Mah Jongg is essential to my life. That might seem like an overstatement about a game, but it’s not playing the game that is essential, it’s the women I play the game with.

Every Sunday night some combination of the 10 of us get together in one of our homes, we chat, we snack, we play Mahj. Most nights we just catch up on kids, jobs, vacation, home renovations (see previous post) But on occasion, we do much more. Through deaths, illnesses, family crises, we are there with phone calls, meals, errands, words of support.

My family exists solely because the women I have played Mah Jongg with over the years have been there to support me.

And if we take a few days away from our families to go to Atlantic City for a Mahj tournament, it is more than just fun and games. Ok the tournaments are really just fun and games. Lots of games and even more fun.