Hi everyone! As you know, I’m celebrating the release of Brush with Catastrophe, a paranormal, contemporary, gay romance about witches! In the book, my hero, Sammy Raphael, is a young college student who is a talented painter. And his painting also represents his main supernatural talent. He’s a prophetic painter. He paints things that are certain to come true. Sadly, he doesn’t think of his talent as very cool because most of what he paints turns out to be inconsequential. Until he paints this gorgeous guy… ah, but then you’ll have to read the story!

I love art and I love to paint. I only discovered a few years ago that I had

 some talent for it, but sadly there aren’t enough hours in the day to be a good writer and a good painter. Since I started painting so late I knew I could never really excel at it. Writing, on the other hand, has been my life. So I chose writing, but I still get some of my desire to create visual art out in mixed media collage. And in writing the occasional painter as a hero.

Artists make great heroes I think. By nature, they‘re intuitive and in touch with their instinctive and emotional sides. These make for interesting characters. I created a very popular artist hero in Fire Balls. The hero, Rodney Mansfield, paints nude 

portraits of men which make’s for lots of fun interactions in his studio. My hero in Brush with Catastrophe takes the intuitive process of painting to a whole new level which I hope you’ll find both fun and challenging as an idea. In this book, I give reality to the concept that art can change the world!

Do you have favorite art? What about favorite heroes who are artists?  


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