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A Walk Through Fire by Felice Stevens

A Civilized Mating:  Book 5 by Marie Harte

A Place to Belong by Hurri Cosmo
Agent Chris:  Book 3 by Blair Nightingale
All’s Fair in Mate Bonds and Publishing by Alana Ankh
An Erie Operetta:  Book 2 by V.L. Locey
Barefoot Kill by R.W. Clinger
Bloody Aria by Lorraine Ulrich
Blowing off Steam by Joy Lynn Fielding
Boundary Conditions by Alex D. Opal
Caron High News by Annabelle Jay
Chase and Capture by Hurri Cosmo
Damages Incurred:  Book 4 by J.R. Gray
Death by Dragon by Madeleine Ribbon
Deep Desire:  Book 1 by Z.A. Maxfield
Demon of Mine by Rayna Vause
Dr Zach’s Hot Fireman by Tamsin Baker
Finding Home by Rebecca Bronchu
Future Imperfect by Pelaam
Gabriel:  Book 3 by DJ Manly
Game Misconduct by V.L. Locey
Grayscale:  Book 1 by Rebecca Brochu
Hearts and Minds by M.D. Grimm
Home and Away by Samantha Wayland
Horse of Bells by Pelaam
It Was Supposed to be a Vacation
Jeremy:  Book 5 by Catherine Lievens
Kiss and Tell by S.C. Wynne
My Alien Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
My Beagle, The Yenta by Terry O’Reilly
My Ghostly Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey
Night School Vampire by AJ Llewellyn & DJ Manly
Opportunity Knocks:  Book 1 by L.D. Blakely
Remarkable Restraint:  Book 1 by Devon Rhodes
Rock Star Baby by Erin M. Leaf
Sealed by Magic:  Book 2 by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
Sunshine and Love by Doris O’Connor
Taste Me:  Book 1 by Marie Medina
Tempting the Bear:  Book 12 by Charlie Richards

That Stormy Knight:  Book 4 by Shad O. Walker

The Bear’s True Mate:  Book 1 by Elizabeth Monvey

The Cop and the Geek by Cat Blaine

The Demons of Whitechapel by Leska Beikircher
The First Hello by Willa Okati

The King of Hell’s Kitchen by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

The Moon by Sean Michael
The Sea Calls My Name by Hollis Shiloh
Transcend, the Fillmore Agency by West Thornhill
Under his Boss by Doris O’Connor
Valor On the Move by Keira Andrews
Veil of Scars by J.R. Gray
Wolf’s Sacrifice:  Book 2 by Draven St. James
Wolfe and His Bunny by Susan Laine
Yogi and the Bear by Nix Nox





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