1. Firemen are used to working long shifts, so you know they can last all 12 Days of Christmas.

2. If your Christmas tree catches fire or your Christmas lights short out, who else are you going to call?

3.  Firemen know how to deal with malfunctioning chimneys. Good to know in case Santa gets stuck.

4.  Fire engines are red. Red is one of the colors of Christmas. Coincidence? Who knows?

5. You'll have more fun unwrapping a fireman than any other gift.

6.  Firemen are used to cooking for big groups; why not invite a firefighter over to help with Christmas dinner?

7. You never know when a fireman will head off with a fire axe and come back with a Christmas tree.

8.  Sexiest Stocking Stuffers Ever.

9. Whether it’s a fireman’s pole or the North Pole, it’s always fun to say “pole” as much as possible.

10. Doesn’t Santa wear suspenders and boots too? Yep, thought so.

11 .Christmas is the one time of year firemen can rock a beard – even if it is white and fake.

12  I wouldn’t kick a fireman out of my mistletoe, would you? 

13.  If you still have doubts, stop by your local firehouse with some Christmas cheer this year (cookies or a simple thank you.) You won’t regret it.


Jennifer Bernard's most recent release is the Bachelor Fireman novella, ONE FINE FIREMAN.

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