I haven’t written a series in several years, so I’m delighted to announce that my new FOREVER series is coming on July 15th.  The first three books will be released together on that day.

I tell the story of the three Henley sisters:  Abigail, Catherine, and Sarah.  Their father was Earl of Middlebury, but he died in an accident, and after distant relatives inherited, they were set adrift to make their own way in the world.  Abigail is a governess, and Catherine and Sarah work as lady’s companions.  In Book 1, FOREVER YOURS, Abigail stumbles on an old family secret that will rock the Henley world forever.

The books contain all the signature features of my writing:  fast-paced action, pithy dialogue, drama, heartbreak, and page-turning romance.  And of course I have plenty of wicked villains—just to keep things interesting.

These three FOREVER novels are the 45th, 46th, and 47th novels I’ve published.  I’m pushing my 50th book!  It makes my head spin just to think about it, but my writing is better than ever, and my books get more fun to read every year.  I hope you’ll have the chance to lounge away the days on your July vacation with a dose of romance—from me!  Happy reading

Forever Yours
Forever Mine
Forever After

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