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Are you a published writer? Or are you looking to get published? We are here to help. We have some wonderful people who volunteered their time and their talents to help you with your quest in this field.

These seminars are free and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Unleashing the Creator Within - A. Catherine Noon

February 1st - 4 Weeks

Too often, writers assume that creativity is a matter of luck or rare talent.  But author A. Catherine Noon shows us that each of us can write and unleash our inner creativity.  In a one-month online workshop that draws on exercises and games, Catherine helps us identify the core values and strategies that will help us tap into our own creative potential, whether we’re “serious authors” or just writers who enjoy the written word.  It is a workshop that will help each of us be more productive and successful with our writing and to sustain our creative output.

Email List Building for Writers: Multiply Your Reach AND Your Book Sales - Kimberly at Your Writer Platorm

February 23-27

If there was one thing you could do that would multiply your reach and help you build deeper relationships with people who are already interested in your message and your work – would you do it?

Building a targeted and invested email list of subscribers is hands down one of THE most important things you can do to ensure the long term growth of your writing career.

Learn how to create, manage and leverage an email list to build an audience, generate engagement and establish a veritable army of co-marketers and promoters for your books.

Outline Mistress - Olivia Waite

March 5 - 24th

Writers are used to thinking of outlines as something to work on before you begin writing your story. But an outline can be a powerful tool for revision and polishing that completed first draft -- a great outline can strengthen character motivation, streamline a plot, and enrich the thoughts and themes of your manuscript. This four-week workshop will teach your about different types of outlines (scene list, character arc, and theme) and how to use all three to make your story shine.

What to Expect When You're Revising - Sarah M. Anderson

April 13-17

Have you polished your book until it shined? Whether you’re ready to start querying or have sold your first book, you’re about to discover the sheer joy of professional revisions. Join award-winning, multi-published author Sarah M. Anderson to learn about how the revision process changes from unpublished to published and get handy tips on how to survive that first revision letter, TrackChange, and never-ending rewrites. This workshop will cover the differences between rewrites, revisions, line edits and copy edits; detail the process of working with editors on revisions; presenting coping strategies for the dreaded rewrite; inspire confidence that revisions are not the end of the world, all with humor and chocolate. Questions are encouraged!

How to Build a Diverse Media Kit - MM Jaye

April 1 - 27

The need to have a comprehensive Media Kit - Range of material recipients (Agents, book tour companies, journalists, radio/podcast hosts) - The synopses page - The Author Bios plus Links page - The excerpts page - The ""fun stuff"" document.

I chose the Submissions theme, as when a writer is ready to submit to agents, pitch a book blogger or hire a virtual book tour company, she should have all the material at hand.

Queries and Synopses - Kris Bock

May 13

What is the difference between a cover letter, a query, a synopsis, and a proposal? How do you know which you need? And most importantly, how can you convey your complex idea in a few pages – or even a few sentences? This seminar will explain what these terms mean, and provide resources and examples of each format. Share your short pitches to get feedback from the group.

Crafting the Perfect Query Letter - Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

May 15

With 8 sales in 12 months (3 novels, 1 novella, 2 novelettes, and 2 short stories spread across three different presses), we are the queens of query letters.  In this one day seminar we'll talk about how to craft the perfect concise and compelling query or submission letter, including writing a story blurb, structuring the letter, and writing a bio that's useful and informative. Last but not least we'll talk about how to handle communications when things go wrong (forgotten attachments, incorrect files, communications lost to the spam filter and more!)

How Do You Know You're Ready? - Corrina Lawson

May 27

How long should you work on a story before submitting or self-publishing? What are the signs to look for when you're done, not just finished with the first draft.

We'll talk about plot editing, character arcs, and copy editing.


Format it! - Meredith Bond

August 2-7

Do you want complete control over your self-published work? Want to have a beautiful book that looks exactly the way *you* want it to look? Don't want to pay anyone to do this for you or to make those niggling little corrections which always need to be made after you've uploaded?

I'll teach you how to easily format your book for Kindle, epub, Smashwords and CreateSpace and you'll learn some neat tricks you may not know in Microsoft Word too.

From Baby Book to Bestseller: The Steps to Success - Erica Ridley

September 7-25

Your book is out there in the world... So how do you get people to buy it? No more guesswork! Here's the insider info you need.

This seminar will not only break down the wheres and whys and whens of the promotional opportunities available to traditional and self-published authors, but also provide a practical, actionable, step-by-step checklist of what to do, and when.

Who doesn't love being able to cross to-do items off a list? If you've ever seen a bride's checklist of what to do before/after the wedding, you know how amazing it can be to have clear, concise information at your fingertips.

No budget? No problem! Although no one (short of Oprah) can personally guarantee any given book will become a bestseller, by following the steps outlined in this workshop, you'll be well on your way to launching your book down the path to success.

Share the Wealth and Gain Followers - Tina Gayle

October 7-10

Do you have a blog?
Do you want to have more followers?
Learn how to do an author exchange where you not only gain followers but also increase the hits to your blog.


Getting the Word Out - the meaning of the word 'social' in social media - Susan MacNicol

November 14th

Talking about various methods of social media and the type of reach it might have. Trying to let people understand that it's interaction people are looking for, not a constant barrage of 'Buy Me' Buy Me'. Making friends, developing relationships, getting people to buy into helping you promote yourself and letting them feel valued doing so. Networking, the different types of promoting. Deciding what works for you despite all the hype out there. Role playing, finding people's interests, getting the hook in your book and using it to make it fun and informative rather than simply selling your book. I used pole dancing and sheep phobias in my book Waiting for Rain and it still entertains people to this day.


Watch for this seminar in 2015

Getting Out There Without Getting Sucked In - Kate Canterbary

2-4 Days

Facebook takeovers, blog tours, release blitzes, cover reveals - oh my! There are so many social media platforms and book blogging sites out there today, it's easy to watch your precious minutes slide away without much value. Here's how to manage your time from the moment of release onward while still developing relationships with readers and bloggers, maintaining a steady presence on social media, and protecting time for writing the next book.





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