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POSTED BY GENIE GABRIEL The rest of their drive up the narrow, twisting mountain road passed mostly in silence. Rissa thought about her aunt, while Ian scanned the mountains with the binoculars. "Do you see anything that could be a hide-out?"...

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POSTED BY GENIE GABRIEL "Come on, you bucket of bolts, just another couple miles." Ian MacGregor was determined he could motivate the sputtering 1972 Pinto station wagon through sheer iron will as he did raw army recruits. In spite of his command,...

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Bedazzled by Madison Michael #Bedazzled #BeguilingBachelor

Once she knew his name, Keeli devoured every bit of information she could find about Wyatt. She knew she was standing just inches from one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors. Wyatt Lyons Howe was American blueblood, old money, European tours, private clubs and the best schools. Heir to the massive LHRE empire, he oozed success from every pore. He moved like he owned the world, or at least a sizable chunk of it. Here she was, basking in the warmth of the sun that was Wyatt. Keeli knew if she just inched back she could be touching him. After all, she lusted after him, fantasized about him endlessly, dreaming with him, marrying him, growing old with him. He was everything she was looking for in her perfect man – intelligence, sophistication, a commanding air, sex appeal and those staggering good looks. Oh yeah, and he had that power thing going too. He radiated power. It was such a turn on. As she caught a hint of his clean, outdoorsy scent, Keeli pictured him behind her; his gorgeous face, that end-of-day shadowed jaw, the slight tan he sported even during a Chicago winter. Wyatt dominated her dreams, waking and sleeping. She had fallen in love with him the first time she heard him laugh a hearty, full-bodied sound that gave her a sense that he knew how to enjoy life. He was her dream man. He was her “complete package”. So what if we have never exchanged two words? Details, details. At that very moment, she envisioned him reaching out from behind her, slipping his arms around her and pulling her up against him. She could imagine the rough feel of his wool trousers, scratchy against her thighs, followed by the softer feel of his fingers sliding up her legs. She felt goose bumps rise on her skin as she fantasized about his lips caressing her neck moving from there to her cheekbone as he spun her around so she was pressed against him, his mouth, descending to claim hers in a kiss. She pictured herself dizzy with desire, all feminine softness clasped against the hard power of his thighs, the length of his erection….Oh my god, she was getting damp just standing near him, letting her imagination run wild. Keeli’s heart thumped above the workings of the old elevator, so loud she wondered if Wyatt could hear it too. Was he looking at her with those piercing blue eyes? Was he flashing her his perfect smile, clear evidence of great genes or years of orthodontia? She wanted to turn around and get one last look at this beautiful man to store in her memory but she was so aroused she feared he would notice. Standing in front of him now, Keeli’s head just reached his shoulder despite her own above average height. Her body itched to sway back the scant distance necessary to close the gap between them. She imagined resting her head upon his broad chest, feeling the softness of his fine shirt, leaning her rounded contours against the hard planes of his chest. I will have to wear heels when we date. As if I would ever have an opportunity to stand beside him in any circumstance other than this one. Who am I kidding? Damn, did I think the elevator was slow? This ride is going way too fast. They had quickly dropped from the upper levels of the building and the doors opened on the fourth floor. Two more people stepped into the already crowded space and automatically, Keeli backed up to accommodate them. And it happened. In a split second, without thinking or planning, Keeli backed into Wyatt, her hand resting solidly against the front of his pants. Thank heavens he couldn’t see her face now, flaming every shade of red. He didn’t move at first, shocked perhaps, and then his large hand swiftly nudged hers away. Had she felt an erection? Wanting to die of mortification, Keeli feigned ignorance and Wyatt chose to do the same. It was one thing to imagine it, but to do it, even by mistake. She wanted to crawl in a hole and die. In moments, they were at lobby level. The doors opened, the bell jingled, and Keeli felt the unmistakable feel of his hand on the small of her back, warm, strong and certain. It was solidly placed and it was electric. The sensuous touch heating her skin through her light dress caused Keeli’s whole body to vibrate. Before she even registered the contact in her brain, her senses alerted her to the silky feel of his hand snaking its way over the curve of her hip in an unfaltering caress. The contact was swift but significant. He had her round derriere in the firm grasp of his large palm. He never looked her way, although Keeli would swear he had just quite intentionally grabbed her ass. Am I wrong? Is this an accident? Could he really have been unaware? The elevator was emptying as she stepped out, still feeling the erotic heat of his breath on her neck, and his hand moving on her behind. Flustered, she remained mute. He too said nothing, cool and composed as he stepped from the car. Then he was gone, moving from the elevator through the crowd with that long, easy stride, unaware of the overwhelming desire coursing through her. He must have done it on purpose, right? He must find me desirable. Hang on, Keeli; maybe he thinks you’re a piece of meat. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? Dammit, am I supposed to be excited or offended? What a turn-on. I am an idiot; I just let a total stranger grope me. Of course, I did grope him first… Her heart pounding, her skin tingling, Keeli was hot all over from the combination of her fantasy and the very real feel of his large hand on her ass. She basked in the sensations overwhelming her body, relived the moment until the fog lifted from her brain and allowed it to reengage. She regained her composure, shoved her arms through her coat and checked to make sure it was closed. She secured her box under her arm and headed with the crowd toward the revolving doors. Rain was falling, cold and unrelenting. Keeli pulled her inadequate coat closer and stepped away from the protection of the building. She felt the warmth of her desire and her chances of seeing Wyatt ever again slip away as if running down the nearest storm drain, replaced by the chilly rain. She walked the short block to the “L” station getting drenched. With each step, the warmth of the unbelievable encounter disappeared to be replaced by the sad reality of cold, wet, and broke. read more

I’m Tinthia Clemant…

... and I'm glad to be here. Make yourself a cup of coffee, the mandatory drink of Coffee Time Romance and Reviews, (if you drink tea, you're welcome too) and pull up a chair for a cozy chat. I'll start the conversation by telling you a little bit about myself....

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My Favorite Places   Since I’m about to make my annual trek from the snow country to my house at the beach, I thought it might be fun to talk about some of my favorite places. Personally, I hate hot weather.  Among my personal favorites are the ski slopes of...

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For The Love of Romance

I love romance! More, I love writing romance and sharing stories with readers who love it like I do. Even after 40 books, it’s always exciting to bring a new book into the world and hoping readers are interested enough to want to spend time with the story, and more...

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Stormy by Tina Gayle #99cent #ContemporaryRomance

Excerpt: “Daniel, if you’re in the bathroom come out this minute.” The entrance opened, and he stood in the doorway. Problem, he wore only a towel. Awe, shit...she didn’t need to see his bare chest covered in crisp dark hair, the sculptured muscles of his arms and shoulders, developed pecs, and thick thighs. Damn, how was she supposed to resist such temptation? Desire added with the anxiety she’d already experienced on her drive here, lit her anger. “Why the hell didn’t you answer your phone? I’ve been calling and texting you for the last two hours.” A confused frown passed over his handsome face. Instead of responding, he stepped to the bedside table. He lifted his cell phone and clicked a few buttons. Unable to contain her impatience, Karen stalked forward. He glanced up when she grew closer and showed her the phone. “I don’t understand it. I don’t show receiving any messages or calls. The signals must have gotten lost because of the storm.” She’d suspected as much. Still, she refused to let him off the hook because he could’ve contacted her before he left town. “You should’ve called me. But no...” Having endured his inability to communicate for months now, she stabbed her finger through the air at him. “You never call. You always expect me to phone you. Well, I’ve had it.” The distance closed between them and she stood inches from him. Her fingertip tapped his chest. Static electricity sparked between them and her fist unfolded. She stumbled backward. “Whoa.” Daniel caught her around the waist with one hand and held her close. His phone landed on the bed before he circled his other arm around her. His strong grip held her steady and didn’t allow her to step away. “You’re right. I guess I’m just use to...” “Don’t say it. I’ve heard it too many times. Sharon might have resented the interruptions but I’m not her. I’m never in any type of meeting that you could possibly disrupt.” Karen spread her hands over his chest and worked to maintain a smidgen of distance. Nevertheless with him so near, his warmth surrounding her in a seductive cocoon, she had to fight the urge to melt against him. “Yes, but if I called you whenever I wanted we’d never get off the phone.” The husky tone of his voice pulled her gaze upward. read more

Mystic Love in your New Year?

    Ericka Gilmore dabbles in life and death when she tries to conjure a ghost lover. But when flesh and blood, Joe Reeves appears on her doorstep in the midst of a storm, she has to rethink her destiny.

A car accident left the former cop with the ability...

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