It has been a lot of fun getting to know you all at Coffee Time Romance.

I want to share a few last things about my writing and what I’m working on. I am a painfully slow writer and an even slower editor/reviser. I can’t plot a book at the beginning. I have some vague idea of what will happen. Mostly, I have a clear idea of who these characters are. I just let them play on the page. I end up deleting many many wonderfully written pages that are absolutely useless.

A good story has terrible conflict. You can’t be afraid to put your characters through hell. They should be at the place where everything is hopeless. It’s really hard to go there. None of us want to think about being hopeless. But that’s the desperation the characters need to feel. Otherwise, the story isn’t compelling.

For my work in progress, I have two violinists going head to head, and falling in love. Along the way they will overcome Tourette’s Syndrome, dyslexia, pushy mothers, a pushier ex-boyfriend, and their own preconceived notions of success.

I hope you sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss the release. I’m not organized to send out many newsletters, so don’t worry about it clogging your inbox. And anyone who signs up and messages me through my website will receive my novella GROUNDED for free.

Thanks for having me here.

Wishing you all a Happy Ever After