Spell
Sequestered Passion
Serenity Lost:  Trust Me Series Book 1 by Amy Romine
Sex Lounge
Sex Me Down – Triad Series – Book 2
Sex Slave
Sexual Energy
Shadow of the Soul
Shadow on the Crystal
Shadowsforge 3:  Retaking America
Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Stormy Glenn
She’s on Top
Sherlock the Seducer
Shifting Lust 3:  The Bounty Hunter's Prize
Shifting Tides:  Soul of the Sea
Silencing Sarah
Skye’s The Limit by Kianna Alexander
Slap and Tickle
Sleeping Stone
Sleeping with the Past
Slow Build
Slow Heat
Smart and Sexy
Smart Girls, Foolish Choices
Somebody’s Watching

Song of Song by L.J. Labarthe

Sons of Zemlya:  Rythan’s Becoming
Spank me Once
Spell of Summoning:  Book 1 by Anna Abner
Spell of the Predator’s Moon:  Book 3 by Scarlet Hyacinth

Spells and Bananas:  Book 8 by Joyee Flynn

Spinning Wildly
Spirit Awakened

Spurs:  Book 1 by Jules Dixon

Stallion’s Gambit

Stealing Dragon’s Heart by Susan Laine

Stealing Fire:  Sequel to Blue Fire by Angela Castle
Steamy Encounter
Stefan:  Book 3 in the Marius Brothers Series by Joyee Flynn
Stolen Desires
Stranger in my Stocking
Strong and Sexy
Submission Times Two
Sunrise Destiny
Switching Gears
Taboo:  Taking Instruction
Tag You’re it
Take Two
Taken by Selena Kitt
Taking Care of Business
Taking it Slow
Tale of the Dragon
Taste Me:  Book 1 by Marie Medina
Tasty Treats:  Volume 1
Tasty Treat Volume 3
Taydelaan by Rachel Clark
Teaching Tyler by Glynnis Ivy
Tech Support by J. M. Snyder
Telesians 3:  The Siren’s Song
Tempt Me With Darkness
Tempting the Bear:  Book 12 by Charlie Richards
Texas Gunsmoke
Texas Surrender
The Black Sheep and the Hidden beauty
The Fifth Gate:  The Threshold Lost
The Filly
The Goddess Grind 2:  The Goddess and the Ghost
The Pardoner’s Tale
The Pauper Prince
The Sheeman
The Shields 4:  A Forbidden Temptation
The Sound of Language
The Spanish Conquest
The Supplicant
The Trading Assistant’s Assistant
The Wicked Ways of a Duke

The Wolf’s Healing Touch:  Book 22 by Charlie Richards

The Halfling’s Court
The One that Got Away
The Wolfen Lover
The Alliance by David Andrews
The Assignment

The Awakening:  Book 1 by Kord Stone

The Bear’s True Mate:  Book 1 by Elizabeth Monvey
The Biggest Kahuna
The Brotherhood 10:  The Salt of the Earth?
The Brotherhood 7:  Single White Fang
The Call of the Soul:  Book 2 by Jianne Carlo
The Carman Chronicles, Book 1:  the Satin Slippers
The Cat’s Meow Book 1:  Assassin’s Pride by Stormy Glenn
The Chauffeur:  Book 2 by Serena Yates
The Completeness of Celia Flynn
The Curse of the Magical Balls by Penelope Rivers
The Darkness and the Night:  Blood and Coffee
The Dawn Star
The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher
The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher
The Doctor’s Courageous Bride
The Englor Affair
The Eye of Heaven by Joanne Soper-Cook
The Gargoyle’s Female by Diane Story
The Ghost on my Couch by L.A. Gilbert
The Hastings Saga:  Death of an Angel, Jessie
The Iron Hunt
The Kandy Shoppe

The King of Hell’s Kitchen by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

The King of Hell’s Kitchen by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly
The King’s Man
The Last Celtic Witch
The Last Warrior:  Book 1 by Susan Grant
The Legends of Mynos:  The Wolverine and the Jewel
The Link that Binds by Dawn H. Hawkes
The Mane Attraction
The Marian Kind
The Master’s Pet
The Michaelangelo Blues
The Midnight Man
The Mistletoe Phenomenon
The Naughty Dagger
The Outer Rim by Alexis Martin
The Pleasure Palace
The Protector:  Book 2 by Sara Anderson
The Reluctant Muse
The Rogue and the Rival
The Secret Service Agent
The Sense of Honor
The Sex – Book 1: Virtus Saga by Laura Tolomei

The Siberian by Carolina Valdez

The Sin Eater’s Prince
The Socialite and the Body Guard
The Stalker
The Thorazine Mirrorball
The Trinity Key by Marly Mathews

The Unveiling:  Book 2 by Shyla Colt

The V in Valor by J. M. Snyder
The Vampire and the Man-Eater
The Vampire and the Plant Guy by Helen Louise Caroll

The Vampire King’s Mate: Book 1 by Toby Aiden

The War of Odds by Linell Jeppsen
The Warm Season
The Warrior’s Gift

Their Line of Drift:  Book 1 by Maia Dylan

This is How It Happened
Three Shifters for Sarah by Dani April
Three’s a Dream:  An Asher Short
Thunder’s Passion
Tigerian:  Book 2 by Toni L. Mielleur
To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen
To Find and to Keep
To Keep and to Love
Too Dangerous to Desire
Traces of Dreams
Triad by Cheyenne Meadows
Trilogy No 110:  Timeless Embrace
Trilogy No. 107:  True Blue
Trinity on Tylos
Triple X

Trompe L’Oeil by K.C. Burn

Twisted Brand
Two Masters for Alex
Two Marked Men by Roland Graeme
Two Wanted Men:  Badlands 2
Tygers 4:  Sweeet Awakening
Undead in the City
Undressing Snow White
Unlikely Hero
Unperfect Souls
Unspoken Desires
Valor On the Move by Keira Andrews
Valuable Cargo
Vision of Seduction

Vivienne’s Space Pirate Trio by Elle Saint James

Volunteered to the Future:  Book 1 by H.B. Kurtzwilde

Vow of Seduction
Vow to Protect
Voyeur by John Michaelsen
Wanted:  Handsome Alien Abductor by Myra Nour
Wanton Warrior
We Shall Live Again
Wed and Wanton
Were-Devil’s Curse:  Book 1 of the Were-Devils of Tasmania Series by Simone Sinna
Werewulf Journals:  Hunting Chase
Wet & Wild:  Three of Hearts
What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor
When Love Comes Back Around
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf:  Book 6 in the Wolf Creek Series by Stormy Glenn
Wicked City
Willow Smoke
Wine, Tarts & Sex
Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down
Wolf Moon by Vic Winter
Wolf Queen
Wolf Tales IV
Wolf’s Glory:  Book 2 by Maddy Barone
Wolf’s Sacrifice:  Book 2 by Draven St. James
Women in Hats
Wyvern Heat
You Belong to Me by Patricia Sargeant







Here at Coffee Time Romance & More our main purpose is to bring you honest reviews. We have stellar reviewers that work hard to bring you the best quality reviews. The best reviews are chosen by our staff of editors with an award we like to call "Yank My Chain." Stop by today and check out which of our wonderful reviews got the "Yank My Chain" award! If the review yanks your chain too, don't forget to check our bookstore for it!

So check out the review that has been chosen this month, Congratulations to Regina and her review of The Last Warrior by Susan Grant.

Here at Coffee Time Romance & More our main purpose is to bring you honest reviews. We have stellar reviewers that work hard to bring you the best quality reviews. The best reviews are chosen by our staff of editors with an award we like to call "Yank My Chain." Stop by today and check out which of our wonderful reviews got the "Yank My Chain" award! If the review yanks your chain too, don't forget to check our bookstore for it!

So check out the review that has been chosen this month, Congratulations to Regina and her review of Blood Prince by Stormy Glenn.






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