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Staffer for 6 Incredible Years!!!

I have been a voracious reader since grammar school.  Those years were spent in a two-story, brick building that housed first grade through high school.  By the age of 12, I had read almost every piece of fiction in the school library, the most memorable of which was Jane Eyre. Many years later, and fter becoming an empty nester, I returned to college, receiving my BA degree at the age of 56 and Master’s degree two years later. I firmly believe one is never too old to go back to school.

I am a 21-year member of Romance Writers of America, and although I enjoy writing, my true love is editing and critiquing manuscripts and reviews. So far this year I’ve edited over 160 reviews by a variety of reviewers and critiqued a couple of manuscripts.  Most of the jobs I held while a member of the Federal Civil Service dealt with writing – letters, newsletters, regulations, and procedural instructions. I’m currently working on a piece of women’s fiction in a hit or miss fashion.

Married to a retired military man from Illinois, I have lived in exotic Thailand as well as Illinois, Mississippi, and Texas.  I am a 6th generation Texan on one branch of my family tree, at the least a 3rd generation Texan on the other branches, and typically, am excessively proud of my heritage. I have worked in many career avenues but ended up a civil servant for the US Air Force. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I retired to the beautiful hill country of my native Texas where we plan to live forever. We have an adult son and his wife still living in Illinois.

My favorite past time activities are – you guessed it – reading and writing. I typically read at least four books a month, sometimes more. I also enjoy handwork such as knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. I was once an avid gardener, but now days do mostly container gardening. We are active in our church.



Coffee Crew Spotlight - LaVerne
June 2010


To me, LaVerne, has been a wonderful person to work with any time of the day or night when I needed a question or something answered. She is sweet and kind, and an inspiration to all of us. She always post nice things about people. I am glad I have had the opportunity to have her in my life. Cherokee

LaVerne is always quick to reply whenever I have a question. She is friendly and stays on top of the new reviews to be sure they get passed up the chain promptly. I am so thankful to her! Laurie

LaVerne has taught me to use a thesaurus. There are still times I find I am using the same word to describe something over and over again. But I swear I can hear her voice (a slight twang and sometimes with a nagging edge) asking me if I really need to use the word "realize" that many times.

I have also found I trust her judgment 100%. If I find myself having an issue with a review (such as stuck on whether to give it a 2 or 3 or even 4 Cup Rating), I can email her about the issue I am having and she somehow knows the right answer. She doesn't come out and say, "I heard that was a great book so give it a 4 Cup". Instead, she will help me by breaking down the storyline and having me dissect each major theme until I get my answer. She started out as my editor but she has also become my friend. Danielle

I will always remember my very first review experience with Coffee Time Romance. I was so nervous and intimidated due to the high standards Coffee Time Romance is known for as well as the level of quality and experience of reviewers already established. Needless to say, my hands were shaking and knees knocking...until I met LaVerne. This wonderful being coached me and guided me on not only my first review, but held my hand through all of them. Reviews are so important for readers as well as for authors and with LaVerne's mentoring, I graduated as a recipient of the prestigious Yank My Chain Award. I will always associate LaVerne with Coffee Time Romance Reviews. Her professionalism is only surpassed by her warmth and caring. Suspektme






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