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It is time to put away the scary decorations, hide the candy around the house so you can find it (wink), and starting cleaning the house for company!

Here at Coffee Time Romance, we are getting ready for the holidays. Holidays events, holiday food, and best of books!



Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!
Just can’t get enough? Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! is a box set full of spicy paranormal romances.


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Bella Abbascia has returned to Seaside Cottages in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, as she does every summer. Only this year, Bella has more on her mind than sunbathing and skinny-dipping with her girlfriends. She’s quit her job, put her house on the market, and sworn off relationships while she builds a new life in her favorite place on earth. That is, until good-time Bella’s prank takes a bad turn and a sinfully sexy police officer appears on the scene

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Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here.

Here are our guest bloggers for the month:

  • 4th - Air Ship Adventures with Kate Reedwood
  • 6th - Revelry! Master of Myth by Starla Huchton
  • 15th - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe'



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  • Mary Martinez
  • Jana Richards
  • Kari Thompson



Contests Click here

Tis the season of giving and thankfulness!  Three of our authors would like to show their gratitude to their readers this month  by giving away some fabulous books from their shilves. 

  • Kayelle Allen - Win a $10 gift certificate
  • Leesa Bow - Win an eBook of Charming the Outback
  • Jennifer Mueller - Win a print copy of Murder beside the Salish Sea

Congratulations to the following winners of our October Featured Contests, and thank you to our amazing authors who chose CTR to host a contest for you!

Laura's Contest Winners: Ameliah, Kai, Michelle, Brandi, Melissa, Senona
Charity's Contest Winners: Mary, Danielle
Yasmine's Contest Winner: Tamara
Anne's Contest Winners: Book Lady, Felicia
Sloan's Contest Winners: Mary, Cheryl, Ashley
Kerry's Contest Winner: Vicki
Melanie's contest Winners: Jennifer, Heather, Amy, Toni


Free Reads Click here

  • Turtle Soup by Sanielle Thorne


Chat Parties!

We now have all of our chat events listed in one place (besides the calendar). Check it out here.

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  • 4 - New Release Chat
  • 11 - Liquid Silver! Come chat with Liquid Silver authors!  Talk hot romantic suspense with Sharon Callender, romantic marine biology with Annette Mardis, steamy m/m shifters with Lynn Tyler, hunky vamps with Naomi Bellina, edgy paranormal with Vicky Burkholder and Anson Barber, and campy steampunk m/m with Angelique Voisen.
  • 18- Big Sister/Brother Event
  • 20 - Lorie O'Claire and Laurie Fitzgerald
  • 25-No Chat

Chatters Group (Yahoo) Click here

  • 13: Champagne Books and Burst Author Chat All Day on the Chatters E-loop

Are you a reader that loves spending time on Facebook to find new and interesting reads? Love to share new covers from your favorite authors? How about reading snippets with cliffhangers? If you enjoy all these things, and you enjoy chatting with your favorite and new authors, then  join us in our Mocha Milieu Event room on Facebook today! Oh, and don't forget to join the group and get regular updates so you're in the know about which events are happening and when!

Visit Mocha Milieu today!

  • 14: Fun Friday with Astraea Press from 8:00pm-10:00pm EST
  • 15: From Book to Film with Author Linda Swift from
    10:00am-2:00pm EST


Featured Authors, click here

  • Jay Brenner
  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Cassiel Knight
  • Gail Koger
  • Charity Parkerson
  • Helen R Rosburg



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Organizing promoting your book can be a big deal. Especially if your stuff is all over the place in different folders on your computer or in different places saved online such as photobucket and so on. Recently we discovered a tool that makes organizing promoting your book much much easier. That tool is Evernote! Chances are you've heard of this tool, but maybe never thought about using it to organize your promtions, ideas, graphics etc. The beauty of Evernote is that you can have all your promotions information in one easy to find place, plus if you download the corresponding apps, such as the Android app or the desktop app you can access your information in those places as well as online when you sign in, and it will all sync so that everything you add new will appear in all the places you have Evernote! Need to make neat checklists? Use Evernote, need to grab some text, webpage or attach a graphic use Evernote. You'll never have all your promotions stuff spread everywhere again!

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Congratulations to the following authors who won a month of advertising:


CTRR Awards click here

Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Did you see last month's winners:



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The truth about the physical and emotional roller-coaster experiences during the recovery period of plastic surgery and laser resurfacing. A must read before considering these procedures.

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This is the book lover's community that has been waiting for you.  Join us for fun and meet people who share the same love of books that you do.

Java Junction is filled with publisher and author groups. 

Special Interests is filled with hobbies, fun things, cooking tips, recipes, and great things to do. 

Are you getting ready for NaNoWriNo?

Check out this support group for people taking this year's NaNoWriMo challenge. A place to stop by to get motivated, stay motivated, track your progress, or ask questions of your fellow writers. Thanks for helping get the word out.

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Watch for new things coming in 2015



Are you addicted to reading books and always wanted to try your hand at it? Or maybe you are a writer, but you haven't found the process that works right for you. Well, stand back, because we've hit the mother-load of information this month.

I've just recently discovered a free website called How to Write a Book Now and it is loaded with information. Even if you've been writing for a while, you may find something here you'd like to implement into your writing!

Writing Seminar - Click here

Check back for more in 2015!


Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted. By their own ghosts. The Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting Mike, Liz, and their infant son in danger. Selling the historic seaside bed and breakfast was the only answer, one that Liz and her own tortured specter refused to consider. Were Mike and Liz doomed to follow the same path that led to disaster in their previous lives? Was getting out, getting away, enough?

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Coffee Thoughts, the Book Blog Click here

1 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Sasha Cottman
2 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Merry Farmer
3 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott
4  Claudine's Sweet Treats
5 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Franny Armstrong
6  Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kelly Moran
7  Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Mia Kerick
8 A salute to our men and women with the newest in military romance

We love our brave men and women who serve their country and protect us with their very lives. Readers, spend the day with Coffee Time Romance, Saturday, November 8, and get a peek at the latest romantic fiction that celebrates our finest military heroes.  

9  Coffee Coffee, Books, and a Blog with JoAnne Tucker
10 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Leesa Bow
11 Claudine's Sweet Treats
12 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Carole DiCamillo
13 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Tara Fox Hall
14 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Jennifer Mueller
15 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kate Kerrigan
16 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Doris O'Connor
17 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with  Jennifer St. Giles
18 Claudine's Sweet Treats
19 Guardians of the Cridhe Release The Scrolls of Cridhe: Volume 1 Highland Winds
20 Author Excerpt Day

If you would like to get a gander at some of the best romance all in one place, come on by Coffee Time Romance for Author Excerpt Day. Here, you can peruse snippets from shifters to sweet romance. This month, we’re showcasing these great stories Thursday, November 20th.

21  Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kayelle Allen
25 Claudine's Sweet Treats
28 Claudine's Sweet Treats
29 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Tara Fox Hall
30 Author Spotlight: Give Thanks


Have you ever wanted to know more about our lovely Coffee Crew? Check out their staffer pages here. Surviving our crazy little group is a major accomplishment (grin) so a big hand to these survivors who have amazingly enough have stuck around through all of the fun LOL

Say hello to our newest staffers:

Staffers around the Web this month...

Susan - Are you getting ready for NaNoWriNo? Check out this support group for people taking this year's NaNoWriMo challenge. A place to stop by to get motivated, stay motivated, track your progress, or ask questions of your fellow writers. Thanks for helping get the word out.

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Publisher & Author News

Champagne Books

CBG (BURST) will be out and about at a couple of sci fi/fantasy events in November!

Find us at Pure Speculation, November 14-16, in Edmonton, AB and at the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo on November 22-23.


We are actively acquiring romance in all its subgenres, as well as urban fantasy/paranormal suspense/police procedurals. If you've got something fresh and different that may not quite fit those categories, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to chat about it.

Amber Quill

Amber Quill Press, Amber Heat and Amber Allure, regularly welcome new submissions from talented authors in our industry. Before submitting a manuscript, please click on the appropriate imprint link below, follow the formatting guidelines, and send your submission to the email address indicated.

Amber Allure | Amber Heat | Amber Quill Press

Decadent Publishing

a special call out for BDSM 1Night Stand Series stories.  Here's the scoop on it:

1Night Stand dates have reached new levels of kink with the opening of a new BDSM underground resort club in Las Vegas.

With every luxury and amenity, gorgeous pools, well-equipped dungeons, the finest in leather and steel, and devices to delight, the Carnivore Club is ready to serve some of Madame Eve's clients. Suites are available.

We are looking for stories in the BDSM genre that meet the requirements of the 1Night Stand series. While stories need not take place at the resort, consider the facilities available. We are sure your characters will have the time of their lives. Stories should be between 15-20k and are due Oct 1, 2014 for release early in 2015. 1Night Stand series details are available on the 1NS blog,  . Contact Valerie Mann ( or Kate Richards ( with any questions.



Coffee House Authors
AC Katt Denise A. Agnew Jenny Penn Leesa Bow Paloma Beck Tara Fox Hall
A. M. Griffin Denysé Bridger Jewel Adams Leigh Carron Pamela Labud Tara Quan
A.R. Von Desiree Holt jj Keller Leslie Soule Parker Kincade Tess Morrison
Alexandra O'Hurley Diana Green Jim Cangany LeTeisha Newton Piper Denna Theresa Scott
Alina K. Field Diane Craver Jo-Ann Power Lex Valentine Rebecca Heflin Therese Kinkaide
Alison Beightol Donna Gallagher JoAnne Myers Lillian Francis Rae Lori Tigris Eden
Angela Smith Doralynn Kennedy Joyce Proell Lily Graison Rae Monet Tina Gayle
Anju Gattani Doris O'Connor Jolynn Raymond Linda Hadaway Reeni Austin Tina DC Hayes
Anna Chaput Eden Bradley Ju Ephraime Linda Lattimer Regina Andrews Tracy Bilen
Anne Hope Elizabeth Fountain Judy Baker Linda Mooney Regina Paul Tracy Goodwin
Anne Riley Elyzabeth M. VaLey Julia Bade Linn Random Renee Reynolds V.S. Morgan
BA Tortuga Em Taylor Julia Talbot Lisa Carlisle Rhonda Lee Carver V.S. Nelson
B.J. McCall Erika Almond Julie Lence Lori Derby Bingley Robin Renee Ray Vicki Batman
Bev Haynes Ericka Scott June Kramin Lorie O'Clare
Roseanne Dowell Viki Lyn
Billi Jean Erin Grace Justus Roux Lynn Rae Roz Lee Zayne Michaels
C. J. Starr Fran Veal K. C. Burn MK Schiller Rue Allyn Zenobia Renquist
Candy Caine Franny Armstrong Kaitlin Maitland Madeline Pryce Ruth Ann Nordin  
Carol Rose Gen Bailey Kara Griffin Madison Sevier Ryssa Edwards  
Carole Ann Moleti Gina Gordon Karen Cote' Margie Church S. Durham  
Cassandra Carr Gwynn Morgan Karen Kay Marian Lanouette Sabrina Garie  
Cassandra Dean Heather Hiestand Karen Stivali Marilu Mann Sabrina York  
Cassiel Knight Hurri Cosmo Karen M. Zarkowski Mary Carter SaBrowny Rae  
Catherine Chernow Hywela Lyn Kaye Spencer Mary M. Forbes Sam Cheever  
Charity Parkerson JB Brooks Kayelle Allen Mary Martinez Sandra Cox  
Charlene Groome J.P. Grider Kelly Gendron Meg Mims Sasha Cottman  
Cheryl Lane J.S. Wayne Kelley Heckart Melanie Nilles Scarlet Hunter  
Chris Karlsen Jackie M. Smith Kelly McDonough Melinda Curtis Scarlett Sanderson  
Christina Tetreault Jackie Nacht Kellyann Zuzulo Miss Mae Shannan Albright  
Christine Young Jackie Weger Kerry Adrienne Moira Keith Sharon Buchbinder  
Claudia Shelton James L. Hatch Kerry Schafer Molly Ann Wishlade Shelley Munro  
Constance Phillips Jane Leopold Quinn Kelsey Browning Morgan Kearns Shoshanna Evers  
Cristal Ryder Jane O'Roarke Kimber Vale N. J. Walters Sibel Hodge  
D.J. Gross Jane Toombs Kimberly Adkins Nadine Christian Sloan McBride  
Danica St. Como Jay Brenner Lace Daltyn Nancy Haddock Sultry Summers  
Danni Price Jennifer Comeaux Laura Tolomei Natalie-Nicole Bate Susan Hanniford Crowley  
Debora Dennis Jennifer James Lauren Clark Nicole Hurley-Moore Suz deMello  
Dee Brice Jennifer Kacey Lauren Linwood Nicole Morgan Sylvia McDaniel  
Deirdre O'Dare Jennifer Mueller LaVerne Thompson Opal Carew Talia R. Blackwood  
Dena Garson Jennifer Robins Leah Braemel P.L. Parker Tatiana Caldwell  

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