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Can't Fight this Feeling
by JM Stewart

Note from the author:

Hi there!

I wanted to give a little head’s up, for readers who might not like certain heat levels. I originally wrote this story as part of a flash fiction contest called The Last Author Standing. We were given prompts and challenged to write a small piece (romance, of course) between 800-1000 words. I’ve obviously expanded this story, but one of the requirements of these challenges was the heat level had to be at least a two. With one being sweet and four being erotic. This is a solid two. So there’s a fully described love scene contained in here.

That being said, I’m never vulgar or graphic. I write sensual, with a gear towards the emotional connection between my characters. This particular story is sweet, but spicy.



Standing in the doorway of her apartment, the television news blaring behind her, Elly held tight to the warm, male body against her. Matt’s thick arms held her so tight her feet dangled off the ground, and she was pretty sure she couldn’t breathe, but she couldn’t bring herself to give a damn. All she could think or breathe that he was here, solid, in the flesh.

She hadn’t expected him. He hadn’t told her he was coming. But she opened her apartment door to find him on the other side, leaning against her door frame like he could stand there all day and smiling at her.

“I got some leave time and they let me come home,” he said.

She’d been so excited to see him she threw herself at him. She hadn’t seen him in months. He’d been on ship for the last six months.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t home.” She whispered the words into his throat, unable to stop her voice from trembling.

Matt was a Marine. Every time he deployed overseas she was terrified he might not come back. For six months, she feared for his safety, wondering, hoping, and praying he’d come home safe. He was here, solid and in the flesh, safe. She could finally breathe again. If he left her right then, she might just shrivel up and die.

“I’m safe, El. I told you I would be. I always come home.” He pulled back, setting her feet on the floor. As he met her gaze, his somber and searching, he tucked her hair back behind her ears. “I missed you, too, El.”

Before she could blink, Matt cupped her face in his hands and covered her mouth with his. For a moment, Elly stood frozen. His soft lips moved against hers, a soft play of lips. The hot, heady wetness of his mouth had her tummy in a whirl. Her mind reeled. What on earth was he doing?
She’d known Mattie since they were kids. They’d grown up together. Went to school together. Had been joined at the hip since Kindergarten. Suddenly everything she knew about them slanted off sideways.

Matt’s mouth slanted over hers. His soft lips plied and tugged, his kiss growing hungry and possessive. His tongue thrust into her mouth, flicking against hers, and every thought of pushing him away fled as something else took hold of her. Something she hadn’t allowed herself to feel but could no longer deny. Suddenly she was noticing the man, not the friend. He’d been a Marine for over fifteen years now. Every inch of the man was solid muscle. She’d hugged him before. Hell, she’d seen him in his underwear.

Now the feel of all those muscles pressed against her set fire to her insides. His solid chest and broad shoulders. His lean, washboard abs. The unique male scent that was all Matt, so familiar yet its effect so different it made her head spin. Even the press of his thick thighs against hers did things to her insides she’d never felt before with him. He was hard as granite behind the zipper of his jeans, and his thick erection throbbed against her stomach. Heat pooled, liquid and molten, in her core. He lit her body on fire in a way no boyfriend ever had.

A quiet moan left her throat. Her body sagged into his. Her arms wound themselves tighter around his neck, drawing him somehow closer as she lifted onto her toes to deepen the contact.

As if sensing her surrender, his hands released her face, and his arms came around her body again, crushing her against him. He let out a quiet, relieved groan that sounded torn from his chest. His body trembled against hers, and for a moment, they clung to each other, as the kiss softened to something more tender, more achy and needy.

His mouth moved, his velvet lips trailing across her jaw and down her neck, sending goose bumps skittering across the surface of her skin. Her heart pounded. Her blood rushed in her ears. Her world felt as if it had tipped on its axis. It had never been this way with him. At least, that’s what she’d told herself.

But all she knew, all she could think or breathe, was how much she needed him right then, needed to be as close as possible. The feeling made her wonder when his feelings for her had changed. When hers had. Yet at the same time, it felt as if it had always been there, simmering beneath the surface. It scared the hell out of her, but she had no desire to deny it.

She pulled him inside, shoving the door closed behind her, and turned her head. Finding his mouth, she kissed him as hard as he’d kissed her, giving back what he gave her. Something shifted between them. The invisible band keeping them apart snapped. Hands flew everywhere, shoving clothing out of the way. He pushed her t-shirt up her chest and bent his head, his hot mouth latching onto a puckered, aching nipple.

Her hands moved to the button on his jeans. She yanked it open, taking the zipper with it, and reached inside to stroke him, velvet on steel. He groaned, pushing into her hand for a moment, before his hands moved to the waistband of her jeans. He undid the button, slid down the zipper, and she released him long enough to shove her pants down her hips.

As she kicked them away, his gaze caught hers. Something hot and tangible moved between them. A silent acknowledgement. He reached down and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his hips. Her back hit the wall behind her as his mouth crashed down on hers.

Their bodies surged together. She closed her eyes and held on tight, her fingers clutching him close. The sounds of their intense coupling echoed around the tiny hallway they stood in. Her soft moans and desperate pleas. His quiet curses. His whole body tensed, tightly strained, as he filled her, retreated and filled her again, pushing into her over and over. A fierce, desperate rhythm that sent her body careening toward the edge of oblivion then shoved her over it. Her nails curled into his shoulders as she shattered around him, aware only of him, of her name rolling off his tongue on a quiet groan as he shook against her.

He dropped his head into the curve of her neck, his breaths harsh and ragged and hot against her skin. She buried her face in his throat, inhaling his scent with every breath. How long they remained that way, she didn’t know. Long moments passed as they simply clung to each other in the aftermath of something more powerful than the ocean tides.

Matt was the first to move. He lifted his head, tenderness in his eyes that caught her in the chest as he peered at her. He looked every bit as leveled as she felt. Their exchange hadn’t been about sex. It had been…something phenomenal. A connection, of minds and souls, beyond the body. Never in a million years would she have thought she’d find that with him, the acknowledgment of which echoed back at her from his blue eyes.

He stroked her face with his fingers, soft and tender, and smiled. That familiar dimpled grin she could only admit now that made her stomach do somersaults and had been for years.

“I can’t do it anymore, El.” He whispered the words between them as he leaned his forehead against hers. “I can’t hold back anymore. It’s always been you. You’re the whole reason I come home. You’re what I come home to. What I’ll always come home for. I love you. I’ve always loved you.”

Tears streamed down her face, an unstoppable river as the truth flowed over her, through her. It was as if the knowledge had always been there, all along, waiting for her to see it. Or perhaps for him to open the floodgates.

She pressed her mouth to his, whispering against his lips. “I love you, Matt.”


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