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Hello.  My name is Dara England and I’m a twenty-five year old homemaker, a full time college student, wife to Chris, and mom to two toddlers.  When I’m not here I’m studying, chasing after my kids, and prying crayons out of my Yorkie puppy’s mouth. (What can I say? The dog likes to chew.) 

I love writing as well as reading and my first novel is scheduled to come out in March of 2009.  My favorite kinds of books, both to read and to write, are fantasy and paranormal romance novels.  I enjoy some Inspirational romances (meaning the unpredictable ones) and I like romantic Suspense. I also adore historicals, especially anything set in the middle ages.  In fact my favorite subjects in college have been World History and English Lit (consider me a Shakespeare fan).

Some cool places to find out more about me and my books are:
My website, A blog I share with a group of writers. My online newsletter, which you can sign up for by shooting me a quick email





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