Word of Mouth (Rated R)
Inda Lauryn

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     “Hello.  Ms. Chandler?”
     “Primavera’s fine.  You must be Charlie.  Come on in.”
     “Where should I set up?”
     “I’ve cleared a space in the living room.  I’ll go get my pillows.”
     “No hurry.  After I set up, I need to wash my hands.”
     “The bathroom is the first door to the right.”
     “By the way, I can provide my own towels or a blanket if you prefer.  I guarantee you they’re clean.”
     “Does it make any difference?”
     “Not to me.”
     “Fine.  I’m not sure how this usually works, so I’ll have to take your word.”
     “You just need to make yourself as comfortable as possible or else it defeats the purpose.”
     “So do I need to lie on my back or what?”
     “Your what.”
     “Ms…., Primavera, I can assure you that I am a professional.  I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  Whenever you want me to stop, just tell me.  You’re my last client tonight, so if you want to prolong, you have that option, too.  It’s all about you right now.  Okay?”
     “Sure.  I guess we should get started.   Um, do you mind if I play my own music?”
     “No.  What is this?”
     “Just one of my own personal mixes.  Lizz Wright, Cassandra Wilson, Anthony Hamilton, Maxwell.  Stuff I find soothing.”
     “Cool.  Just lie here…. Relax…. You want me stop talking to you, I will.  But I want to soothe you….  I need you to relax.  I still feel the tension in your body….  Just let go…. Okay, let go for me…. I know this is only supposed to be lower body, but I think you could use upper body as well.  I can actually see the tension in your back and shoulders…. Why are you laughing?”
     “Seems like some type of ploy to extend your time.  You get paid by the half hour.”
     “Then how about I not charge you?”
     “Yeah.  We really need to get out whatever’s causing all this stress in you…. Look at that.  The mention of a freebie loosened you up already….  You have a beautiful laugh.”
     “Thanks.  You’re very good at this.”
     “Like I said, I’m a professional…. Okay, let me adjust the towel.  Don’t worry.  You’re not going to be exposed…. Relax again…. That’s good…. Almost done…. One last pass for good measure….  There you are.  You should feel like a new woman now.”
     “You’re right.  I think you took the entire past month off me.”
     “That’s my job.”
     “Is a check okay?”
     “It’s fine…. Uh, this is for the full time.  I told you the last half was on me.”
     “No you earned it.  I’m going to tell all my friends about you.  They’d love your services.  Besides, I’m always happy to help a brother out.”
     “I’d appreciate that.  Thanks.”
     “Thank you.  Good night, Charlie.”
     “Good night, Primavera.”


     I know if Primavera recommended him, he must have the hands of David Copperfield.  That woman probably wouldn’t let Jesus Christ himself lay hands on her if he came and gave her a lap dance.  I was surprised as hell when she told me she was getting a therapeutic massage.  She needed a lot more than a damn therapy session if you ask me.  Good.  This must be him.
     Prima didn’t tell me how fine he is.  Tall, built and milk chocolate.  I bet he tastes just as good as a Hershey bar, too.  Prima must have noticed, too, but knowing her timid ass, she let him walk right out the door without even sampling the goods.  Damn fool.
     “Hello.  You must be Ms. Daie.  I’m Charlie.”
     His voice alone is bringing sexy back.  “Please, my mother is Ms. Daie.  Call me Winter.”
     “All right, Winter.  Where would you like to set up?”
     Just the opening I need.  “I thought we could set up in the bedroom.”
     “Fine.  Let me wash my hands.”
     Now I know he gives full body, but I wonder if he gives sensual or erotic.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Winter Daie will be getting hers tonight.  And it’s Friday, too!
     “If you like, I can provide you with towels or blankets.  I guarantee you they’re clean.”
     “I think I’d prefer to just lie on my down comforter.  That’s okay with you, huh?”
     “Whatever you want.  This is about you.”
     I was hoping you would say that.  “Good.  Prima tells me you keep all your clothes on.  Do I have any options there?”
     Damn.  He doesn’t even look that surprised.
     “Well, for my adult treatments, I might strip down to the underwear if that makes the client feel better.  Some don’t like to feel so vulnerable with a stranger.”
     “I’d like to try that one.”  I take off everything.  Why not?  I know my tits look good ‘cause I just had them done three weeks ago.  He may as well go ahead and get a peek.  I’ve been checking out his package like it’s Christmas in here.  I definitely want to unwrap that.
     His taut body is rock hard.  I rest my head on his thigh and get comfortable.  May as well let him go through the motions before we get to the real deal.  I’m not playing my Let’s Get It On CD for nothing.
     His hands sure do feel good though.  I was about to sneak my own feel of his ass, but I really don’t want to move.  Shit I feel good.
     “Can we go a little longer?  I’m not ready to stop yet.”
     “Usually no, but you’re my last client tonight.  Another half hour or so won’t hurt.”
     Half an hour!  If this man doesn’t put his hands on the good parts right now, I’ll have to fire his ass.  If I just go ahead and put my hands down his skivvies…
     “So, do you have to leave these on?”


     Autumn was already a little nervous.  She felt like she was cheating on Gregory, but it was just a harmless massage.  Prima have given him a rave review.  Winter had been a little more lackluster in her report.
     Charlie arrived promptly and knocked on the door.  Autumn Kravitz had scheduled him earlier in the day than most of his clients.  When he saw her, he figured she wanted to have him in and out before her husband got home.  He thought Kravitz couldn’t be the sista’s maiden name.
     Autumn invited him in and directed him to her living room.  She wanted to know if he could give her an extended instant massage.  She really needed him to focus on her head.
     Her request was a bit unusual, but Charlie said he could comply.  He asked if she had a hard back chair.  If not, he could improvise.
     She retrieved a wooden chair from her patio and grabbed a throw pillow as he excused himself to wash his hands.  He observed the family photos subtly put out of place before he arrived.  He knew once he left, they would again be prominently displayed.
     Autumn removed her top shirt to reveal the pink cami that hugged every curve from her full breasts to her full belly.  Her locks were still short, so she didn’t need to pull them up off her neck.  She was glad.  That would make it easier for him to navigate through her thick forest.
     Charlie recited his declarations of professionalism almost by rote.  He had gotten to the point where he could make this speech sound spontaneous or at least unrehearsed.  He knew how to vary it to accommodate each individual client.  He could tell Autumn only needed to be touched, particularly on her scalp.
     He began kneading her shoulders with his forearms.  When she was good and settled, he leaned her over onto her pillow and began at the bottom of her shoulder blades.  He noticed she had a strong back despite the doughy appearance of her belly.
     As he worked his way up, Autumn sank deeper into an abyss of bliss.  Although she enjoyed the climb, she still felt the anticipation of waiting for him to reach the mountaintop.
     Finally, he got to the hair.  Charlie worked his way through every follicle drawing deep moans of ecstasy from deep within Autumn’s erogenous zones.  He even made the kitchens seem a little more bearable.
     He began putting the finishing touches on the nape of the neck.  Sensing the end, Autumn asked if he could re-do the head.  She still had time if he did.
     Charlie onced over her scalp keeping in mind how good it felt to have another wash his hair.  He figured that of all the spots her husband remembered, he most often forgot this essential one.
     He finished.  Autumn sat in the chair for a while relishing the residue of his fancy finger work.  As he began to make his way out the door, she impulsively kissed him full on the lips.  Autumn quickly apologized to Charlie, saying she had no idea why she behaved so deplorably.  However, she would he sure to tell her friends about him.
     Charlie quickly forgave her and headed for his next appointment.  Autumn began placing the evidence of her family back together as she waited for Gregory to return with the kids.


     If it’s one thing I love, it’s the sistas.  Treat one right, they spread the word to anybody who’ll listen, even people they don’t know.  I make good money, too.  As stressed as some of them get, I’m surprised I don’t have too much competition.  But supply is starting to lose track of demand.
     Natsu Alvarez.  I hope I say her name right.  I’m betting this is another one with a rich husband.  I can’t lie.  I was surprised to see how many sistas got to the position of trophy wife.  I’m not hating though.  Those bored housewives are bread and butter.  They usually pay in cash for services they want to keep discreet.
     “Hello.  You must be Mrs. Alvarez.”
     “Call me Natsu.  You must be Charlie.  My friends tell me good things about you.  Autumn said you worked wonders with some tension in her neck.”
     “I’m glad she approved.”  It wasn’t her neck with the tension.  It was her marriage.
     “Well I’m going to need full body work.  Prima said you were good at that, too.”
     Primavera Chandler.  I haven’t been able to get her off my mind.  “Yeah, she really needed to get some weight off her shoulders.”
     “That woman works all the time.  Then she got passed over for a promotion.  Her bosses told her it was because she worked too much already and didn’t want her moving too fast.  Can you believe that?  Hell, she stopped coming to hang out with us to focus on that job.  Anybody needed a massage, it was her.”
     Amen to that.  “I’d like to go wash my hands.”
     “Sure.  Bathroom’s down the hall.”
     She’s almost like that Winter chic.  Winter Daie.  Just as cold as one, too.  Natsu just wants a little excitement, see what the rest of the girls are talking about.
     “Okay, Natsu.  Are you ready?”
     “Well, I think I’d like to exercise that little option Winter told me about.”
     I knew it.  Full body-erotic combo.  It doesn’t bother me though.  Hell, I’ve had women give me blow jobs during an erotic.  I would have let Winter do it except I had something else on my mind.  Someone else rather.  All these women talk to each other.
     “I should tell you that I’m a professional.  If at any point you want me to stop, just tell me.  I need you to be completely comfortable.  That’s the only way this works.”
     “I’m sure I’ll be fine.  Let’s get to it.”
     She didn’t need to be talked through it.  Like her friend Winter, she had those fake tits she thought turned on every man.  Their bodies are too hard though, too many sharp edges.  It’s kind of disturbing to feel bones where flesh should be.  Autumn had those curves telling that she hadn’t lost the weight yet from her last baby.  I could tell from her back that she was one who stayed in a gym when she should be enjoying something else just so that rich husband of hers wouldn’t stray.  Whatever.  We all got to get ours somehow.
     Primavera was soft all over.  Grown woman thighs.  I stayed on them a little longer than I should have.  I still feel good when I think about her succumbing to my touch.
     Not that the others aren’t attractive women.  I’d take any one of them any day.  But something about Primavera got me.  I damn near offered her an erotic on the house just so I’d have an excuse to touch her all over, initiate something.  She didn’t bite.
     “Ummm.  That feels good.  You got any other clients tonight?”
     “No.  You’re the last.”
     “Good.  I want to keep you a little while longer.”
     Like I said, you treat one right…. I need to call Prima and thank her.  Maybe she’ll let me give her some complimentary body work.

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About the Author

Inda Lauryn is constantly changing the soundtrack of her life.  Although she has been writing since her childhood, she only recently decided to pursue her first love as a professional endeavor.  She finally came to terms with the fact that her imagination was bigger than her ambitions so she needed to make them match.  A lifelong music and movie lover, she frequently cites her favorite artists and films in her work, drawing inspiration from them as well as exploring their effect on society.  She is currently working on a collection of multi-genre short stories, hoping to contribute to the ever-expanding representations of African-American women in literature.