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Congratulations to Mav and her review of Waltzing with the Wallflower by Rachel van Dyken & Leah Sanders

I started reading very late. Till I was in grade 4, I hated to read. Literally hated it but since it was compulsory in our school to read a book a week, I would usually skim through and ignore. When I came in grade 5, I came across a book (don't remember the name) which captured my imagination and made me go to library every week in search of a similar story but it still did not make me an avid reader. In grade 6, we started on a novel in our literature class, “The Little Princess". I loved it. It made me cry and then made me want to read more similar stories. We also watched a movie based on the book which disappointed me and made me think that books may be better. The next year was "Secret Garden" and the year after that was "Wuthering Heights". Oh my! Did I fall in love then or what… During this time I also discovered Sweet Valley Kids series and I was pretty happy with reading just them rather then going to older versions of the twins but then we all have to grow up and so I did too and went on to being obsessed with their SV Twins, SV High & SV University alongside Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries and files. So by the time I came to graduating high school I was hooked but mostly to mystery novels. Books are now my addiction. I can not survive more then 3 days without reading one whether it is a chapter or the whole book. I got my first taste of romance novel, unintentionally, by Judith McNaught "Kingdom of Dreams". To date I have read hundreds of books but this is still my all time favorite. She got me hooked like an addict on romance and has never disappointed me yet. Her books are the standard I keep to judge all the other romances.

Currently living with my hubby, his mom and my two parrots, I am a happily married lady for whom books are and will always be a salvation to take away the worries and stress or when life gets too monotonous. I am addicted to them like someone who is addicted to any form of caffeine. When I was a child I traveled all over the world with my dad, who was in merchant navy. The concept of traveling enchanted me though I hardly remember those trips. Now since I am unable to travel a lot due to various reasons, books are my gateway to new cultures and locations. Reviewing for CTR will give me the opportunity to further my discovery of the world by reading and satisfying my cravings and to spread that same addiction to people all over the world. I am a sort of a loner so I prefer spending one-on-one time with family and friends then huge gatherings. Recently I have also started obsessing about make-up and tend to give free (sarcasm intended) advices on problems.


A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony:  Book 2 by Kris Tualla

An Affair to Remember by Karen Troxel

An Unlikely Alliance by Rachel Van Dyken

Awareness:  Book 1 by Rowan Shannigan

Beguiling Bridget:  Book 2 by Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders

Cowboy Fever Series by Karen Wiesner
December Park by Ronald Malfi

Dirty Water:  book Two by Richard Hacker

Flight for Life by Stephy Smith

Fragile Bonds by Toni Noel

Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham

Penance by James M. Clifton

Rogue Countess by Amy Sandas

Running Against Traffic by Gaelen Vandenbergh

Sing to Me Cowboy:  Book 1 by Lauri Robinson

Something Like a Lady by Kay Springsteen & Kim Bowman

The Sons of Cain by C.W. Burgett

The Chalice by P.L. Parker

The Magic of Lavender:  Book 1 by Cate Masters

The Paradox:  The Soldier and the Mystic:  Book 1 by Suzette Hollingsworth

Three Weddings & A Dress by Mary Martinez

Two Turtledoves by Leah Sanders

Vertigo by Gwenan Haines

Waltzing With the Wallflower by Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders

My CTRR Recommended Reads:

A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony by Kris Tualla
Beguiling Bridget: Book 2 by Rachel Van Dyken & Leah Sanders
Just Evil by Vickie McKeehan
Penance by James M. Clifton
Rogue Countess by Amy Sandas
Two Turtledoves by Leah Sanders
The Chalice by P.L Parker
Waltzing with the Wallflower by Rachel Van Dyken & Leah Sanders


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