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WARNING : Erotic contents


By Chris Lange

She would never reach the inlet. Spitting salted water, she opened her burning eyes just in time to register another huge wave crashing down on her. The world disappeared as she sank, engulfed in a liquid wall, pulled down to the bottom of the sea. She panicked. Self-control might have saved her life, but she was way past reasoning. She was drowning, and she knew it.

Leaving her friends napping on the secluded beach had been a real bad move. In her defense, she had needed a break from the scorching heat. The sea had looked so cool and inviting.  Her friends asleep, she had walked to the edge of the small beach, then climbed a rocky wall. On the other side, another deserted stretch of white sand had welcomed her. Not a footprint in sight, not a living soul around.

Feeling alone in the world, she had stripped and stepped in the clear, calm waters. Relishing the chilling sensation on her naked body, she had swum to the open sea. Making sure she had enough strength to get back to the coast, she had floated on her back, arms outstretched, eyes closed, enjoying the warm caress of the sun. Clouds were building up in the west, marring the blue sky, but with no wind to sustain them it was a splendid day. How wrong that assumption turned out to be!

Too late did she notice the rolling movement of the ocean. Too late did she perceive the tide pushing her away from the shore. Too late did she understand the size and force of the waves intent on strangling her. As soon as the realization of her dire situation hit home, she was on the move, swimming with all her might toward the nearest inlet she spotted. She was exhausted in mere minutes, still a good mile away from land, utterly panicked, and drowning because of her own stupidity. Tons of churning water above her, lungs about to burst, she kicked, making desperate efforts to save herself. But to no avail. The sea wouldn't release her easy prey.

She had heard about mirages, but she had always believed them to occur in deserts. Though as she was about to close her eyes for the final time, she caught sight of what she could only call an illusion. She saw the face and shape of a man swimming toward her, yet he was rocketing ahead way too fast to be a man. She was hallucinating. On second thoughts, she had to be hallucinating.

On the verge of fainting, she glimpsed the tail of a fish where the man's legs should have been. Then he grabbed her waist and pulled her up, quickly breaking the surface. She breathed with avidity, her lungs screaming from lack of oxygen, her throat painful from constriction. Coughing water out, she inhaled deeply for the second time, blissful air penetrating her, infusing her body with life. The feeling of dizziness retreated, leaving her alert, but drained of energy.  

Focusing on her rescuer, she looked at him, and gasped. He had the strangest face she had ever seen: a sea-green mass of hair spread over a very pale complexion and wide, slanted, sea-green eyes boring into hers. A mesmerizing emerald gaze she could not tear herself from. Before she had time to comprehend what was happening, he made a sliding movement. Then she was lying on his back, ridden to shore at breakneck speed.

Her arms around his chest, her face just rising above his shoulder, droplets of water biting her cheeks, she felt excited. The incredible speed was exhilarating, and the sensation of the powerful tail swinging up and down between her thighs was downright arousing. Holding on to the merman, she realized his strong chest was covered with fine scales, sleek and tantalizing to the touch.

His muscular limbs seemed to part the water, his head just above sea level, his tail swishing, rubbing her pelvis. At first, the regular movement of his tail had been exciting. When they neared the small inlet, she was so turned on she had trouble hanging on to him, overcome by the need to picture his triton limb kneading her.

A few yards from the beach, he suddenly grabbed her waist and pushed her forward, sending her straight ahead in a swift motion. Arms extended, floating on her belly, she landed on the wet sand, warm ripples dancing around her. Breathless from the fast ride, she lay on the soft sand, craning her neck to catch a last glimpse of him. Drifting on the crest of a wave, his green tail sticking out in a kind of goodbye gesture, he was watching her.

Her desire for this strange creature getting the better of her, she felt like running to him, and beg him to take her. But reality sank in. Although she hadn't been hallucinating, although he was real, he was not much more than a huge fish. A harsh feeling of loss washed over her, akin to the loss of a dear person. She tore her gaze away, resting her cheek on the golden sand.

She just lay on her belly, her breasts flattened, her back heated by the caress of the sun, her spirits down, her rapid breathing slowing down with each passing second. She had to think about getting back to her friends, but for the life of her, she couldn't move. Not yet. Not until her desire for the triton ran out.

Her heart lurched when two hands grabbed her buttocks. The skin was rough, instantly arousing her to the point of no return. She gasped as fingers stroked the inside of her thighs, and spread them a little. Then the tip of something brushed her. She tried to lift her head up but at once, a firm hand pinned her face to the sand. The controlling gesture set her blood pumping.

The merman penetrated her. She couldn't figure how his big tail had undergone such a drastic change, but she didn't care. All she cared about was the torrid sensation he was giving her, shoving his way into her, invading her body in a single, long push. Even as his hand left her face, she felt nailed to the sand, paralyzed by the intensity of her desire, stunned by the erotic power of the creature.

He was hard. So hard she thought a log was inside her. As it began moving, she couldn't suppress a moan, her mind reeling from the impelling sensation. His coarse hands on her tender skin, he lifted her hips up, easing his log in. She followed his motion, resting on her elbows, head down, buttocks raised.

In and out he went, pumping her till her nails drew blood from the palms of her hand, striking her till her shy cries turned into wild wails of pleasure, stuffing her till she trembled all over, devastated by his incredible fish limb. As her endless scream of ecstasy ripped the silence of the deserted inlet, he gave a final brutal shove, burying his log in her depths.

His hands quivered briefly on her hips before he withdrew, abandoning her on the golden sand. Without a word. Without a sound. A seagull squawked, a crab crawled back to its hiding hole, and the ocean swallowed up forever its magnificent sea-green creature.




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