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Fiction vs Nonfiction

Thank you CTR for allowing me this opportunity to share a few thoughts with readers about myself and my debut romance title, REUNION OF SOULS. It is true that I have been writing primarily nonfiction over the last ten years. When I first began writing, however, it was exclusively genre fiction, which requires a unique skill set. Nonfiction involves much more expository writing, and you have to be clear and... read more

Café Mocha by Vivienne Diane Neal

  Café Mocha is the author’s first and only erotic romance short story, centering on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. Cinnamon Jones is a divorcée, who has decided to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. No more will she settle for someone who does not measure up to her high standards, which she did when she first met her husband,... read more

A Taylor-Made Life by Kary Rader

My newest release, A Taylor-Made Life, takes readers on a journey of love, loss, and renewed hope. In the end, the characters learn a valuable lesson, one we could all benefit from—No one is promised tomorrow. Live today. Five years ago while I was pregnant with my youngest child, my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. Thank God, he’s now cancer free, but last year when a... read more

Can a woman be in love with several men?

I often wonder, for young girls in Regency time,  how they learned about the way between a man and a woman. In my latest novel, The Spinster's Vow: A Spicy Retelling of Mrs. Darcy's Journey to Love, Elizabeth Bennet was forced to marry Mr. Darcy  and they did not consummate their marriage at first and she found herself wondering about this question. Below is an excerpt from the... read more

The Sperms Stealer

Thank you, lovely readers and Bonnie at Coffee Time Romance Blog. I’m a tea drinker so I hope you won’t mind me bringing my own Fair Trade tea here. Today is the last stop of my Every Savage Can Reproduce book tour. I expect to put up my feet and get some good rest afterwards. Every Savage Can Reproduce is a Pride and Prejudice-inspired science fiction. Unofficially I called it The Sperms Stealer... read more

Forbidden Passion – Available now at New Concepts Publishing

When her husband is killed in the car accident, Sophie McGraw finds herself all alone and desperate.  The one person who reaches out to help her by offering her both a job and a place to live is her husband’s best friend Erik Sebastian.  Even as Erik tries to convince himself that his only interest in the widow of his best friend Kevin is one of loyalty, that she is strictly ‘off limits’, he knows... read more

The Prodigal’s Redemption – coming July 5th to Champagne Books

What if you didn’t have tomorrow?  What if you were forced to say goodbye to everything important in your life?  And what if you were given a second chance at happiness?  Would you take it?             When Chloe Strickland and her husband Kyle are caught up in the sudden snowstorm, on a deserted mountain road, neither have any idea how quickly their lives are about to change.  Kyle loses... read more

What makes a good contemporary romance?

Good question, huh? Is it the perfect hero and heroine? Just the right chemistry between them? A great setting?  Or outside circumstances that threaten to tear their love apart? Well, of course it’s all those things. It’s what I like to call a rollercoaster ride of emotion that leaves you emotionally fulfilled but wanting more.  Thosee are the books that you keep reading over and over... read more

Contest time!!!

Okay, you’ve heard all about my romantic suspense novels. Now it’s time to give one of them away. One lucky reader will receive an ebook copy of any of these listed novels. To enter, send me an email to:,  and I’ll select the winner and announce them tomorrow morning. Good luck!   All the best…   Mary Eason maryeasonMore Posts read more

Longboat Key (Working Title) Coming soon to The Wild Rose Press

    Doctor Jordan Scott thought she knew her fiancé, Caesar Santiago better than anyone, until the day she learned the truth about her brother’s death. At first, Jeremy’s murder had all the markings of a random act of violence. And then Detective Riley Donavan confronts Jordan at the hospital with an incredible story about her Caesar.    Even though Caesar and Jordan’s relationship has been... read more

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