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Last month...

Thank you to Sarah M. Anderson for her seminar What to Expect When You're Revising

Thanks to MM Jaye for her seminar on How to Build a Diverse Media Kit

Congratulations to April's winners:

  • Scent of Triumph by Jen Moran - Congrats to Yaritza
  • A Mighty Good Man by Rebecca E. Neely - Congrats to Felicia, Karen, bn100, Mina, and Gay
  • The Winter Family by Clifford Jackman - Congrats to Robin
  • Elle by Emma Mars - Congrats to Shadow, Anita, Shirley, Sue, and Yaritza
  • Royally Ever After by Loretta Chase - Congrats to Kathy and Deborah
  • Scent of Triumph by Jan Moran - Congrats to Yaritza
  • The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Beggs - Congrats to Elaine and Vicki
  • Trilogy of The Children of Telm by Dan F. Wilson - Congrats to Mary

Did you win and not get an email from us? Contact us directly.

Indie Author Events

Coffee Time Romance and More will be featuring an Indie author so you can learn more about them. Meet each author on their day and learn about their books and more. Don't miss our Tweet to Win contest at each event.

  • 4: Lisa Carlisle and her book Dark Muse
  • 18: Jami Denise and her book See Jayne Play
  • 25: S. Carman Knight and her book No Ordinary Man

Support your favourite indie authors, and maybe find some new ones, too. We will also be holding a tweet-to-win contest, so stop by for details!

These events are being hosted here


Self-Published Authors: Want to be the next Indie Author Feature with Coffee Time Romance and More? Submit your novel for consideration here.

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Rex Braden is wealthy, hard working, and fiercely loyal. Sweat at his brow, he works the family ranch by day, then kicks back at night with part time lovers who require nothing more than his physical presence a few times each week. But that was before. Before Jade Johnson, the daughter of the man his father has been feuding with for over forty years, moves back into town. 

After ditching a horrific relationship—and her veterinary practice in the process—Jade Johnson returns to the safety of her small hometown and finally finds her footing. That is...until her horse is injured and Rex Braden comes to her rescue. The last thing she needs is a bull-headed, too-handsome-for-his-own-good Braden complicating her life. 

Despite the angry family history, sparks fly between Rex and Jade, and attitudes follow. Fifteen years of stifled, forbidden love stirs a surge of passion too strong for either to deny—and the rebel in each of them rears its powerful head. Loyalties are tested, and relationships are strained. Rex and Jade are about to find out if true love really can conquer all.

Learn More here

Chat Parties!

We now have all of our chat events listed in one place (besides the calendar). Check it out here.

Click here to join the live chat room

  • 5 - Liquid Silver Books - Everyone Should Fall Madly in Love at Least Once...Daily

Are you a reader that loves spending time on Facebook to find new and interesting reads? Love to share new covers from your favorite authors? How about reading snippets with cliffhangers? If you enjoy all these things, and you enjoy chatting with your favorite and new authors, then  join us in our Mocha Milieu Event room on Facebook today! Oh, and don't forget to join the group and get regular updates so you're in the know about which events are happening and when!

Visit Mocha Milieu today!

  • 8th - Fun Friday with Astraea Press from 8:00pm-10:00pm EST
  • 16th - What's Cooking WIP Chat with Regina Paul from 2:00pm-3:00pm EST
  • 21st - Chatting with JoAnne Myers from 9:00am-9:00pm EST
  • 23rd - End of an Era-The Autumn Series Concludes Chat from 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • 30th HeartFelt Promos Authors Early Summer Party from 10:00am-Midnight EST

Erotic Group (Yahoo)
Click here

  • 27th - Hot in the City Chat from 10:00am-1:00pm EST on the Erotic E-loop

Latte Lounge
Click here

  • 2nd - Reader's Round Table Chat All Day



Interviews - Click here

  • Sorchia Dubois
  • Elizabeth Safleur
  • Jennifer Wilck



Show it off Saturday

Join us in celebration of our new event, Show it Off Saturday. It's going to be fun. Get a look into new books, blurbs, and other goodies on Facebook! So grab a friend, grab a drink, and get ready...

Show it off Saturday:

  • 5/2    Sorchia DuBois - Tina Gayle - Laura Tolomei
  • 5/9    Jo Richardson - Carly Jordynn - Arlene Hittle
  • 5/16    Kayelle Allen - Shereen Vedam - Franny Armstrong

Win during our Book Brew!

May 4, 2015

Coffee Thoughts, the Book Blog Click here

1 CTRR Awards
4 Book Brew

Almost everyone loves at least some of the paranormal subgenres! Whether you fave vampires, zombies, witches,  shape shifters, gods and demons, urban fantasy, traditional medieval fantasy or  modern twists on myths and fairy tales, May Book Brew is sure to have something you will like. We're going to have a great bunch of authors and some cool giveaways to inclued a lap robe quilt in a Celtic Fantasy theme. (picture) Be sure to mark May 4 on your calendars and check in between noon and eight pm EDT to read some tasty excerpts, chat with some of the authors, and get your name in the hopper to win cool prizes and giveaways!

Visit with AZGaye and this event's reader host Shadow Kohler as we chat about our fantasy/paranormal and futuristic favorites and perhaps have a reader poll, a quiz or some other fun activities you can take part in. Mark your calendars right now and plan to join us

5 Claudine's Sweet Treats
6 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with D. B. Reynolds
9  The Newest in Western Romance

From gunfighters in the Old West to modern computer savvy cowboys, Coffee Time Romance is bringing you the best in Western romance. They’ve all got that slow drawl and rugged good looks. Come on by our blog Saturday, May 9, to meet these sexy heroes and the fillies who capture their hearts.

10 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Elizabeth Harmon
11 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Ruth Kaufman
12 Claudine's Sweet Treats
13 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Barbara Wiinkes
15 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with June Kramin
16 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Amanda Bretz
17 Totally E-Twined
18 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with JoAnne Myers
19 Claudine's Sweet Treats
20 Author Excerpt Day

If you would like to get a gander at some of the best romance all in one place, come on by Coffee Time Romance for Author Excerpt Day. Here, you can peruse snippets from shifters to sweet romance. This month, we’re showcasing these great stories Wednesday, May 20th.

21 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Patty Jaeger
22 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Julia London
23 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with S. Carman Knight
26 Claudine's Sweet Treats
27 - Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Cynthia Eden
28 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Mari Christie
29 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with La Deesse Noire: The Black Goddess
30 Author Spotlight: Anything Goes May

May is Anything Goes month at Coffee Time Romance. Saturday, May 30, we are showcasing the best romances in all genres. If you would like to find something new or maybe uncover a gem you might have missed, come on by to meet some of the sexiest heroes and the heroines who show them what love is all about.


Handfasting: A Celtic ceremony of engagement or betrothal.

Ten years had passed since Katherine had joined hands with Steven in the ruins of the old abbey church. Katherine was going to college, going to med school. Steven was studying art in Italy for the next year. She could not marry Steven, then.

Faithful to her promise, for a decade she had been waiting, hoping, praying that he would find her. On her birthday, a vase of roses, yellow like the ones that had bloomed in the abbey, is delivered to her door.

Stephen, though, is not Katherine’s only suitor. Bill Wilson has known Katherine since they were in high school, he has long planned to wed her, and he decides to finally stake his claim. The conflict that follows takes an unexpected, violent twist.

The Handfasting is a story of love renewed, a suitor spurned, a vicious attack, a struggle for healing. It is a story of love that survives.

Learn More here


Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here

Here are our guests for the month:

  • 8th - Revelry! Combustion by Elia Winters 
  • 15th - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe'
  • 20th - Revelry! Sherry D. Ficklin
  • 23rd - Revelry! Steam, Smoke & Mirrors
  • 28th - Revelry! The Adventures of Viola Stewart by Karen J. Carlisle

Free Reads Click here


Caramel Corner

Isn't that a Picasso? 

No, it's a book.

Look at that Rembrandt!

It's a book.

Oh come on!! This is art!!

Yes, it is - writing is an art!

Stop in and see more


Click here

May is THE month to win a contest, so don't wait! Plus, when you share the contests on social media, you'll be entered twice into every contest you enter!

This month, you can win...

  • an eBook from June Kramin
  • an autographed copy of There's No Place like Hom by Peggy Jaeger
  • Erin Bevan is giving away an eBook of Cupid's Angels
  • Andrea Downing is gibing away an ebook copy of Dances of the Heart
  • Tara Quan is gibing away a $5 gift certificate
  • an eBook of Pyromancist and Aeromancist from Charmaine Pauls
  • S. Carmen Knight is giving away an eBook of No Ordinary Man
  • a signed copy of Risky Business, swag, and a bonus novella from Dena Garson

Here are the contest winners from last month:

Karen's contest winner: Celeste G.
Christy's contest winner: Vicki W.
Sorchia's contest winner: Michelle N.
Jane's contest winner: Jana B.


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Learn More about HeartFelt Promos

Coffee Crew

We could not bring you everything we do without our devoted Coffee Crew. They work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen!

Check out their staffer pages here.

Staffer News:

Featured Authors, click here

  • Jay Brenner
  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Shana Figueroa
  • Anya Howard
  • Jean Joachim
  • Cassiel Knight
  • Carole Ann Moleti
  • DB Reynolds
  • Helen R Rosburg
  • CJ Thomas

Forum Fun

Click here

This is the book lover's community that has been waiting for you.  Join us for fun and meet people who share the same love of books that you do.

Java Junction is filled with publisher and author groups. 

Special Interests is filled with hobbies, fun things, cooking tips, recipes,

Writing Seminar - Click here

Crafting the Perfect Query Letter - Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

May 15

With 8 sales in 12 months (3 novels, 1 novella, 2 novelettes, and 2 short stories spread across three different presses), we are the queens of query letters.  In this one day seminar we'll talk about how to craft the perfect concise and compelling query or submission letter, including writing a story blurb, structuring the letter, and writing a bio that's useful and informative. Last but not least we'll talk about how to handle communications when things go wrong (forgotten attachments, incorrect files, communications lost to the spam filter and more!)

Queries and Synopses - Kris Bock

May 13

What is the difference between a cover letter, a query, a synopsis, and a proposal? How do you know which you need? And most importantly, how can you convey your complex idea in a few pages – or even a few sentences? This seminar will explain what these terms mean, and provide resources and examples of each format. Share your short pitches to get feedback from the group.

How Do You Know You're Ready? - Corrina Lawson

May 27

How long should you work on a story before submitting or self-publishing? What are the signs to look for when you're done, not just finished with the first draft.

We'll talk about plot editing, character arcs, and copy editing.


CTRR Awards click here

Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Did you see last month's winners:


Publisher & Author News

Avon Authors

Sophie Barnes' blog tour celebrating her new Secrets At Thorncliff Manor series and the release of LADY SARAH'S SINFUL DESIRES, begins on April 27. Join the tour and post comments for a chance to win a copy of LADY SARAH'S SINFUL DESIRES. For more details, please visit Sophie's website.

Congratulations to Katharine Ashe, Tessa Dare, Lorraine Heath, Caroline Linden, and Lori Wilde on their recent RITA Award nominations! 

Emma Cane has a fun quiz for you to take to celebrate her newest book, EVER AFTER AT SWEETHEART RANCH. Which Valentine Valley heroine are you? Find out here


Short stories that are between 15k-40k words. Novels that are between 50k-100k words.

We will give priority to stories of the following romantic fiction or erotica genres:

  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary, especially stories with a modern, strong lead female character
  • For Men

We define romance as: love stories with strong writing, developed characters, and a solid plot. Stories should have happy endings and should depict love scenes in detail.

We define erotica as: arousing stories with explicit sex scenes; generally happy stories, though not necessary to have a neat and tidy happy ending.

Click here to learn More

Totally Bound

MF—Fashion World

Step into the world of fashion, where everything is on trend and of the moment. Where if that moment passes you by, you’re all too quickly sanctioned to the bargain bin. Walk your characters down famous catwalks, and introduce your readers to the masterminds behind the patterns, designs and styles that make millions. Totally Bound Publishing are actively acquiring Chick-lit, contemporary stories that have the fashion industry as the main focus. 10-100k words. Series or serials are also welcomed. Please send your submission, synopsis and series outline, if applicable, to


Pride Publishing are actively acquiring stories surrounding the passionate world of tattoo art. The focus here can lead in any direction as long as your main character has some ink that has been carved with meaning. Does your hero have a penchant for custom artwork, or is he bound by a club to follow suit? Is he a tattoo artist himself who really knows how to use his needles? Or is he marked with a symbol that speaks of a hidden, supernatural existence? The options are endless here, just as long as some ink dominates the heart of the plot. What does our submission image say to you? 10-100k words. Series or serials are also welcomed. Please send your submission, synopsis and series outline, if applicable, to

Coffee House Authors
AC Katt Debora Dennis Judy Baker Madison Sevier Sophia Kimble
A. M. Griffin Debra Doggett Julia Bade Mandy Rosko Sue McConnell
A.R. Von Dee Brice Julia Talbot Margie Church Susan Hanniford Crowley
Alanna Lucas Deirdre O'Dare June Kramin Marilu Mann Suz deMello
Alexa Bourne Dena Garson Justus Roux Mary Carter Sylvia McDaniel
Alexandra O'Hurley Denise A. Agnew K. C. Burn Mary Martinez Talia R. Blackwood
Alicia Dean Densie Webb Kaitlin Maitland Maureen L. Bonatch  Tara Fox Hall
Andrea Downing Denysé Bridger Kara Griffin Meg Mims Tara MacDonald
Angela Kay Austin Desiree Holt Karen Kay Melanie Nilles Tara Quan
Anita Kidesu Diane Craver Karen Michelle Nutt Miss Mae Tess Morrison
Anju Gattani Donna Gallagher Karen Stivali Moira Keith Theresa Scott
Anna Chaput Donna Michaels Karen M. Zarkowski Morgan Kearns Therese Kinkaide
Anne Hope Doralynn Kennedy Kaye Spencer Morgan Malone Tigris Eden
Anne Riley Doris O'Connor Kayelle Allen N. J. Walters Tina Gayle
Annette Mardis Elizabeth Fountain Kelley Heckart Nadine Christian Tina DC Hayes
April Hollingworth Elyzabeth M. VaLey Kelly McDonough Nancy Haddock Tmonique Stephens
BA Tortuga Ericka Scott Kerry Adrienne Natalie Alder Tracy Goodwin
Barbara Winkes Erin Bevan Kimberly Adkins Natalie-Nicole Bates V.S. Morgan
B.J. McCall Fiona McGier Kira Hillins Nicole Hurley-Moore Vicki Batman
Bev Haynes Fran McNabb Kristina Mathews Opal Carew Zenobia Renquist
Billi Jean Franny Armstrong Lace Daltyn P.L. Parker  
Brenda Sparks Gen Bailey Laura Strickland Pamela Labud  
Brenda Whiteside Gina Gordon Laura Tolomei Peggy Jaeger  
C. J. Starr Gwynn Morgan Laurie Olerich Piper Denna  
Candy Caine JB Brooks Lauren Clark Rebecca Heflin  
Carol Rose J.S. Wayne Lauren Linwood Rebecca E. Neely  
Carole Ann Moleti Jackie M. Smith Leesa Bow Rae Lori  
Casey Clipper Jackie Weger Leigh Carron Rae Monet  
Cassandra Carr James L. Hatch Leslie Soule Regina Andrews  
Cassiel Knight Jana Richards Lex Valentine Regina Paul  
Cat Adams Jane Leopold Quinn Libby Waterford Rhonda Lee Carver  
Catherine Chernow Jane O'Roarke Lily Graison Robin Renee Ray  
Charmaine Pauls Jane Toombs Linda Hadaway Rosalie Stanton  
Chanta Rand Jay Brenner Linda Lattimer Roseanne Dowell  
Charity Parkerson Jennifer James Linda Mooney Roz Lee  
Charlene Groome Jennifer Kacey Linda Nightingale Ruth Ann Nordin  
Christina Tetreault Jennifer Mueller Linn Random Ryssa Edwards  
Christy McKee Jennifer Robins Lisa Marie Wilkinson S. Carman Knight  
Claudia Shelton Jenny Penn London Saint James Sabrina York  
Collette Cameron Jessica Jefferson Lola Karns SaBrowny Rae  
Cristal Ryder Jewel Adams Lori Derby Bingley Sasha Cottman  
D. B. Reynolds Jill Hughey Lori M Jones Scarlet Hunter  
D.J. Gross Jo-Ann Power Louisa Bacio Shannan Albright  
DW Adler JoAnne Myers Lynn Rae Sharon Buchbinder  
Danica St. Como Joyce Proell MK Schiller Shoshanna Evers  
Debbie Peterson Ju Ephraime Madeleine Oh Sibel Hodge  

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