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AzGaye (Gaye Morgan-Walton) maintains a love affair with books and writing that has endured lifelong. As soon as she could print the alphabet and sound out words, she began to write poetry and fiction. She cannot recall exactly when she transitioned from her parents reading to her to reading for herself but it was at a very tender age! She kept the circulation in motion at the library in her small home town in Arizona and reluctantly gave away two pickup loads of books—crying her eyes out--when she had to move from her home of twenty four years in 2008!

She’s done many things over the years from working as a ranch hand and horse trainer to clerical work while in college and then twenty five years as a civilian employee of the US Army and Air Force in human resources and management analysis. Now supposedly retired, she still stays busy and active. In 2011 she managed to get back to what she considers the ‘real’ southwest—the high desert regions of Arizona and New Mexico, much to her delight.

Since Oct 2011, she has lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico in a newly acquired home shared with her brother/roommate and three very spoiled dogs. Although writing is her first priority, she continues to enjoy many favorite hobbies ranging from astronomy to zoology although the most favored are reading, writing and sewing/crafting. She also enjoys exploring odd roads to mines, ghost towns and scenic spots with her dog or a friend along in her little red truck. She has three grown children, eight grandchildren and even a few great-grands but hastens to add she got a very early start since the first grandchild came along less than a year after her marriage!

Back in the last decade, she reviewed for Coffee Time but had to quit when her personal life got a bit hectic for awhile. Now she’s delighted to be back with the Coffee Time Staff and a whole bunch of VSFs—very special friends! She’s never too busy to talk books—history, romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction pertaining to her many interests. She says she’ll answer all emails sent to unless they are asking for money. That, she says, is always in short supply regardless of how good the cause.

Running With Champions by Lisa Frederic

At CTR she serves as “Starbooks Barista” for Book Brew with the Coffee Crew, a monthly event at the CTR Blog, Coffee Thoughts. Book Brew features books by a wide range of authors falling under the month's theme or topic. Come by the first Monday of each month from 12-8 PM EST to share the fun. There are interviews, giveaways and discoveries for all.

In parallel lives, she writes poetry, women’s fiction and erotic/GLBT romance as Gwynn Morgan and Deidre O'Dare. She is also a student of the Native American and Ancient Celtic spiritual paths and considers herself an apprentice Druid since she has only been pursuing such study seriously for about five years instead of the traditional twenty young Celts were required to accomplish to attain true Druid status.

Gwynn Morgan and Deidre O'Dare

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