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Woohoo! It is our 10th anniversary. Can you believe it? We have been doing what we love (with the people we love) for 10 years! Thank you!

Look around because we have been busy redecorating and setting up new things! Hope to see you on our Mocha Milieu! We have a big line up this month and this is going to be fun!



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Meet The Tule Group


Desiree Holt

When Fallon Crowe discovered her submissive side, she indulged it fully, reveling in her erotic nature—until she stepped into the brutally possessive world of Brian Willoughby. More than a year after she was literally dragged away from his abusive clutches, Fallon is finally building a new life with Cord Jamieson, a Dom who reminds her that punishment can be loving, pain an aphrodisiac.

But when Fallon unexpectedly runs into Brian, he reawakens an addiction that never quite died. Now she’s torn between the caring relationship she’s established with Cord, and Brian’s darkly mesmerizing lifestyle that goes beyond safe, sane and consensual.

The choice is Fallon’s—the wrong one might destroy her completely.

Learn More here




Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here.

Here are our guest bloggers for the month:

  • 1 - Revelry! Quicksilver Soul by Christine d'Abo 
  • 12 - Revelry! Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher 
  • 15 - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe
  • 17 - Revelry! The Industrial Spy by Ava Morgan
  • 25 - Steampunk: Mad Science and Magic
  • 29 - Revelry! The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson



Interviews Click here

  • Ellen Butler
  • KaLyn Cooper
  • Mike Faricy


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Book lovers Unite! We as book lovers are a one of kind group. So we have made a new community on Google for book lovers. Join here.

Help us shape our new community! Join the conversation here.


Contests Click here

Hello everyone!! I'm Kristyn Phipps, the new Contest Coordinator (aka: Mischief-Making Moderator). I'm very happy to be working with such an incredible group of people, and I look forward to a very long relationship with CTR. For those of you who haven't met me, let me introduce myself. 

I'm the mother of two little girls and a rescue dog. My husband and I currently live in the foothills of North Carolina, but are looking at relocating with in the next year. We're working hard to get our house market-ready in the next couple of months. Writing, reading, and parenting are keeping me sane at this point. I live on sarcasm, coffee, chocolate, and a really good book. :)

This month, we have four Featured Contests:

  • Desiree Holt: $25 Gift Card - No Restrictions
  • Lisa Carlisle: Digital copy of Dark Velvet - No Restrictions
  • Scarlett Sanders: $25 Gift Card - No Restrictions
  • jj Keller: Ebook, The Valkyrie and the Marine - No Restrictions / Longaberger Basket - US Only

Be sure to stop by the contest page this month for your chance to win one of these fabulous prizes!  



NEW Free Reads Click here

  • Points on a Curve by Diane Nelson
  • Azure Apparition: Book 1 The Azure Blackstone Series by Mickie Sherwood


Chat Parties!

We now have all of our chat events listed in one place (besides the calendar). Check it out here.

Click here to join the live chat room

  • 1 - New Release Chat
  • 15 - Coffee Time Romance & More's - 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • 24 - Lorie O'Clare and Laurie Fitzgerald
  • 29 - Big Sister/Brother Event


Chatters Group (Yahoo) Click here

  • 10: Champagne Books and Burst Author's Chat All Day
  • 16: Chatting with JoAnne Myers from 9:00am-9:00pm EST

Are you a reader that loves spending time on Facebook to find new and interesting reads? Love to share new covers from your favorite authors? How about reading snippets with cliffhangers? If you enjoy all these things, and you enjoy chatting with your favorite and new authors, then  join us in our Mocha Milieu Event room on Facebook today! Oh, and don't forget to join the group and get regular updates so you're in the know about which events are happening and when!

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  • 5: Changeling Press Inaugural All Day
    9: I Didn't See That Coming - Psychic heroes/heroines with Franny Armstrong from 9:00pm-10:00pm EST
  • 11: Vampire King of New York and More with Susan Hanniford Crowley and Gerri Brousseau from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
    12: Chat with Harlequin Romance Author Amber Leigh Williams from 8:00am-8:00pm EST in the FB Mocha Milieu Event Room
  • 17: Humor and Spice Make for Nice with Lizzie T. Leaf, Sloane Taylor, Sam Cheever, Sara Daniel, & Emilia Mancini from 10:00am-2:00pm EST
  • 18: Piper Denna Chat from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 19: Eva Lefoy's Dirty Lovin' from 8:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 25: Viki Lyn Chat from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 26: HeartFelt Promos Authors Spring Fling All Day
  • 30: Cowboys and Outlaws with Julie Lence from 12:00pm-2:00pm EST


Rafe Pascotto reluctantly agrees to help his brother-in-law, FBI Special Agent Vince Gage, by keeping tabs on a suspected international jewel thief. Reluctant, that is, until he meets beautiful Bridget O’Neill.

Within minutes, Bridget recognizes Rafe for the rube he is, hooks him and publically hangs him out to dry. Unbelievable the man has come back for more because he thinks she needs protection. She’d enjoy the joke if she wasn’t so busy running from a past that’s about to catch up to her.

Stop by Kate's Website to learn More!



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Did you know that sharing infographics on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is one of the best ways to get others to share the information about your books and events? Well, they are! Authors who carefully consider this and share not just their covers but other stuff about their characters, places in their books, and even short scenes represented by infographics, as well as info about upcoming events will find they sell more books because readers share these with their FB friends and fans. Don't know where to start? No worries, check out Canva today! This is an online tool with lots of free goodies to help you make cool infographics to share!

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Congratulations to the following authors who won a month of advertising:



CTRR Awards click here

Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Congratulations to this month's winners:

Did you see last month's winners:



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  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Karen Cote'
  • Laurie Fitzgerald
  • Cheryl Gorman
  • Gail Koger
  • Lizzie T. Leaf
  • Virginia Nelson
  • Charity Parkerson
  • Helen R Rosburg


Click here

This is the book lover's community that has been waiting for you.  Join us for fun and meet people who share the same love of books that you do.

Java Junction is filled with publisher and author groups. 

Special Interests is filled with hobbies, fun things, cooking tips, recipes, and great things to do. 

Author's Coffee Corner - Stop by our Author group area and find hundreds of authors who have their Author area with us. Meet our newest authors:



Are you a writer looking for a step in the right direction? How about managing an evolving schedule? How does a writer carve out his/her own space?

Even still, maybe you’re an aspiring writer searching on how to pursue your goals. How does one go from a novice to a professional? How does one move forward in their writing career?

Okay, let’s delve a little more into the details.

Sex vs. sensuality. What’s the difference? What are the elements of a good love scene?


…what to do after you’ve sold your first book? How does a writer write for two different genres and/or publishers? Need advice for breaking into publication? How about understanding the fuzzy lines of fiction?

What is the appeal for writers to write for small towns?

Welcome to another Caramel Corner moment where we at Coffee Time Romance & More bring websites to the literary community to help build your craft.

So who is April’s Caramel Corner?

New York Time’s Best Selling Author – Carly Phillps!

A website brought into the spotlight by Coffee Time’s very own Mav, one of our fabulous reviewers.

And are we ever glad that she did, especially as I kept getting distracted writing this very piece to explore some of the tips and treasures located on Ms. Phillip’s website.

There is so much fantastic writing advice contained there – well, you’ll just have to visit yourself and see.

We know you won’t be disappointed and we want to once again thank Mav for bringing this site to us.

Do you have a website you find valuable? Let us know!

Until then, congratulations Carly Phillips for being Coffee Time Romance & More’s April Caramel Corner and thank you for helping others with a leg up onto that writing platform.


Writing Seminar - Click here

The Four Squares of Publishing™: Building Blocks To Live A Charmed Author’s Life

April 14-18

Blurb: What if there were four cornerstones to every publishing career that provided a firm foundation to anything an author desired? And what if these cornerstones were the same for every author—regardless of genre, publishing choices, and career path? In this week-long class, we’ll dive into the Four Squares of Publishing™ and discover the power they hold to support (and topple) an author’s career and how to make them into the strong foundation that an author needs to live a charmed publishing life.

Our Host: Mary Caelsto

Coffee Thoughts, the Book Blog Click here

1 Claudine's Sweet Treats
2 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Fiona McGier
3 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Isobel Irons
4 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with T. D. Hassett
5 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Anna Small
7 Book Brew with the Coffee Crew

April's Book Brew: Exotic places! How about a story set where almost none of us have been? We’re talking real world here, not science fiction or fantasy but places like the Himalayas, a remote island, the deepest jungle of Africa, Asia or Central and South America, the Australian out back, an undiscovered cave with amazing natural treasures, Antarctica, one of the world’s great deserts… maybe the coast of Alaska with sled dogs! Can we pretend we're the ubiquitous Dora all grown up? Our tales this month may be romance with adventure or  just adventure as our authors let us see new places vicariously and experience the danger, thrill, discovery or struggle for life with human versus nature in an environment which can be hostile, among people who may not be friendly and doing daring and exciting things! Put on your explorer gear and let's have fun--all from the safety of our comfy homes. Join us on April 7 from noon until eight EDT at the COffee Thoughts blog page.

8 Claudine's Sweet Treats
9 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Eden Bradley
11 Chat with your favorite authors
12 The Newest and Best Historical Romance Releases

Return with Coffee Time Romance to a time when dukes prowled London ballrooms, Scottish Highlanders fought with claymores, and Texas cowboys rode the rugged canyons and plains of the west. This month we’re showcasing the newest and best in Historical Romance. If you’re looking for that next great historical romance read, come on by Friday, April 12, to the Coffee Time Romance blog. But beware, these stories will jumpstart your heart. 

15 Claudine's Sweet Treats
17 Total E-Bound Excerpt Day
19 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Tarah Scott
20 Author Excerpt Day
22 Claudine's Sweet Treats
24 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Geraldine O'Hara
26 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with T. C. Archer
27 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Marjorie Owen
28 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Zayne Michaels
29 Claudine's Sweet Treats
30 Author Spotlight April Showers Bring May Flowers


Have you ever wanted to know more about our lovely Coffee Crew? Check out their staffer pages here. Surviving our crazy little group is a major accomplishment (grin) so a big hand to these survivors who have amazingly enough have stuck around through all of the fun LOL

Welcome to Natalie, our newest Coffee Crew member! Learn more about her

Staffer Anniversaries! Happy anniversaries to these poor souls who were trapped in the Coffee Crew and just can't get out (evil laugh)

  • Lototy - 7 Years
  • Piper - 5 Years
  • Heaven - 2 Years
  • Laura - 3 Years


Little Latte’s Readers Rule – Rule #3

Have you ever tried to find out about your favorite author? I don’t mean on their latest release. I’m talking about the good stuff. Things that don’t typically get shared in this cyber-filled society, or between the pages of that novel of theirs you are reading.

Frankly, privacy is a concern nowadays especially as rumors end up appearing as fact. No wonder authors are hesitant to open up and discuss anything personal outside the lives of the characters they write. Giving careless information to sources that are untrustworthy is not only irresponsible, it can be career suicide.

But let’s face it. Readers not only want to know…they need to know more about their favorite authors. It’s a golden rule written in each reader’s mind.

So, whom does an author trust to ask the types of questions that make it personal? Stuff that warms the heart of a reader and makes them smile?

Then there’s the question, what if a reader wants to discover a new author?

Enter Coffee Time Romance & More. They help readers stay in the know and get to know authors as well as introduce new authors. A dynamic interview process that touches the core of all things that matter to a reader. Like everything else Coffee Time Romance does, the process is professional and yes – fun, fun, fun!

Take a look at a brief Q&A from an author interview last month. Below is Diana Green being interviewed by Coffee Time’s Interviewer – Vicki, who puts Diana through a “speed round” in their interview.


Favorite color: Blue 

Favorite drink: Chocolate frozen custard shake from Fiamma Burger

Favorite movie: My perfect movie zone fits somewhere between The Lord of the Rings and uncommon westerns like Thousand Pieces of Gold, or The Ballad of Little Jo. Strange combination, I know. 

Favorite accessory: A beautiful necklace of polished shells my husband bought for me at a Native American potlatch celebration.


Of course, the authors also discuss their most recent release, past releases, as well as future releases. You will simply fall in love with Coffee Time’s interview process delving deep into the professional and yes, personal lives of authors.

None is intrusive…yet all is deliciously informative.

Discover Diana Green’s complete interview and tons of other previous interviews

And this is just another reason Coffee Time Romance is considered a valuable resource to readers.

Stay tuned next month for Readers Rule – Rule #4

Little Latte’

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Publisher & Author News

Champagne Books

Champagne Book Group (BURST) will be in the small press area at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, April 24-27. If you're in the area, drop by for a visit. Mention you saw this note in the Coffeetime Romance newsletter for a free gift.

Submission Calls

We are currently acquiring science fiction romance, and historical western romance that are fast-paced, character driven novels with romance integral to the storyline. Sensuality levels should be on the higher end of steamy, while remaining tasteful. 

Changeling Press

Silver Anniversary -- The Decadent Decade

Call For Submissions:
We're currently looking for Contemporary, upbeat, and hot, hot hot! Think Guilty Pleasures, BDSM, Urban fantasy and Contemporary Paranormal genres and Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, BBW, Interracial/MultiCultural, M/M ( & More Ms), Bisexual & More, Ménage, and Cougar Themes.

Submissions Guidelines

We publish Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), BDSM, Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Dark Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance. All submissions must be targeted for at least one of these genres and must be Erotic Romance.

While there should be both highly erotic and romantic elements to the book, relationships and endings should be plot driven. We don't demand your characters trot off to get married at the end of the book, though we do ask for a HEA(Happy Ever After) or, in the case of serials, a HFN(Happy For Now).

We've only got one heat level. Over-the-top hot! We can handle anything you send us as long as it meets our guidelines (Content must be legal for an over 21 audience and geared toward a primarily female readership). We do not accept simultaneous submissions. We do accept multiple submissions.

Please take a moment to read and follow our submissions guidelines:  

Astraea Press

Call for Submission from Astraea Press: We are currently seeking Regency , YA and New Adult stories in all lengths. Email FMI or check out for our submission guidelines

Torquere Press


Our anthology calls are a great place to get your feet wet with a short story, or to explore a theme without committing to a full novella or novel. For all anthology calls, we’re looking for fully realized, romantic LGBT stories about the chosen monthly theme. Make us laugh, make us cry, or surprise us and make us glow with happy endings!

Please send your 3000 -10,000 word submissions to with the title of the theme (ie: Torqued Tales) and your story title in the subject field. Please see our general submissions guidelines for formatting etc. Each theme has a title and due date listed on the individual call.


Cowboys, y'all! From the Wild West to the modern era and any time (or place) in between, our Rode Hard anthology will feature fully realized, romantic LGBT stories about cowboys and cowgirls. Whether they make their home on the range or in a neon-filled dancehall, give us real cowboys with real problems. And really steamy love lives!


It's the way you growl, or maybe it's the way you use your teeth, or the way the moonlight shines on your fur... Wait, what?  We want your best canine/lupine shifter stories for the Dawg Days of summer. Keep us on our toes with wolves, coyotes, dingoes or even a pit bull shifter or two. The more biting the better!


Like your short stories with a little bondage, dominance, spanking, or submission? So do we! In fact, we like BDSM play stories so much that we're giving them their own category. Tales of Leather will be guaranteed to bring on all the hot BDSM action that readers crave. We're looking for romance stories with happy endings, engaging characters, and a fresh point of view. Stories should range from 10,000 to 50,000 words. Longer stories may be considered, but please query first. Stories will be contracted for two years, at our standard royalty rates. Please see our writer's guidelines page for royalty rates, formatting and submission information.

- GLBT stories -- f/f, m/m, m/m/f
- 10,000 words and up
- standard royalty rates apply
- exclusive electronic 2 year contract

For queries or submissions, contact General Manager/Submissions Editor Kristi Boulware

Please put "Tales of Leather" in the subject line of all emails.

Follow our general guidelines.



Coffee House Authors
AC Katt Donna Gallagher Jim Cangany Linn Random Regina Paul Tmonique Stephens
A. M. Griffin Doralynn Kennedy JoAnne Myers Lisa Carlisle Rhonda Lee Carver Tory Richards
Alexandra O'Hurley Doris O'Connor Joyce Proell Lisa Marie Wilkinson Richard Hacker Tracy Bilen
Alison Beightol Eden Bradley Jolynn Raymond Lissa Matthews Robin Renee Ray V.S. Nelson
Amielise Gable Elaine Violette Judy Baker

London Saint James

Roseanne Dowell Vicki Batman
Angela Kay Austin Eliza Lloyd Julia Bade Lori Derby Bingley Roz Lee Viki Lyn
Angela Smith Elyzabeth M. VaLey Julia Talbot Lorie O'Clare
Rue Allyn Wendi Zwaduk
Anju Gattani Erika Almond Julie Lence MK Schiller Ruth Ann Nordin Zayne Michaels
Anna Chaput Ericka Scott Justus Roux M.W. Muse Ryssa Edwards Zenobia Renquist
Anne Hope Erin Grace K. C. Burn Madeline Pryce S. Durham  
BA Tortuga Fran Veal Kaitlin Maitland Mandy Harbin S. K. Yule  
B.J. McCall Franny Armstrong Karen Cote' Margie Church Sabrina Garie  
Bebe Balocca Gail Koger Karen Kay Marian Lanouette Sabrina York  
Bev Haynes Gale Stanley Karen Stivali Mary Carter SaBrowny Rae  
Beverley Oakley Gem Sivad KaSonndra Leigh Mary Walsh Sam Cheever  
Billi Jean Gemma K. Murray Kaye Spencer Meg Mims Sandra Cox  
Brenda Whiteside Gen Bailey Kayelle Allen Melanie Nilles Sara York  
C. J. Starr Gina Gordon Kaylin McFarren Melinda Curtis Scarlet Hunter  
Candy Caine Gwynn Morgan Kelly Gendron Melissa Hosack Scarlett Sanderson  
Carlene Havel Heather Hiestand Kelley Heckart Miss Mae Shannan Albright  
Cassandra Carr Heidi Lynn Anderson Kelly McDonough Moira Keith Sharon Buchbinder  
Cassandra Dean Hurri Cosmo Kellyann Zuzulo Morgan Kearns Shawn Martin  
Cat Adams Hywela Lyn Kenra Daniels Morgan King Shelley Munro  
Catherine Chernow Isabel Roman Kerry Adrienne N. J. Walters Shoshanna Evers  
Charity Parkerson J.P. Grider Kerry Schafer Nadine Christian Sibel Hodge  
Cheryl Douglas J.S. Wayne Kelsey Browning Nancy Haddock Silver James  
Cheryl Lane Jackie M. Smith Kim McMahill Natalie-Nicole Bate Sloan McBride  
Chris Karlsen Jackie Nacht Laura Tolomei Nicole Hurley-Moore Sultry Summers  
Christine Young Jackie Weger Laurel Cremant Nicole Morgan Susan Hanniford Crowley  
Constance Phillips James L. Hatch Lauren Clark Opal Carew Susana Ellis  
Cornelia Amiri Jane Leopold Quinn Lauren Linwood P A DePaul Suz deMello  
Cricket Starr Jane O'Roarke LaVerne Thompson P.L. Parker Suzanne Rock  
Cristal Ryder Jane Toombs Leah Braemel Paloma Beck Sylvia McDaniel  
D.J. Gross Jenna Rutland Leslie Soule Pamela Labud Talia R. Blackwood  
Danica St. Como Jennifer Comeaux LeTeisha Newton Parker Kincade Tatiana Caldwell  
Darcy Flynn Jennifer James Lex Valentine Piper Denna Tara Fox Hall  
Debora Dennis Jennifer Kacey Lillian Francis Rachel Firasek Tasha Taylor  
Dee Brice Jennifer Mueller Lily Graison Rebecca Heflin Tess Morrison  
Deirdre O'Dare Jennifer Robins Lily Harlem Rae Lori Therese Kinkaide  
Dena Garson Jenny Penn Linda Hadaway Rae Monet Theresa Scott  
Denysé Bridger Jewel Adams Linda Lattimer Reeni Austin Tigris Eden  
Desiree Holt jj Keller Linda Mooney Regina Andrews Tina DC Hayes  

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