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When I was a child my mother always had book in hand. She developed my love for stories and thankfully, she took the time to read to me because I was too hyper-active to settle down and read books myself.

During my teen years I hit an awkward phase or perhaps it hit me with a really large ugly stick. We had moved back to my home town after being gone for almost five years. That's not a very long time but when your a kid it's like dog years. Nobody remembered me from before and nobody wanted to get to know me. There were other factors involved other than being the new kid that made my life--less than wonderful.

I found peace and happiness within the pages of books. I traveled to far off lands, lived in many eras and helped fight the forces of evil. I also found men you could admire and love. Overall, if you ask me about most of my high-school career, I couldn't tell you much. But if you asked me about the books I devoured I could passionately go on and on about the wonderful stories that I had been part of.

To this day I still have at least one book with me at all times and now that I have an e-reader, I can have multitudes with me. (A dream come true I can assure you) I am also part of a writer's group, I beta read occasionally...Whenever I am not playing makebelieve with my 2 little munchkins, debating with my hubby of six years or attending class.

And now I am thrilled to be part of the Coffee Time Romance staff. I have followed them for years now and here I am. How neat is that.

I know you will enjoy Coffee time Romance as much as I do.


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Day by Day Armageddon: Origin to Exile by J.L. Bourne

33 Valentines by Stephanie Monahan

While You were Writing by Virginia Nelson



33 Valentines by Stephanie Monahan

A Fairgrounds Mystery by Viola Russell

A Little Too Far:  Book 1 by Lisa Desrochers

Battered to Death by Gayle Trent

Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson

Blood Hex by Erin Butler

Borderland Bride:  book 1 by Samantha Holt

Crisis of Identity by Denise Moncrief

Dark Reaper:  Book 9 by Charlotte Boyette-Compo

Dawn of a Dark Knight:  Book 1 by Zoe Forward

Deceptions of the Heart by Denise Moncrief

Dimple of Doom:  Book 1 by Lucy Woohull

Dromos by G. Arden O’Feden

Forgotten Legends by Laura Dasnoit

Hawaiian Triple Heat:  Book 1 by Bobbi Brattz

Highland Hogmanay:  Book 3 by Krystal Brookes

Homo Saywhaticus by Lance Manion

Human No Longer by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Long Shadows by Grace Deluca

Love’s Second Chance by Mike Lynch

Psyche’s Promise:  Book 3 by Ann Grimpel

Resurrecting Harry by Constance Phillips

Revealing Us:  Book 3 by Lisa Renee Jones

Slipping on Stardust by Gordon Osmond

Star-Kissed Chocolate by Azura Ice

The Accidental Zombie by Samantha Lienhard

The Fallen Angel:  Book 12 by Daniel Silva

The Hamilton Men:  Book 3 by Vanessa Devereaux

The Husband Diet by Nancy Barone

The Immortality Experiment by Miriam N. Conde

The Marriage Merger: Book 4 by Jennifer Probst

The Secret Door:  Book 4 by Stephenie Burkhart

The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes by Kate Lear

The Tour Bus of Doom:  Book 3 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborugh

Weighting for Mr. Right by Patricia W. Fischer

Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe

Witch’s Moon by Ralph E. Horner

Wolf Sirens Forbidden by Tina Smith





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