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Though an avid reader, I started out as a reserved reader who just stuck with the genres and authors I was familiar with. Then came a time when books by these authors ran out and their new work was taking too long to come out, so I tried to come up with my own stories which I later realized were just spin-offs and altered versions of the books I had read and not to forget I am horrible with dialogues. Disappointed with my creativity I ventured into the unknown world discovering new authors and genres that I did not even think existed. I found that romance itself is divided into so many sub-genres with countless authors that it will take a lifetime to discover and read them all. It is an adventure to read all sorts of stories especially the wicked ones.

I am a roguish, very expressive alter-ego to my reserved self which has only come out because and for the books. To know the real is to not know me. I have a wandering and curious mind which makes me usually need to want to know everything as long as my interest and attention lasts. Then it moves on. In my free time, I watch movies, loads of television series, talk to friends, do window-shopping and think up of ways to socialize with people all over the world and know about them. I love to hear about people and get to know them. I have followed CTR for ages and finally got a chance to be a part of the family. Hope this relationship lasts. Yay!

One Year Anniversary


STYXX by Sherrilyn Kenyon




Chris Redding
J.A. Dennam
Leah Braemel
Nicole Morgan
Rachel Brimble
Rebecca Minto
Tory Michaels



A Woman Betrayed:  Book 1 by Cricket Sawyer

Against All Odds:  Spirit Hunter Novel by Kristina Lee

Blood-Mage Rising:  Book 2 by Tory Michaels

Bored in Barcelona:  Book One by Kate Hofman

Cold Day in Hell:  Book 2 by Monette Michaels

Home by Karen Wiesner

I Need You for Christmas by Leah Braemel

In Perfect Harmony by Jane Henry

Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart by Gemma K. Murray

Primal Design: Book 2 by Danica Avet

Primal Song:  Book 1 by Danica Avet

Prophecy of Blood:  Book 3 by Tory Michaels

Queen of the Stars:  Volume One by Lorelei Orion

Rebel Marquess by Amy Sandas

Rhythm of my Heart:  Book 2 by Kemberlee Shortland

Storm Maker:  Book 1 by Erin O’Quinn

Suddenly Last Summer:  Book 2 by Sarah Morgan
The Warlock’s Woman:  book 1 by Josephine Sanchez Vanner

To Catch a Cheat:  Book 3 by Ella Druskin

Truth and Humility:  Book 1 by J.A. Dennam

Undercover Surrender by Angela Claire

With Regrets, Adam by Zelma Orr

Rustler’s Heart:  Book 2 by Amanda McIntyre


My CTRR Recommended Reads:

Blood-Mage Rising by Tori Michaels
Memories of Murder by Lara Nance
Prophecy of Blood by Tory Michaels
Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam





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