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Hello my name is Fibre, it’s an abbreviated version of a nickname I was given in College for my ability to easily manipulate, fix, and setup any kind of Fiber Optic device. I kept the name because it fits the persona of who I am, and reminds me of the road I took to get to where I am today.

Something that not many people know about me is that when I look at a photograph or painting I tend to find myself engulfed in the fantasies depicting that world. Like a book with the reality of the characters draw you into that life. I often stare at the crashing waves against the rocks that house the lighthouse and muse to myself what it would be like to be there when that happened. The journey that encompasses the shot fascinates and excites me, but also fosters my imagination that of the imaginary world of books.

Kisses after Dark by Marie Force

Speaking of Books, Oi! Sharing the experience of the reality an author facilitates with their writing is in a way an honor that I cultivate and foster however I’m allowed. No matter if it’s with the details through editing or the simplicity of the read. To me I feel blessed either way and respect it equally. I often say, “A fantastic book can not only hold your interest, but can provide you with the greatest internal movie you’ve ever seen!” The passionate embrace of the Vampire’s Kiss, the heroic actions of the Gallant Man saving his love, the sheer joy of a returned love thought to have been gone forever, and the limitless imagination an author showcases is better than any movie.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little. I hope you can see why I try so hard to help those I’m passionate about.


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