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2015 Reviews

A Walk Through Fire by Felice Stevens
Agent Chris:  Book 3 by Blair Nightingale
Horse of Bells by Pelaam
My Alien Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
My Beagle, The Yenta by Terry O’Reilly
My Ghostly Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
Transcend, the Fillmore Agency by West Thornhill

2014 Reviews

A Dom’s Decision:  Book 2 by Raven McAllan
A Liar’s Moon:  Book 2 by Joy Lynn Fielding
A Secret Match by Kelli A. Wilkins
A Werewolf’s Howl:  Book 4 by Bronwyn Heeley
Accepting the Alpha:  Book 1 by JJ Black
Afternoon Delight by Caitlin Ricci
Andre By D.J. Manly
As Midnight Loves the Moon by Beth D. Carter
Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes
Awakening the Alpha by Carolina Valdez
Begin and End with You:  Book 5 by A.R. Moler
Big Bone Lick Pack by Jambrea Jo Jones, Kendall McKenna, Cherie Noel
Blind Under the Moon:  Book 1 by S.A. Welsh
Bondage Slave for hire by Laura Tolomei
Box of Nails:  Marking Repairs by Sean Michael
Breaking in the New Guy by JC Holly
Catting Around:  Book 16 by Charlie Richards
Chasing Matt by Nikka Michaels & Eileen Griffin
Controlling his Illusion:  Book 4 by Ellen Cross
Coral Were His Bones by Barbara Geiger
Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher
Dare to Love Forever:  Book 1 by JC Wallace
Desert Country by Wayne Mansfield
Enough by Matthew Metzger
Fallon’s Raven:  Book 4 by Stephanie Hecht and Jacki Nacht
Flirt:  Book 2 by Mina Kelly
For a Dragon’s Treasure:  Book 3 by Charlie Richards
Freeing Silver:  Book 2 by Blair Nightingale
Goblin Fires:  Book 1 by Brantwijn Serrah
Heart of a Hero:  Book 1 by James Cox
Hunt:  Book 2 by Bailey Bradford
Inches of Trust:  Volume 1 by A.R. Moler
Lance:  Book 3 by Jet Mykles
Last Goode Knight:  Book 3 by Shad O. Walker
Legally Bound:  Book 1 by J.R. Gray
Midnight Rodeo by Kiernan Kelly, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga
Might’s Karma:  Book 11 by Stephani Hecht
My Vampire Boyfriend:  Book 2 by Elizabeth Monvey
Never Met a Stranger by J.M. Snyder
Noble Metals by L.A. Witt
On Dragon’s Wings by Pelaam
Our Omega: Book 2 by JJ Black
Rainbow Blues by K C Burn
Rehabilitating his Dingo:  Book 23 by Charlie Richards
Rescuing Jack by Caitlin Ricci
Rising Sun by MH O’Shea
Royal Line by Sean Michael
Rumpling Riley by Virginia Nelson
Safe by Mark Zubro
Savage Awakenings:  Book 3 by Stephani Hecht
Saved by the Hawk:  Book 1 by Stephanie Hecht and Jackie Nacht
Scent of a Wolf by Draven St. James
Seeking my Werewolf:  Book 3 by Bronwyn Heeley
Shipwreck Bay by A.J. Lewellen
South Sea Siren by Heather Geoffries
Stone Cold Beast:  Book 2 by Karly Germain
Stories Beneath our Skin by Veronica Sloan
Tell the Bees I’m Sorry by Felicitas Ivey
Temptation Eyes by A.J. Lewellyn & D.J. Manly
The Dragon’s Lover:  Book 2 y Marie Medina
The Wolf’s Healing Touch:  Book 22 by Charlie Richards
The Bad Wolf:  Book 2 by Meredith Russell
The Bigger They Come:  Book 1 by Ari McKay
The Briary Rose:  Controlling Parker by San Michael
The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons by Angela Fiddler
The Defeat of Lawson:  Book 30
The Highwayman by R.W. Clinger
The Paranormal Detection Agency by Anne Brooke
The Rock Star and the Wolf by JC Holly
The Siberian by Carolina Valdez
The Vampire’s Kiss:  Book 3 by Marie Medina
Tis’ The Season for Seduction by Maya Deleina, May Water, Nicole Morgan, Tammy Dennings Maggy, Lia Michaels
Trickster by Nicola Cameron
Volunteered to the Future:  Book 1 by H.B. Kurtzwilde
Winter’s Risk:  Book 3 by Mechele Armstrong







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