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Though many think I’m joking when I say the voices in my head force me to write their stories, I’m really not. If you see me gazing off into the distance and then I burst into tears, don’t worry. I’ve just had an emotional break through with one of my many characters. When I’m not lost in worlds of my own making I enjoy photographing my four gorgeous daughters and giving my husband hell. I also read…a lot. Everything from horror to erotica lines the many bookshelves in my office where nearly a thousand titles vie for my attention. Want to talk books? That’s a conversation I’m always ready to have.

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One Year Anniversary


Night Broken by Patricia Briggs



A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood

Blood Warrior:  Book 2 by Lindsey Piper

Corridors of the Night:  Book 3 by Anne Perry
Prey and Prejudice:  Book 8 by Marie Harte






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