Ask any actor. You never want to have to appear with kids or animals. They'll steal the movie or play from you. For romance writer–the opposite is true. Putting kids and animals into books can be wildly sucessful if you handle it well and don't get too syrupy. Some of your favorite books show the way — Lynn Lorenz's wonderful book, Edward Unconditionally has a great bullgog. Bear Otter and the Kid by T J Klune features a wildly popular child as the title suggests.

I've had some experience with both kids and animals lately. In my short story, Trex or Treat, that appears in Halloween Heat IV there are two kids. After all, you can't do Halloween without them! Both of my lovers have responsibility for a child–one as a single dad and one for his younger half-brother. Theri lives revolve around those kids who have some great moments in the book. One reader reviewer commented that the kids in the book were well handled and that's one reason why he loved the book.

My new release, Brush with Catastrophe, is the sequel to Spell Cat and the second of the Aloysius Tales. Aloysius is a witch's familiar who appears as a black cat. Aloysius is unquestionably the most popular character in the books even though he never has a line except "Merwaooowr". So many reviewers gave the book an extra star or half star especially for Aloysius. And this is a god thing because the third book in the series will feature the blck cat even more centrally.

Yes, kids and cats have been good to me lately. Hope you enjoy them too. 

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