Coffee Time Romance – you mean there’s a time of day that isn’t right for coffee – or indeed romance? In my world, any time’s the right time for both – and better still if you can have them at the same time!

I used to be a Journalist, now I’m a freelance writer which covers a multitude of different projects, assignments and tasks. My day could generally be described as ‘running very fast just to stay still’ but that’s not a complaint. I love the variety of my work and the flexibility of freelance hours. If I want to write at 3am, that’s fine – and coffee’s definitely a great companion when I am working in the wee small hours.

As to the romance side of things – well that plays a big part in my life, both reading and writing. I was lucky enough to have nine books published by Harlequin Mills and Boon under my pen-name of Rachel Elliot. Now I’m flying solo in the self-published world and using my own name – Gilly Fraser. So far I’ve brought out two collections of short stories – the first is called Forbidden Love and it’s a little on the spicy side – just enough to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night! It’s available for download through Amazon and Smashwords.

My second book is called The Best Afternoon Ever and it’s much lighter in tone, though still very romantic. It could safely be given to your Grandmother – or indeed grand-daughter. It will be uploaded to Amazon shortly – just as soon as I can stop running long enough to stand still!

I’m currently working on a new full-length novel called Dark Tide – which tells the tale of a woman slowly coming to understand herself – with the help of a very special horse – and a pretty special man.

Thank you very much indeed to Coffee Time Romance for inviting me over – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit!