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My CTRR Recommended Reads:

A Friend in Need (A Sinners and Saints Story) by Rosalie Stanton
A Succubus' Guide to Gold Digging by Addison Lockwood
Apocalyptic Moon by Eva Gordon
Beneath the Blood Moon: Book 2 by Amanda Jayde
Danger Zone by Dee J. Adams
Fire of the Dragon by Lori Dillon
Haven by Celia Breslin
Isolation (The Saa’ar Chronicles) by A.B. Gayle
Man Trouble by Sabine Ferruci
The Lycan Hunter, Gardinian World: Book 1 by Kelsey Jordan
Queen of Jastain by Kary Rader
Wake for Me by Isobel Irons
Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear by Sonnet O'Dell




I have always liked to read. Along with reading I tried to be artistic with almost anything I could get my hands on—colored pencils, clay, paints, Photo Shop, and embroidery just to name a few. In ’07 I had a stroke and one of the results was me losing my sight. That just opened up more time for me to read as I had to put my colored pencils and art stuff aside. There are more ways to find and read books these days, for which I am so very very grateful (though I miss the smell of libraries and book stores).

Since my stroke I have expanded my list of genres that I will read by … a lot. Right now I love reading Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I have been known to read those genres along with sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, historical romance, contemporary romance, and heck pretty much anything else if I like the story. I admit to being obsessive about some books, I just love them so much and I have lost count of how many times I have read them.

I am a big introvert and prefer reading stuff online over talking most of the time. Since I lost my sight my book collection is … well … pretty big since it is all text files now and you can fit a lot of text onto a USB drive. I usually have a set of headphones on with my I Phone attached listening to a book. That is if I am not lurking at the forums here or at Good Reads finding new things to read.

I enjoy reading and reviewing books here at CTR, since it lets me try out new genres and authors that I normally wouldn’t have found myself. I can also share my thoughts and chat with like-minded people. After all, sharing my thoughts in a format other people can read is a bit more productive than talking over my thoughts in my own head. (Not to mention less crazy sounding.) I look forward to reading more and talking about what I think to whoever will listen. Now I mainly read, chat, and write, sometimes I even share the weirdness that I think up.

One Year Anniversary Staffer for Two Years
Staffer for 3 years  


Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Death Rejoices by A.J. Aalto

Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken


A Friend in Need by Rosalie Stanton

A Little Bit of Blackmail by RC Bonitz
A Stranger’s Touch:  Book 1 by Lacey Savage
A Succubus’ Guide to Gold Digging by Addision Lockwood

Apocalispstick by Lisa Acerbo

Apocalyptic Moon:  Book 1 by Eva Gordon

At the Water’s Edge:  Book 1 by Melanie Nilles

Beneath the Blood Moon:  Book 2 by Amanda Jayde

Bewitching Ways by Judy Fayre

Beyond Tomorrow:  Book 3 by P.L. Parker

Black Ghost Runner by M. Garnet

Black Amaranth:  Book 1 by Sasha Hibbs

Blood Purple:  Book 1 by Ashley Nemer

Bloodsworn by Stacey Brutger

Bound for Trouble:  Book 1 by Envy Augustine

Crimson Sins:  Book 1 by Madeline Pryce

Curator’s Curse:  Book 1 by Scarlet Hunter

Danger Zone:  Book 2 by Dee J. Adams

Dream Shadow:  Book 1 by Mary Wine

Dweller On the Threshold:  Book 1 by Rinda Elliott

Eden Forest:  Part 1 by Aoife Marie Sheridan

Eternity:  Book 1 by Tmonique Stephens

Finding the Way Back by E.A. West

Fire of the Dragon:  Book 1 by Lori Dillon

Five Alarm Lust:  Canadian Heroes Book 1 by Elise Whyles

Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

Have Monster, Will Travel:  Monsters in Hollywood Book 4 by Lila Dubois

Haven:  Book 1 by Celia Breslin

House of Cards by Terri Molina
I Hear Voices by Gail Koger

Immortal Death by Laurel O’Donnell

Immortal Duty by J.K. Coi

Isolation (the Saa’ar Chronicles) by A.B. Gayle

Legend Beyond the Stars by S.E. Gilchrist

Lemonade Dreams by Mary Lou George
Lycan Gladiator:  Book 1 by Eva Gordon

Man Trouble by Sabine Ferruci

Marked for Vengeance:  book 1 by S J Pierce
Marked Souls:  Book 1by Michelle Clay

Mating Season by Allie Ritch

Mistakenly Mated by Sonnet O’Dell

Out of the Smoke by Becca Jameson

Perfect Mate by Mina Carter

Queen of Jastain by Kary Rader

Raven Moon:  Book 2 by Eva Gordon
Relic:  Book Two by Deena Remiel

Rescued by a Duke by Ruth J. Hartman

Seal of Honor:  Book 1 by Tonya Burrows

Sky Tinted Water:  Book 1 by Keta Diablo

Super Love:  Book 1 by Stephanie Beck

Supernova by Jennifer Marting

Surrendering Love’s Sins by Tess Lynne

Ten Yen True by Amanda Armstrong and Christina St. Clair

The Devil Duke Takes a Bride:  Book 4 by Rachel Van Dyken
The Fiend of White Buck Hall by Penelope Marzec

The Gate by Kaitlyn O’Conner

The Ice Dragon:  Book 3 by Bianca D’Arcc
The Lycan Hunter: Book 1 by Kelsey Jordan
The Mark of Abel by Viola Ryan

The Plan by Imogene Nix

The Prince of Elantis by Lyn Brittan

The Princess of the Wild:  Book 2 by Lorelei Orion
The Wolf Within by Mandy Monroe
Wake for Me:  Book 1 by Isobel Irons
Warrior Rogue:  Book 2 by Nancy J. Cohen
Weathering Rock by Mae Clair
Whispers in a Dead Man’s Ear
Wolf Nip:  Book 6 by Vivian Arend





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