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August is here and it is time to squeeze in everything that you have not done yet for your summer!

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Changing Spots
Beau and Anna Southall have had a weekly tradition since they began dating—Fantasy Friday. No fantasy is off limits, no sexual request is taboo. When Beau tells Anna he has always wanted to be picked up by a man, she needs to look no further than her book club to find the perfect candidate for him and arranges the date.
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Meet The Tule Group


Theresa Scott

Life on the Western Frontier in 1866 is dangerous when you're a beautiful woman...

Alone and pregnant, Amberson Hawley believes the man she loves died in the War. When a wealthy man begs for her hand, she accepts, not knowing his true character.

Justin Harbinger fulfills his vow to return to the woman he loves. But when he finds her married and with a baby in her arms, he wants nothing to do with her or her disloyal ways.

Running from a faithless marriage, can Amberson find true love with Justin again, or will he leave her to fight the harsh ways of the wild west alone? 

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Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here.

Here are our guest bloggers for the month:

  • 6 - Revelry! Gear Heart by Hollis Shiloh
  • 12 - Revelry! Valves & Vixens
  • 13 - Revelry! Prudence and the Professor by Sibelle Stone
  • 15 - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe'
  • 20 - Revelry! Bontrix by James Agee
  • 23 - Revelry! A Dark Heart by Margaret Foxe


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  • Heather Lin
  • Kelli Wilkins


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Contests Click here

August is a hot month in summer, and these contests are no exception! We have six authors hosting contests this month, and you could win a ton of prizes this month from Ju Ephraime, Parker Kincade, Julie Lence, J.P. Grider, Molly Ann Wishlade, and JB Brooks. 

July was a wonderful month for contests - we had some fabulous prizes! Here are the winners:

  • Heather won a print copy of Together in Cyn, Jennifer's new release!
  • Jayme won a digital copy of the first three Texas Nights Series books and an ARC copy of the fourth book from Kelsey!
  • Mary won an autographed paperback copy of Denim & Diamonds and Sherry won a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Lori!

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Be sure to sign up for the contests this month and your name could be listed here in our next newsletter!


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We now have all of our chat events listed in one place (besides the calendar). Check it out here.

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  • 5 - Boroughs Publishing Group Author Chat
  • 12 - Big Sister/Brother Event - Gypsy Shadow Publishing Big Sister
  • 19 - No Chat
  • 21- Lorie O'Claire and Laurie Fitzgerald
  • 26 - No Chat

Chatters Group (Yahoo) Click here

  • 14 - Champagne Books and Burst Chat all day on the Chatters E-loop

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  • 8 - Fun Friday with Astraea Press from 8pm-10pm EST in the FB Mocha Milieu Event Room
  • 28 - Beyond Fairytales Chat from 7pm-10pm EST in the FB Mocha Milieu Event Room
  • 30 - HeartFelt Promos End of Summer Chat all day in the FB Mocha Milieu Event Room


Featured Authors, click here

  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Karen Cote'
  • Cheryl Gorman
  • Cassiel Knight
  • Gail Koger
  • NEW Jennifer Kacey
  • Lizzie T. Leaf
  • Virginia Nelson
  • Charity Parkerson
  • Helen R Rosburg



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Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Did you see last month's winners:



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Mary Campisi

Real Families aren’t always the ones you know about...

When a woman’s larger-than-life father is killed on an icy road a hundred miles from the ‘getaway’ cabin he visited every month, she discovers a secret that threatens everything she’s always held to be true . . .


Truth in Lies Series:

Book One: A Family Affair  -  FREE DOWNLOAD!

Book Two:  A Family Affair:  Spring

Book Three:  A Family Affair:  Summer

Book Four:  A Family Affair:  Fall (September, 2014)

Book Four 1/2:  A Family Affair:  Christmas (November, 2014)

Book Five:  A Family Affair:  Winter (2015)

Learn more on Mary's Website


Authors gather at Coffee Time Romance & More’s Iced Cappuccino Bar (aka water cooler) to discuss writing challenges.

Kris P. Edges: “I just received another rejection. Darn, I wish I could write a better query letter."

Hugh M. Aye: “My prose is flabby."

Ima Frade: “Well, I started a newsletter two months ago and I only have two subscribers. If one of them unsubscribes, I’ll lose half of my followers.”

Willie B. Fine: “I wish I wasn’t such a procrastinator. Tomorrow I’m gonna do some research on how to fix that."

Juan Day: “Have you guys checked out Coffee Time’s Pinterest Board of Education wall? There are many resources there that might help you."

Kurt N. Call: “In fact, there’s a new one being added to the Caramel Corner for August and it touches on all of these challenges." 

Les Ismore: “Really? Who is it?"

Maura Less: “It’s called Write Directions."

Wayne Showers: “Is that someone’s name? Where do we find them?"

G.P. Hess: “No - it’s their website, silly. Who in their right mind would name their child Write Directions? You can find them right here"

Writing Seminar - Click here

How to AVOID Publication Success

August 11-16

I will discuss the mistakes aspiring authors make, and some published authors make, because I think I've made them all.  I started writing romance novels 20+ years ago, but it has taken me a long time to focus, to finish, to understand what makes a successful book.  I've sold what turned out to be a contemporary romance series to Samhain.  The third book is due out in May.  I've self-pubbed 3, one of which is the first in a fantasy series.  Before that I sold two to Avalon Books (which went nowhere).  I'll have a short story in the 2013 Novelists, Inc. anthology as well.

...lack of focus, moving from one project to another, never completing even one to make it sellable, the numerous unfinished manuscripts which still clutter my shelves, how hard I had to work even on my last Samhain book (editing it twice per her suggestions before the editor would offer a contract).  The fact that I still struggle with GMC and constantly have to ask myself "what is this book about?  what do these characters want?" I can give hope to the strugglers.  If I did it so can they.  Maybe I can help them avoid some of the mistakes I made.  It's possible they don't know what they're doing IS a misstep.

I belong to Novelists, Inc., and am a former member of Romance Writers of America, national and local chapter.  Whenever I see requests for workshop pitches I always think, well, I can tell them what NOT to do!

Barb Meyers


Coffee Thoughts, the Book Blog Click here

1 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Shelley Munro
2 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Morticia Knight
3 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Merry Farmer
4 Book Brew is on vacation for August. We'll be back in September with an anniversary special event featuring steam punk!! Mark September 1st on your calendar and sign up soon as I bet these author slots will go fast!  Send email to to sign up.

5 Claudine's Sweet Treats
6 Wonderland Flirt Collection (Paperback and Hardcover) (Our birthday collection) with Breathless Press
7 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Carol Lynne
8 Chat with your favorite authors

We love our favorite authors! Coffee Time Romance invites readers to visit with their favorite authors during our Chat With Your Favorite Author event. For Friday, August 8, we have Stephanie Spalino, Crystal-Rain Love, and Aline Soules. Here’s your chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about these great authors.

9 Get bitten with the newest and sexiest vampire romances

Everyone loves sexy vampires! If you can’t get enough of these dark heroes then Coffee Time Romance has the answer. Saturday, August, 9, we’re showcasing the newest and best in vampire romance. Come on by and meet the tortured men who walk the night in search of love.

10 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with JB Brooks
11 Ishabelle Tory (King of Hearts) with Breathless Press
12 Claudine's Sweet Treats
13 Jen Bradlee (A Cat Without a Grin) with Breathless Press
14 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Leigh Carron
15 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Lilith Darville
16 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Roxie Lee
18 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Diana Green
19 Claudine's Sweet Treats
20 Author Excerpt Day
22 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kimber Vale
23 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Jamie Salisbury
24 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Sasha Cottman
25 Rebekah Lews (The Vanishing) with Breathless Press
26 Claudine's Sweet Treats
27 Sheritha Singh (The Spanish Billionaire's Baby Promise) with Breathless Press
28 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Julia Antoine
29 Breathless Press Author  Beth Carter
30 Author Spotlight Summer Lovin'

The dog days of summer are upon us, and Coffee Time Romance is heating things up even hotter with summer romances. Walks on the beach, spectacular sunsets, and getting caught in a summer downpour with a gorgeous hero are just a few of the joys that make the long, hot days of August worthwhile. Coffee Time Romance has that and more for our Summer Lovin’ event. Visit with the authors who bring you these sizzling summer stories, Saturday, August 30 on the Coffee Time Romance blog.

Have you ever wanted to know more about our lovely Coffee Crew? Check out their staffer pages here. Surviving our crazy little group is a major accomplishment (grin) so a big hand to these survivors who have amazingly enough have stuck around through all of the fun LOL

Happy anniversaries to these poor souls who were trapped in the Coffee Crew and just can't get out (evil laugh)


Little Latte’s Readers Rule Series - Rule No. 7

Do you ever run across that one book that you absolutely fall in love with? And isn’t it only natural to want to discover everything that author has written? What if you run into the limitations of only one or two more books they’ve written? That might get me through next Tuesday...maybe.

So - what does a reader do? Well, the next best thing. Chances are that if the author’s publisher was interested enough in a specific author you liked, it is very likely they’ll have more. An entire bookstore more.

But why stop with only one publisher? There has to be a ton of others out there.

And so comes the next challenge. Where to find a variety of publishers to peruse their bookshelves. Of course, you can weed through the internet. *snicker* I don’t know about you but my attention span strays in all kinds of directions in an online search.

Which leaves me with the question,

“Where can I find a place that houses all kinds of publishers with a list of their books in one spot?"

Why - Coffee Time Romance & More, of course!

They are up to their coffee cups with publishers in all kinds of flavors. Sweet, Bold, Hot, Romantic (yes, coffee can be romantic and even sensual). Have you ever had a scary cup of coffee? I call it decaf. Anyway, you get the picture. Lots of variety and something for everyone. 

You are guaranteed to find the perfect style to fit your reading addiction.

Simply click HERE and see all the publishers in the drop down category featured in the image shown.

Happy Reading!

Little Latte

Publisher & Author News

Champagne Books

Champagne will be at When Words Collide, in Calgary AB August 8-10

Amber Quill Press

Amber Quill Press, Amber Heat and Amber Allure, regularly welcome new submissions from talented authors in our industry. Before submitting a manuscript, please click on the appropriate imprint link below, follow the formatting guidelines, and send your submission to the email address indicated.

Amber Allure | Amber Heat | Amber Quill Press



Coffee House Authors
AC Katt Dena Garson Jennifer Robins Leigh Carron P.L. Parker Talia R. Blackwood
A. M. Griffin Denise A. Agnew Jenny Penn Leslie Soule Paloma Beck Tatiana Caldwell
A.R. Von Denysé Bridger Jewel Adams LeTeisha Newton Pamela Labud Tara Fox Hall
Alexandra O'Hurley Desiree Holt jj Keller Lex Valentine Parker Kincade Tara Quan
Alina K. Field Diana Green Jim Cangany Lillian Francis Piper Denna Tasha Taylor
Alison Beightol Diane Craver Jo-Ann Power Lily Graison Rebecca Heflin Tess Morrison
Angela Smith Donna Gallagher JoAnne Myers Linda Hadaway Rae Lori Theresa Scott
Anju Gattani Doralynn Kennedy Joyce Proell Linda Lattimer Rae Monet Therese Kinkaide
Anna Chaput Doris O'Connor Jolynn Raymond Linda Mooney Reeni Austin Tigris Eden
Anne Hope Eden Bradley Ju Ephraime Linn Random Regina Andrews Tina Gayle
Anne Riley Eliza Lloyd Judy Baker Lisa Carlisle Regina Paul Tina DC Hayes
BA Tortuga Elizabeth Fountain Julia Bade Lisa Marie Wilkinson Renee Reynolds Tracy Bilen
B.J. McCall Elyzabeth M. VaLey Julia Talbot London Saint James Rhonda Lee Carver V.S. Nelson
Bev Haynes Em Taylor Julie Lence Lori Derby Bingley Robin Renee Ray Vicki Batman
Billi Jean Erika Almond June Kramin Lorie O'Clare
Roseanne Dowell Viki Lyn
Brenda Whiteside Ericka Scott Justus Roux Lynn Rae Roz Lee Wendi Zwaduk
C. J. Starr Erin Grace K. C. Burn MK Schiller Rue Allyn Zayne Michaels
Candy Caine Fran Veal Kaitlin Maitland M.W. Muse Ruth Ann Nordin Zenobia Renquist
Carlene Havel Franny Armstrong Kara Griffin Madeline Pryce Ryssa Edwards  
Carol Rose Gemma K. Murray Karen Cote' Madison Sevier S. Durham  
Carole Ann Moleti Gen Bailey Karen Kay Mandy Harbin Sabrina Garie  
Cassandra Carr Gina Gordon Karen Stivali Margie Church Sabrina York  
Cassandra Dean Gwynn Morgan Karen M. Zarkowski Marian Lanouette SaBrowny Rae  
Cassiel Knight Heather Hiestand Kaye Spencer Mary Carter Sam Cheever  
Cat Adams Heidi Lynn Anderson Kayelle Allen Mary M. Forbes Sandra Cox  
Catherine Chernow Hurri Cosmo Kaylin McFarren Mary Martinez Sara York  
Charity Parkerson Hywela Lyn Kelly Gendron Meg Mims Sasha Cottman  
Cheryl Lane JB Brooks Kelley Heckart Melanie Nilles Scarlet Hunter  
Chris Karlsen J.P. Grider Kelly McDonough Melinda Curtis Scarlett Sanderson  
Christina Tetreault J.S. Wayne Kellyann Zuzulo Melissa Hosack Shannan Albright  
Christine Young Jackie M. Smith Kerry Adrienne Miss Mae Sharon Buchbinder  
Claudia Shelton Jackie Nacht Kerry Schafer Moira Keith Shelley Munro  
Constance Phillips Jackie Weger Kelsey Browning Molly Ann Wishlade Shoshanna Evers  
Cornelia Amiri James L. Hatch Kimber Vale Morgan Kearns Sibel Hodge  
Cristal Ryder Jane Leopold Quinn Kimberly Adkins N. J. Walters Silver James  
D.J. Gross Jane O'Roarke Lace Daltyn Nadine Christian Sloan McBride  
Danica St. Como Jane Toombs Laura Tolomei Nancy Haddock Sultry Summers  
Danni Price Jennifer Comeaux Lauren Clark Natalie-Nicole Bate Susan Hanniford Crowley  
Debora Dennis Jennifer James Lauren Linwood Nicole Hurley-Moore Suz deMello  
Dee Brice Jennifer Kacey LaVerne Thompson Nicole Morgan Suzanne Rock  
Deirdre O'Dare Jennifer Mueller Leah Braemel Opal Carew Sylvia McDaniel  

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