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A Writer’s Inspiration

Where do ideas for books come from? The writer, James Clavell, said he happened across a short article in a newspaper about an American man who became a shogun in Japan. From that small tidbit came his fascinating book Shogun. Personal experience is another popular source to mine. How often have authors been advised to “write what you know?” I’m guessing that reference is to personal experience,... read more

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Favorite Alpha Traits

What is an Alpha? Does he look a certain way? Act a certain way? Or is Alpha a state of mind? I asked a group of authors and readers what traits they love most about their favorite alpha males. The following list is the result of that exercise. If you don’t see your favorite trait on this list take a moment to share it with us in a comment. Inquiring minds want to know! 1. Sam Cheever: I love a good... read more

Love and VD – Thursday 13 with Madeline Pryce

Paranormal erotic romance author Madeline Pryce here to talk about love and VD, two words that are–depending on your definition of VD–synonymous. I say, better safe than sorry. Anything with the initials VD deserves a bit of research before indulging. Here are thirteen interesting things I learned about VD (Valentine’s Day):  1 – Lupercalia (one of the origins of Valentine’s... read more

Thursday 13 with Lisa Carlisle

Hi, I’m Lisa Carlisle and here to share my 13 songs that have made it into my paranormal romance series Underground Encounters. The series itself revolves around characters meeting in an underground club so music is always in the background. I often listen to music as I write and often replay the same song over when it taps into a character–which drives my husband crazy if he’s around.... read more

Thursday Thirteen with Lisa Casian

  Today I want to share 13 fictional characters I find to be amazing and why. Jack Sparrow– PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Really? Do I really need to say more? I  just can’t figure him out. Is he good? Bad? Where are his loyalties? I love that he keeps me guessing. Samwise Gamgee – LORD OF THE RINGS. I just love the underdog, the shadow characters who never take credit for what they... read more

Thursday Thirteen: 13 (Interracial) Romance Must-Reads + Giveaway

  When I saw these words written on a professional review site: “Many multi-cultural books are cliché and use a lot of slang and stereotypical behavior to make up for the lack of plot.” I knew I had to right this horrible misconception. My first thought? Write a blog response. But instead of a long-winded post about why romance novels with multicultural/interracial couples are NOT clichés... read more

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ways To Read A Book  Oh yeah, thirteen ways. There are many more, but let’s not be greedy. Starting with my least favorite: Reading in the bathtub. Why isn’t it a favorite? The water gets cold, my big toe gets hung in the faucet trying to turn the hot water on, and my book or ereader gets wet. However, you might want to read my first book in a series of three: Death Crosses The Finish Line... read more

Write what you know by Barbara Edwards

I’m a multi-published author and I didn’t understand what this meant when I started writing. I considered it a way of limiting where my creative flow would take me. To my way of thinking, research wasn’t the same a knowing from life, although I did a ton of research on my historical romances. Annie’s Heart takes place in post-Civil War Kansas while Another Love is set in New England in... read more

ABOUT FILTERS by Rayne E. Golay, author of THE WOODEN CHAIR

                                                    After I signed the contract for the publication of my award winning novel THE WOODEN CHAIR with Untreed Reads Publishing, eventually I got to work on the proofs. As I edited my way through the manuscript, I was horrified that I’d used the filter word “feel” and its different tenses over and over. I made a search for... read more

Thursday Thirteen with Tory Richards

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Thursday Thirteen! I’ve recently joined the list here at Coffee Time, yes there are others. The list of participating authors is below. Maybe you’d like to join?  My list for this week includes thirteen sexy leading men, according to me:) Thirteen Sexy Leading Men Cary Grant George Clooney Chris Hemsworth Victor Mature Henry Cavill Johnny Depp Shemar... read more

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