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Piper was one of those kids who, for religious reasons, always had to leave her classroom during holiday parties and go to the library. And she loved it! The library and books have always been top of her “favorite things” list.

When she started writing a few years ago, nobody was surprised at all. Now she is multi-published, in both this pen name and another for her less-steamy romances. She dwells in a body she shares with multiple other personalities; the other writer, a content editor for Lyrical Press, mom, wife, and Evil Day Job victim (substitute teacher).

Here at Coffee Time Romance, Piper is a Junior Editor, which means she helps edit reviews. She also helps Karenne collect trailers for the YouTube page.

Find more about Piper at her Website or her blog,

Credit for the profile picture goes to her hubby – it’s one of his high school art creations.

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