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Looking for help at Coffee Time Romance?  We are always available for you to contact. We have a wonderful and talented staff who are available to answer any of your questions.


Can we help you by advertising your book or banner?  We have several options available to fit your plans and budget.  Please look at the advertising options!

Blog Coordinator

Want to schedule a day on our blog? Or an event? Looking for blogs for your blog tour? New to blogs but would still like to have an event? We can help!

eMail Bonnie

Book Brew

Want to participate in one of our monthly Book Brew events on our blog? Contact Gaye to get on the schedule!

Chat Coordinators

Want to schedule a Chat?  In order to help you promote your chat to the readers, we ask that you schedule your chat at least 30 days in advance.

We are booked for author groups (on Tuesdays) for the entire year. If you would like to schedule your group for another day in the week, contact Cassie!

Live Chats - Cassie | Forum Events - Regina | Mocha Milieu Events - Regina & Renee


We host and spotlight contests each month that are reservation only. This is a wonderful way to spread awareness of you and your books without doing a lot of work.  We will create a contest for you, keep track of the submissions, choose the winner, notify the winner, and send you the information.  All you have to do is go shopping for the prize you are giving away, sitback, and enjoy the extra hits to your site!

Charlotte, our Contest Coordinator, is always looking to book authors. 

Do you have a contest that you are participating in or hosting and would like a FREE place to promote it?   Let us know and we will put it up for our readers to see on our Contest Page


Interested in scheduling an interview with one of our wonderful interviewers? Contact our Destiny, our Interview Coordinator, to set a date!  Please note that we do get booked quickly. So expect some delays in scheduling.

Review Coordinator

Would you like to have your book reviewed by Coffee Time Romance? 

Please let our Review Coordinator help you get the honest review you are looking for.

Ebooks and Paperbacks: Please contact feel free to submit a request.  One of our Review Coordinators will get in touch with you.  This will help to expedite and track your review request.

Note to Authors: 

We rotate our reviewers and the books they receive.   This ensures honest reviews by making sure the same reviewer does not review the same author's books.  We also can NOT guarantee that you will receive a specific reviewer.

Coffee Time Romance has a strict policy about our reviewers contacting authors for book reviews.  This is not allowed.  If you have any issues or concerns about a situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We ask for your cooperation so that we may continue to bring honest book reviews to you.

Review Submission Guidelines and Regulations for Authors & Publishers


Do you like to read?  Do you have an opinion on the books you read?  Can you write a complete sentence or thought?  Have you thought about being a reviewer?  Would you like to join the Coffee Time family as a Reviewer or an Interviewer?  Contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities available to you.

Show it off Saturday

We have something new and fun for you! 

Saturdays, we will be hosting 2-3 authors per day on our Facebook page. You provide the information, we do all of the work! 

This is fun way to get your book and author news out to readers.

Stop by to set up your date here!


Have you seen our beautiful Steampunk area?

Want to set up a date on our blog? Have a book release that you do not see listed here?

Want to celebrate a new book release with our Revelry!? Contact Us!


Got a question you need answered and do not know who to ask?  Just Ask Us




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