For better or worse, tried-and-true tropes are often the first thing people think of when discussing the romance genre. In my humble opinion, tropes can get a bad name (especially from non-romance readers) because people assume they make the books cliché or too similar to each other. But like the trusty ‘happily ever after’ we romance fans love, tropes are something that help bring to life the promise of the story. There are so many great books out there and most of us have to be choosy with our reading time. Knowing a romance trope going into the story sets up expectations and anticipation in the most delicious way!

I think most romance readers have their favorite tropes, and I’m no exception. Some of the ones that make a book a one-click buy for me are:

  1. Friends to Lovers and Enemies to Lovers – I love these two tropes almost equally – enemies because of the built in tension and the opportunity for snappy dialogue and friends because I think everyone can relate to unrequited love or having a friend you wanted to be more.
  2. Relationships of Convenience – There’s so much for two people to discover in these stories and it’s so much fun to go along as a reader.
  3. Stuck Together – Is there anything hotter than two people snowed in at a cabin in the woods? Well, unless you’re talking about The Shining.
  4. Second Chance – This might be my all-time favorite. Name one person who hasn’t made a mistake in love. Nope. Can’t do it. So it’s very relatable and gratifying to watch two people get another chance.

In fact, my new release is a second-chance story (it’s a trope I revisit on a regular basis).

Here’s a bit about the story: Jenny Castelli is a single mom, raising her son, trying to get a new business off the ground and caring for her own mother. The last thing she needs is a run-in with the one-time mean girls from her high school, who still seem to be able to push all of her buttons, especially when they make snide comments about her son and her high school boyfriend, who dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. Jenny goes on the defensive, claiming she’s got the perfect life, including the perfect fiancé in rich tech entrepreneur Owen Dalton. Now all she needs to do is convince Owen of that.

Owen had his heart broken by Jenny once before but can’t seem to say no to her when she needs him. But this time around there’s something Owen wants in return. Both Jenny and Owen have to risk their hearts to find happiness in this second chance romance.

What’s your favorite trope in a romance novel? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!