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Hi I am Christa Paige and this is my first time at the Coffee Time Book Brew with the Coffee Crew. I’m here to talk about the heroic men in uniform that I write about. And, I am giving away a free download of my latest Kissin’ Cops release: Star Spangled Kiss to one lucky commenter.

 First up though, I wanted to talk about how I stumbled on writing my contemporary cop series and share a little bit about life as a cop wife.

 One day over dinner with non-cop friends, one of the ladies leaned close to me and asked me a breathy, excited question I was totally unprepared for. She asked me whether or not my cop husband ever used his handcuffs, on me, in a naughty way. Soon, this question became an inside joke between me and the other cop wives I hang out with. In romance land, the use of handcuffs happens many times over and while it is hot to read, the reality isn’t as fun.

Many years later, when my first Blood-Vine novel was about to be released, my husband and I went to dinner with guys from his unit. They were all promoting to sergeant and this was their celebratory meal. I polled the wives and asked them how many times they had been asked the “does your husband use his handcuffs on you” query and they all smiled knowingly, nodding their heads in amusement.


Curious, I asked the guys how many times they had used their handcuffs on their women. Every cop at the table recoiled. Their replies were interesting:

  First, Rhett said, “Oh my god, do you know how gross they are? I wouldn’t put those on my wife, ever. Not even my dog.”

 Matt chuckled and narrowed his eyes on me. “Yeah, sometimes they can be on five, six even ten bad guys in a night.”

 My own husband rolled his eyes and nudged me in the ribs with his elbow. His laughing stare said, “Told you so.”

 Derrick chimed in too, “I don’t even bring them home. If I do, they stay in my war-bag until I go back on my next shift.”

 Well, that said it all. Straight from the cops’ mouths.

 Honestly, how many of us readers have thought about handcuffs needing a good spray of Lysol and maybe a dip in hot bleach water?

 Right after that, one of the wives suggested I write a scene about a sexy cop and how he used handcuffs with his lover.

 So, now I wanted a handcuff scene in my book; a delicious, naughty exchange between the hero Gavin and his lover Cassidy. I had to get around the truth, somehow. Luckily, a few of the guys had some ideas.

Irish Kiss

 The option I went with worked out well for the scene. And, I made sure that the reader is aware there are no germs on them, they were never used on any bad guys and Gavin just happened to have them handy in his car.

 Sometimes life in a cop relationship doesn’t match the fiction in romance novels or even on television. I wanted my Kissin Cops to reflect the reality. At least, how we know it. One of the important aspects I wanted to show was the deep friendships that are made between these badge-brothers. They share life and death moments and forge bonds that run deep. On top of that, I thought it would be fun to ride to crime scenes with my cops, the way it actually happens in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Sharing some insightful things, like what is a deputy’s ‘daddy’, radio codes, interesting actions many people don’t even know happen- like what procedures are enacted during fireworks- and keeping the cop ambience through a romance were important things for me to show in my stories.

Being married to one of these heroes can be challenging. They have long hours and can be gone from home to go to work, court or forced overtime, instead of having banker hours. Mine just worked a double-shift on Christmas and New Years! The stress can be crazy tense. Paperwork, especially force-packages, takes concentration and even more of those hours in the day. But, the cops I know have huge hearts. They are passionate about life and friendship. Each of them would take a bullet for one another. The hardest decisions are made in a split-second and we know what it is like when a call goes bad. There is nothing more powerful to attend than a memorial for a fallen officer. In my second Kissin’ Cops book, I had a small scene that always makes my eyes burn as it pays homage to those at my husband’s station who had lost their lives during work. Anyone willing to take that risk deserves to be considered a hero.

 My very first experience of being a cop wife happened at a huge college football game. There was an altercation that occurred between some people in the stands and the guys we were with. In an instant, a wall of strong powerful male flesh formed in front of us women: a stance of protection. As I looked up and saw their shoulders tossed back, their spines straight and sheer power emanating from each of them, I was struck with how one moment a regular man could be laughing and playful and the next second, utterly filled with authority.

 I love sexy cops who have the moves, the wit and the no-how of being an officer of the law. Don’t you?

I’m looking forward to several Kissin Cop novels to be released in 2011. They are published by Liquid Silver Books. Before I go, I’d love to share a little excerpt of Star Spangled Kiss.

 He couldn’t remember the last time he forced himself to go slow, take each step so he could savor a woman’s response. Tyler was shocked that he even liked it, watching the desire and need grow within Sophie. The longer they fought the pull of their attraction, the hotter they burned.

 And he knew she was hot for him. The air conditioning blasted on high in here, yet a droplet of sweat beaded at her temple. He followed the drop with his fingertip as it trailed down her cheek. When it slid off her jaw, he reversed course and traveled along her chin first to one side and back again.

 “What is it you want, Tyler?” she whispered hoarsely.

 He cupped her chin in his grasp and pushed upward until she was positioned perfectly.

 “For now, your kiss,” he answered, and his words sounded raw with need.

 Sophie lifted up on her toes, angling her head to the side. “Like this?” She gave him a little peck on his cheek.

 Tyler shook his head. “No. Kiss me like a lover.”

 She pursed her lips and stared at his mouth.

 “Do it, sweetheart. I can’t wait much longer,” Tyler groaned. Her thumb swept over his bottom lip and his tongue darted out, swiping the pad there. She gasped at the moist contact.

 “Right here, Ty?” All he could do was nod his agreement.

  “That’s all you want from me?” she questioned him.

 “For now.” His body trembled with the exertion he used to keep himself from releasing the rampant beast under the surface. Tyler didn’t want to frighten her, but if she kept up with the teasing, he’d have no choice in the matter.

 “Okay,” she whispered so softly he almost didn’t hear it.

 When her mouth brushed across his, Tyler saw stars bursting behind his eyelids. God damn, the kiss had barely started and he was lost under its captivating spell.

  Her tongue delved into his mouth, slid over his teeth and tentatively brushed his own. She retreated and he followed, slipping over the edges of her top teeth and exploring the tender skin along the roof of her mouth.

 A whimper broke the silence and spurred Tyler on. He lifted her up into his embrace, needing her body fully against his. Pulling his head away, he held her still and said, “Give me a little more.”

 She laced her arms around his neck, closed the distance and set her mouth against his. “Show me what you need.”


 If you’d like to check out other excerpts of the Kissin Cops series, check out their page on my website: Star Spangled Kiss and Irish Kiss.

 Thanks for hanging out with me today.

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