Dear Annabelle:

I did something stupid and the lady I loved refused to hear my apology. She even returned my letters unread. What can I do to change her mind?

Yours, etc.,

Max Quinton from The Second Seduction of a Lady


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Dear Mr. Quinton,

Rest assured you are not the first gentleman who has lost the love of a lady because of some idiotic behavior! If the romantic novels I’m fond of are any indication, this occurs with a distressing regularity.

Thus, this author suggests more men read romance novels!

In my own quest to win the affection of a certain gentleman who I’m have loved silently from afar for years, I have followed the advice of my dear readers and they suggested I embark on a Grand Gesture, which would be impossible to ignore.  I found myself considering climbing a tree into his bedroom at midnight or running down Fleet Street in my unmentionables whilst shouting my love.  If those prospects make you faint of heart, there is something to be said for taking every opportunity to display one’s steadfast love and devotion. In time, that is impossible to ignore.

Of course, both methods are also best combined with seduction. Always seduction.



Annabelle from Seducing Mr. Knightly

Reprinted with permission from The London Weekly


Dear readers! What are some of  your favorite grand romantic gestures—either from books, movies or real life?

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