You know i'm celebrating the release of Brush with Catastrophe, my new MM paranormal romance. And i'm delighted to tell you that i also have two more new releases before the end of the year!

On Nov 12, i'm releasing a big suprise. My first ever MF, non-erotic romance. It's a holiday story called, Be Bad for Goodness Sake and i hope you all enjoy it. Look for it on Amazon first.


Christopher “Kit” Merchant is a flaming — metrosexual. Though he’s great at his job in product marketing for a high tech firm, he loves fashion, grooming, design and planning parties. Sadly, he also loves the CEO of his company, Elizabeth “Bett” Harding, who is ten years older, ten times richer, and has a successful CEO as a boyfriend. When Bett asks Kitt to plan the big company holiday party at her house, he’s thrilled. Maybe she’ll come to see him as eligible. But when Bett’s boyfriend finds them together in bathrobes sipping wine, Kit discovers Bett thinks he’s gay. On top of that, the boyfriend is trying to take over Bett’s position as CEO “for her own good”. Santa Claus is going to have to work hard to make Kit’s wishes come true. Will Kit and Bett ever get the chance to be bad, for goodness sake?

Sound fun? 

Then on December 7th, Snow Balls comes out from Etopia Press. The fourth book in the Balls to the Wall 

Series, Snow Balls is a special story to me. 


Big and hunky, JJ LaRousse looks like an alpha male but acts like an interior decorator. Then a robbery at the Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with cop, Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes guys who are manly, so he tries to pass as macho. Ryan Star may be tough but he hides in the closet at work since he learned in New York that being a gay cop can cost your life. His attraction to JJ threatens his anonymity, but  JJ is just his type. But then JJ goes skiing and comes face to face with his greatest nemesis– and all the secrets come out of the closet. Can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More important, can JJ?

So that's my year! And right now i'm working on a new book for Valentine's Day! Hope this sounds good to you! 

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