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Hailing from the valley of the Appalachian mountains, this southern gal knows her books! Raised in a small town, she grew up reading to fill the imaginative mind that was a beautiful plague. Although she no longer concerns herself with whether Little Bear got his birthday soup, she still can remember and appreciate discovering books through the likes of The Hobbit & all of Middle Earth, the childlike horrors written by R. L. Stine, the fantasy world of the imaginary in Bridge to Terrabithia, and of course with the wonderful wizardry of Harry Potter and his friends.

Now all grown up and reading big girl books, Raven has embarked on a journey to create a life full of adventure, in mind, body, & spirit. Traveling all over the world in her younger days to becoming the mommy of 2 rapscallions (I meant angels) with the help of her own one true love, Raven lives life to the fullest & is shooting for her dreams of helping others through the written word. 

Damned and Desirable by Tara West (Eternally Yours 2)

Whether she's reading to those 2 angels she calls sons, hiding away with a book of her own, or in her woman cave writing a future best seller (yes, that's the dream, not yet a reality), Raven wishes to release on the world, one way or another, creativity. Either through the minds of her children or by helping support authors by writing reviews, Raven encourages other to read & grow their own mind through the written word. Without the ingenuity of writers, we never would have had the paranormal worlds that I love so dearly, the inspiring works of the crime solving heroics of the great mind Sherlock Holmes, the tragic love of a Montague and a Capulet, or a galaxy far, far away. By encouraging people to read, we inspire our future.

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Alphy’s Challenge:  Book 1 by Tigertalez
Scar Tissue by Evie Jayne


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