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Cold Snap

Published by Conceding to Kismet
Copyright ©2009 by Inda Lauryn
All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Without limiting the right under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form by means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher.

          Autumn just suddenly came.  As soon as the sun went down, a cold wind chilled the air catching Janae off guard.  She contemplated catching the bus instead of taking the 25-minute walk home, but she knew it would be crowded with the afternoon commuters leaving work.  She hated taking the bus during peak hours.  The walk would warm her up a little and she could turn on the heat when she got home.


          She looked up from her reverie to see Rasheed.  He always smiled.  His tall lean frame led many to believe he must be a basketball player.  Many eager women had tried to snag him when they thought they were snaring a potentially wealthy athlete.  His professional aspirations would indeed have him well off but not as a multimillionaire, so the real gold-diggers never stayed.

          Janae and Rasheed became fast friends four years ago when they both entered the same fencing class at the local community college.  Now it was their custom to meet Thursday evenings for drinks.

          “Hey, Rasheed,” she said as he greeted her with a hug. “Class run late?”

          “No, I was running errands.  I’m on my way home.”

          “Yeah, me, too.”

          “Oh, where are my manners?  You’re freezing.”

          She began to protest as Rasheed took off his light jacket and placed it around her shoulders with enough chivalry to make King Arthur bow down.

          “Thanks.  I guess I got caught off guard.  You’d think I’d know better by now.”

          “Cold snap.  It was unexpected.  My car is around the block.”

          Janae was about to continue with polite conversation as she stuck her hands in the pocket.  She thought she felt a pair of gloves, but the fabric was much too silky.

          “What’s this?”

          Janae blushed as she pulled out a bright red pair of panties.

          “Nothing,” Rasheed answered.  “Give me those.”

          Janae yanked them back playing keep away as Rasheed reached for them.  She noticed some attention from a few passersby, so she placed the panties back into the pocket never once dropping her satisfied smile.

          “It’s not what you think,” Rasheed explained.

          “What do I think, Rasheed?”

          “If I had been seeing someone right now, you’d know about it.”

          “But you only broke up with Jill five weeks ago.  These could be hers.”

          “They’re not.”

          They reached his car.  Rasheed opened the passenger door and helped her into his car as his Southern breeding had taught him.  After Janae unlocked the driver’s side, she took the panties out of the pocket again, giving them the once over.  Rasheed cranked the car and let the engine warm for a moment.

          “They’re not Jill’s,” he finally said.

          “Oh,” Janae mused.  “They’re yours?  It’s okay if they are.”

          “Not exactly.”

          Janae peered at him silently asking the question.

          “I saw you at the mall last weekend.  You were in that lingerie store.  You smiled when you picked those up, but you didn’t buy them.  I’ve been thinking a lot about us lately even before I broke up with Jill.  Hell, that’s mainly why we broke up.  I planned to slip these to you somehow yesterday, but I didn’t get the chance.  They were in my bag when I left the house this morning and I transferred them to my jacket.  I had no idea I’d run into you just now.”

          Janae smiled and looked at the provocative invitation in her hand.  She never thought Rasheed felt that way about her.  He spoke again before she could finish gathering her thoughts.

          “It’s been four years, Janae.  How long are we going to dance around this?  You’re over Charles; I never really was into Jill.  I say we let this happen.”

          She saw in his eyes that he was serious.  Her smile slowly transformed into a compassionate stare.

          “Two things you should know.  One: I don’t wear red.  Two: never buy panties without a matching bra.” She snickered a bit.  “You even got the right size.”

          “The saleslady remembered you and knew which size.  She also said I needed to get the bra.  I thought she was only trying to make an extra sale.”

          “No.  She was being helpful.”

          “Mall’s still open.  And I wish you’d consider wearing the red.  I think it looks good against your skin.”

          “Then I say we better get to it.  It’s time I turned the heat on in my place anyway.”


© 2009 Conceding to Kismet, All Rights Reserved.


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