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I'm excited to join the Coffee Crew for many reasons, not least of which is that it reflects two of my addictions: books and coffee. I'm an author and an avid reader, and both take a lot of java to fuel. A few years ago, I left a demanding job as a university administrator in Seattle to move to a small town in central Washington State and pursue my dream of writing novels. I started writing in grade school. Fortunately, most of my tortured high school poetry and song lyrics are lost to posterity. My first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, was five years in the making, and offered lots of opportunities to give up along the way; that might be why it’s a tale of people, aliens, and dogs who face the impossible, and do it anyway.  

An independent publishing house in Calgary, Champagne Book Group, released An Alien's Guide in April, 2013. They'll release my second novel, a magical romance called You, Jane, in spring/summer of 2014. I have one more urban fantasy manuscript in the works, and the first two books in a middle grade series are in draft form. When I take a break from writing, I teach university courses, read books of all kinds, spend time with family and friends, and take long walks while leaning into our diabolical Kittitas Valley wind. 

I strive to live according to a line from British singer-songwriter Chris Rea: “Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways.” You can find out more about me and my work at my blog, Point No Point. The picture with my profile is my beloved dog Charlie, who inspired the interplanetary dog who saves humanity in An Alien's Guide. Charlie was a blind mini-Schnauzer, and I'm certain he truly was from Mars. He left Earth just over two years ago after sharing his delightful sense of humor and terrier spirit with us humans for more than a decade.

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