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Craig's Heart Legacy Book 7 by NJ Walters
Enigma by Moria Rogers
Jaguar's Kiss by Vivi Andrews
Prey and Prejudice by Marie Harte
Torn from the Shadows Sierra Fox, Book 4 by Yolanda Sfetsos


Afton Locke
Aliyah Burke
Anne Hope
Annie Alvarez
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp also writing as Cat Adams
Danielle Thorne
Helen Scott Taylor
Jennifer Turner
Charisma Knight
Laura Tolomei
Nicole North
Paige Tyler
RaeLynn Blue
Roxanne Rhoads
Samantha Rhodes
Selina Blake
Sharon Donovan
Sutton Fox



Our main purpose at Coffee Time Romance is to bring Readers honest reviews. We have some wonderful reviewers who work hard to read books and bring their honest opinions to you. We also have an editing staff that will read each and every review and they decide which of the reviews for the month will ..."Yanks My Chain"

So check out the review that has been chosen this month! Congratulations to Hollie and her review of Blood Resurrection by J. P. Bowie.



Hi I’m Hollie, *waves*

I live in York and study Media at York St John University. I’ve been a reviewer here for five years and decided to update my bio. But I’m not sure what to say…

My kids are getting older, Jojo is 18 now, and the boys are growing into thoughtful young men we are proud of. I’m still happily married, I couldn’t do half the things I do if not for Rob’s support including getting my degree, he makes the best secretary a girl could want.

My life is changing and I hope it continues to change for the better, but with my families, I have a second CTR family, around me whatever happens it will be fun.  

One Year Anniversary
Staffer for 6 Incredible Years!!!


Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell

High Risk by Vivian Arend 

Her's to Claim by Patricia A Knight


A Soldier's Woman
A Diamond at Midnight
A Hunter’s Blade:  Book 2by Cera Dubois
A Love that Lasts
A Mothers Heart
A Never Ending Love by Melissa Miller
A Promise of Passion
A Rakes Guide to Pleasure
A Steampunk Carol:  Book 6 by Steven R. Southard
A Witch’s Lament
A Wizard for Hire
All of Me by Cardeno C.

Ancient Martian Echoes by Gerri Zimmerman

Angel of Death:  Book One of the Chosen
Arcane Whispers Volume One
Bad Timing

Beautiful Mistake:  Book 2 by Nancy Corrigan

Blood Resurrection
Blood Talisman
Born into Fire by Kyann Waters and Tarah Scott
Bound and Determined by Selena Blake
Bound to Me & Other Erotic Strokes “Flashers”
Boys of Summer by Cooper Davis

Carnal Magic:  Book 1 by Lila Dubois

Cave of Terror
Center Ring
Chasing Secrets

Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

Chayton’s Tempest
Circle Star
Cold Moon Rising
Coming on Strong

Craig’s Heart:  Book 7 by NJ Walters

Cream by Zenobia Renquist

Cryptshiver:  Book 1 by Chacelyn Pierce

Curtains in Stonington
Dawn of a Viking Sunrise
Deidre’s Secret
Déjà vu Lover

Delivered into his Hands by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Demon of Desire
Die Slowly for Me
Dreams of Raven Moon
Earthchild by Katriena Knights
Ecstasy in Eden
Eden Palms Murder

Edge of Ecstasy:  Book 7 by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Embezzled Love

Enigma: Book 6 by Moira Rogers

Eternal Desire
Evan’s Castle

Fading Light: Book 2 by Anela Dennis

Fallen Angels Book 1 – Childhood traumas
Fascination by Connie Keenan
Favorite Obsession:  Book 3 by Nancy Corrigan
Feels like the First Time
Find that Bunny
Flying Free
French Delights – Naughty Ladies of Nice Book 2 by Sloane Taylor
Friends in Deed
Fringe Benefits
From the Flames
Gift of her Submission
Going Down Hard
Guns of the Black Ghost
Gypsy Legacy:  The Duke
Hands on Research

Haunted Wolves:  Book 2 by Moira Rogers

Heroes Die Young
Holding out for a Hero by Jennier Johnson
Hot Property by Lacey Diamond
Hot Tamales
Ice Hunters Prey
I'll Do Anything
In Shadows of Magic by Allison F. Prince
Jaguar’s Kiss:  Book 1 by Vivi Andrews
Kissing Steel
Lady of the Mountain
Leaf Letters
Lethal Judgment
Listen to What I See
Long Shadows:  Book 2 by Cecilia Dominic
Love Medicine
Love Me Two Times

Love’s a Witch:  Book 2 by Roxy Mews

Love’s Savage Sister
Lust in Space
Manduruko:  Book 1 by Enita Meadows
Master of Crows
Mastering the Marquess
Minding Mistress: Club Esoteria Book 3 by Cooper McKenzie
Modern Day Vampires:  Vampire 101

Moon Shine: Book 3 by Vivian Arend

More than a Wife
Morning Coffee
Mr. Delicious
Networked:  Book 2 by Claire Russette
New Beginnings
No Future Christmas
Not His Type
Once Bitten by Sara Reinke

Our Omega: Book 2 by JJ Black

Outpost epsilon
Perfect Submission
Phenomenal Girl 5
Pleasure After the Pain
Possessing Eleanor
Pretend with Me by Amber Skyze
Prey and Prejudice:  Book 8 by Marie Harte
Prince of Passion
Project Seduction
Reckless Exposure

Return of the Fae:  Book 2 by Lynn Cahoon

Ripples Through Time by Rosalie Stanton

Rising Sun by MH O’Shea

Secrets:  Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures

Shifting Currents by Lissa Trevor

Solar Dare:  Book 6 by Viola Grace & Tianna Xander
Something Wiccan This Way Comes
Soul of a Predator
Spying the Alcove
Star’s Destiny
Stormy Weather 4:  Mated to a Cajun Werewolf
Stranger to Love
Sweet Redemption
Taken by Moonlight by Violette Dubrinsky
Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume VI
Tall Dark and Undead by Sandra Cox

Taming the Lion: Book 2 by Vivi Andrews

Tau 4
Tee-Ani’s Pirates – Pirates Book 2 by Rachel Clark
Thank You, Mrs. M
The Millionaire’s Proposal
The Fifteenth Letter
The Chosen One by Marisa Chenery
The Claddagh Ring
The Cowboy Way
The Fiche Room
The Katzman's Mate
The Kings Daughter
The Martin Files
The Papillion Prophesy: Hierarchy
The Phoenix Charm
The Soul Catcher
The Truth about Fairy Tales
The Wolf’s Moon by Rebecca Brochu

Thirteen Nights:  Book 1 by Sabrina Garie

Three Christmas Kisses
Three Men and a Bounty by Gigi Moore

Thunder and Roses by Dawn Montgomery & Ditter Kellen

Tiger of Talmare
Time After Time

Torn from the Shadows:  Book 4 by Yolanda Sfetsos

Turtle Soup
Twice a Prince
Twisted Passion
Undercover Alien
Veiled Truth
Walking in Shadows:  Jilly
When the Condor Returned
Whispers in the Dark by Marissa Quinn
Wildfire by Christyna Hunter
Win and Lose
Wish by Ashlynn Monroe
Wolf Quest:  Book 7 by Bianca D’Arc





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