Everything I've Dreamed of by Norah Bennett
Palace of Scoundrels by Nicola M. Cameron
R.I.L.Y. Forever by Norah Bennett
Until Love Finds You by Pamela Aares
The Dick Defender by James Cox
A Mortal Indiscretion by Barbara E Ross

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M/M BDSM with a local flavor

My M/M BDSM novel “Tenderly Wicked” is as much about my home city, Moscow, as it is about BDSM, misunderstandings and screw-ups, and two lonely men getting to know each other, despite the secrets they try to hide. I like traveling, in Russia and abroad, and writing...

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The Fine Art of BDSM

My first book in English, “Tenderly Wicked”, is about Max, an American expat in Moscow. He has always been interested in the wicked ways of BDSM, but his unusual tastes haven’t always been well received. Now he has Vadim, an eager Russian sub willing to fulfill his...

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The Sons of Gomorrah

Hi everyone! I’m Katerina Ross. To celebrate the release of the first book in my paranormal M/M series “The Sons of Gomorrah”, the lovely people at Coffee Time Romance offered me this blog for the entire day 🙂 Let me introduce myself. I live in Russia and work as a...

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Drakon’s Plunder, the third book in the Blood of the Drakon series, is now available. These reclusive and dangerous shapeshifters will win your heart.     Drakon’s Plunder Blood of the Drakon, Book 3   Life is not going well for archaeologist Sam...

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Coming soon!

Pre-order available now! The Sentinels comes out on 8/1 and has already made the Smashwords Hotlist for indie romance bestsellers and pre-orders in Happy Ever After! Excerpt - I heard the distant sound of what I thought was thunder, until it grew closer and I realized...

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The Heart of a Hero

Thanks for stopping by today!  I'm Alanna Lucas and I write Regency-set romance. I am ecstatic to share my latest release with you, which is part of The Heart of a Hero series. What if your favorite superheroes had Regency-era doppelgängers? And what if a group of...

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Their Pretend Amish Courtship

Short Interview with Patricia Davids What was your favorite part about writing Their Pretend Amish Courtship? My favorite part of writing Their Pretend Amish Courtship was coming up with the dialogue between Fannie and Noah when they were sniping at each other. I’d...

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In the Cowboy’s Arms

IN THE COWBOY’S ARMS by Vicki Lewis Thompson What is your favorite part about writing In the Cowboy’s Arms? Hollywood newcomer Matt Forrest is falsely accused of behaving dishonorably. I loved writing the scenes where his foster family stands behind him because they...

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Cover Reveal and Excerpt

As the president of the Sentinels MC Tanner his hands full. It's Daytona Beach Bike Week and Daytona is his town. Then trouble by the name of Ruby rolls in, pretty, sassy, and with enough curves to tempt a saint. Well, Tanner isn’t a saint, and she’s his kind of gal,...

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