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Tobias is a fox-shifter, stolen in childhood from his home-world. Now he works as an agent for the secretive and powerful sentinels, trying to bring an end to the interworld slave trade.

Etty is a street-smart spitfire from the wrong side of the tracks. She harbors untrained magical abilities and a deep longing for a better life. Can she channel these into working as Tobias’ assistant?

Will they survive a life-changing mission where love and danger are only a heartbeat away, and the fate of rift worlds hangs in the balance?

Bronze Fox won first place in the 2015 Paranormal Awards - Romance Category

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Chat Parties!

Mocha Milieu

Stop by our Facebook event room and have fun with us!

Latte Lounge here

  • April 16, 2016: 6 Musketeers of Prose Chat from 7:30pm-8:30pm in the Latte Lounge
  • April 30, 2016: Spring Fling Multi-Author Chat from 11:00am-Midnight in the Latte Lounge

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  • Susan Crawford
  • Debra Druzy
  • Howard Kaplan
  • Katherine McIntyre
  • Josie Riviera
  • Cynthia Wise

Show it off Saturday

Join us in celebration of our new event, Show it Off Saturday. It's going to be fun. Get a look into new books, blurbs, and other goodies on Facebook! So grab a friend, grab a drink, and get ready...

  • 9th - Eva Gordon who is giving away eBox Set of Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Trilogy


Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here

Here are our guests for the month:

  • 6th - Revelry! The Pirate by E.C. Jarvis
  • 15th - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe'
  • 20th - Writing A Time Travel Romance In My STARLING Novella by Frank Cohen
  • 25th - Revelry with E.A. Hennessy

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30 Author Spotlight April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers... April is the time of year when we dream of sunshine, flowers...and love. This month, Coffee Time Romance is showcasing springtime romances. Stormy weather, rainbows, and hope all rolled up in April’s Author Spotlight. Stop by the Coffee Time Romance blog Saturday, April 30th, to get a taste of these delicious heroes and heroines.

Coffee Crew News

We could not bring you everything we do without our devoted Coffee Crew. They work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen!

Check out their staffer pages here. Happy anniversary to these staffers:

  • Laura - 4 years
  • Lototy - 11 years
  • Tory - 1 year

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April's Contest:

Kathleen Rowland 

Prize: 4-piece Avanti fingertip towel set and an eBook copy of Deadly Alliance


The sun sets later, the grass is greener, and the weather… is questionable at best. MUST be Spring! 

No matter the weather we can count on great contests from Coffee Time Romance. Your chance to WIN has so many options to take advantage of, including: sharing with friends and including the hashtag of #CTRContests in your social media posts. So, post away as much as possible! 

Enter for your chance to win this months contests here at Coffee Time Romance Contest Page:

March Winners and download info:

Tory Richards: (1 Winner) : Flora

Joyce Proell: (2 Winners): Rosemary & Jackie Wisherd

GoSip with Staff

In spring, a young man's (or woman's) fancy turns to love. If you were going to write your own love story this spring, which of your favorite literary characters would come to sweep you off your feet?

From Gwynn Morgan/Deirdre O’Dare
What a kewl question! And a hard one in some ways. I think I would be torn but would probably choose almost any of Zane Gray's cowboy heroes who basically got me into "romance" years ago when I was an impressionable early teen LOL. I still have a weakness for cowboys, especially those that like like Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck!! (giving my age away here ;-)). I've cast them as a hero in most of my western set stories.  Or the late Steve McQueen, who my first love closely resembled.

From Melissa:
If I were in charge of writing my own love story the character I would choose to “sweep me off my feet” would be Gabriel Briggs, from Kishan Paul’s Blind Love. I have read a lot of books had been introduced to a lot of yummy, sexy, zomg, sensitive, sweet, and well a wide array of
heroes with similar characteristics. But, when I think of them I think of their heroine or a person similar to them, and well... They’re pretty to look at but I don’t want to buy them so to speak. Gabe fits the bill if one is looking for a hot, sexy, former military, used to being in charge type, but the best thing about him? The fact that he is so understanding, observant, and willing to adapt his perception about blind people to work on getting closer with Lauren, who is blind, is so freaking attractive to me. Initially he wants to help her, which is the main reaction some people get when confronted with a blind person, but he watches and waits and understands that Lauren doesn’t really need his help as she has her own home, her own business, and is obviously used to doing things for herself and tailors his seduction to take that bit into account. A caretaker role ... is so not sexy to me; if I want someone to take care of me I’ll go hire a live in nurse or something. Blind people aren’t helpless. I always say that a blind person can pretty much do anything a sighted person can, except figure out what color something is or identify something ... but there is an app for that now. LOL Just the idea of a guy like Gabe makes me do the melty-sigh thing and want one of my own.

Which literary character would sweep me off my feet? Diana Gabaldon's James Fraser please. - Angie L.

It would be Faramir from the Lord of the Rings.   He is so noble, strong, sensitive, brave etc.  Also, he was so unloved by his father, yet keep trying to please him, that you just want to give him a lot of love. - Jess1

That would be difficult. At the moment "Evan" (bringing home the bad boy by Jessica Lemon) or Dare (When you Dare by Lori Foster) are fighting to sweep me off my feet. I haven't read about the third one who will leave with me while the others are fighting. That would be Sirius Black (Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. - Riet S.

My favorite literary character would be a Bear Shifter I love reading paranormal genre. Thanks - Yvonne D

If I were writing my own love story this spring, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice would come to sweep me off my feet. Tanja D

NEWReaders...You've heard from our staffers, now we'd love to hear from you! Pour another cup of coffee, take a nibble of your favorite treat, and share your answer to our question. Readers who contribute an answer will be entered into a contest for... (prize). But more importantly, let's keep the GoSip Going! Here next month's question:

Did your mom or an older woman in your life inspire your reading habit? Or, how would you inspire a girl (daughter, friend, niece) to start reading?

Send us your response here:

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  • Amy Rose Bennett
  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Shana Figueroa
  • Dena Garson
  • Anya Howard
  • Jean Joachim
  • Elena Kincaid
  • Cassiel Knight
  • Carole Ann Moleti
  • Lori Power
  • Helen R Rosburg
  • Laura Tolomei

Forum Fun

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This is the book lover's community that has been waiting for you.  Join us for fun and meet people who share the same love of books that you do.

Java Junction is filled with publisher and author groups. 

Special Interests is filled with hobbies, fun things, cooking tips, recipes, etc



Writing Seminar - Click here

April 20th

How to Revise a Flop into a Success presented by Ann Jacobs

Short Description: How can you fix a book that doesn't work?

Long Description: Is your book outdated, overedited, or does it not fit your intended audience? Join me for handy tips to turn a sow into a silk purse--figuratively, of course.

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Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Congratulations to this month's winners:

Did you see last month's winners:

  • Eyewitness by Carolann Camillo and Phyllis Humphrey

Publisher & Author News

Avon Authors

Laura Kaye is offering a free bonus story for ordering RIDE HARD, the first book in her new Raven Riders series that comes out on April 26. Find out all the details here and get ready to ride!
Laura Kaye invites you to come out to meet her at the following events and appearances: April 1 - A Likely Story Bookstore, Sykesville, MD, wine & cheese reception, talk, and Q&A for AMERICA'S FIRST DAUGHTER; April 2 - Penguin Bookshop, Sewickley, PA, reception, talk, and Q&A. For more details on these and other events, visit her website.
Do you live near Phoenix? Come meet your favorite Avon Authors on April 2 at Kisscon, co-hosted by Changing Hands, 300 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Featured Authors: Elizabeth Boyle, Lorraine Heath, Sophie Jordan, Julia Quinn, Jennifer Ryan and Lori Wilde VIP Reception: 6pm; Public Book Signing: 7:30pm Details at
If you’re attending the RT Book Lovers Convention in Las Vegas, April 12-17, don’t forget to look for your favorite Avon Authors: Jennifer Bernard, Tessa Dare, Lorraine Heath, Eloisa James, Sophie Jordan, Laura Kaye, Jennifer McQuiston, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lizbeth Selvig, Jill Shalvis, Candis Terry and Julia Quinn.


Author Resources

These are resource only, and discussion, no promotions, but a lot of very good information is available on both the page and in the group. The group is casual and supportive, the NewsStand is all information useful to writers.

LRWA Online Courses

Tough Chick

Presented by Jacqui Jacoby
Dates: Apr 4 – 29, 2016
Cost $20

Course Description:

As martial artist, Jacqui Jacoby is interested in self-defense and how women are portrayed in the media. At first, it seemed as if it was only Hollywood showing women in a tough light. With heroines such as Sarah Conner of the Terminator movies, and Ellen Ripely in the Alien films, women were the ones saving the day when men were being blown up or eaten.

This workshop covers such topics as how to portray tough chick heroines. We will discuss different types of self-defense techniques and how to build a tough chick heroine from the inside out. What kind of women make up the tough chicks and what are they like in their everyday lives? What drives them to become tough? What kind of hero must stand beside her and what kind of villains will she face?

 As a women capable of taking down a 220 pound man in self-defense simulations, I have the background to understand tough chicks. As the writer of non-fiction articles for various RWA Chapter newsletters including The Kiss of Death, The Orange Blossom and The Heartbeat of Denver, I have the experience to research and present this workshop.

First Place Winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award in Excellence, as well as the Suzannah and the Dixie for her books, she is a RWA Golden Heart Finalst and the author of two published novels, with three more finished and slated for publication by the summer 2016.

If there is one thing I do know, it’s how to be a tough chick.

Register for this course at:

Online Workshops Registration Form | Low Country Romance Writers

Writing Flash Fiction

Presented by PJ Andrews
Dates: Apr 4 – 25, 2016
Cost: $20

Course Description:
Don’t have time to write a novel? Well, fewer people have time to read one. That’s why flash fiction is hot, with over 300 paying markets looking for well-formed stories of 1000 words or less. Learn how to write, market and sell these tiny tales.

Week one
1. What flash fiction is – The class will review the elements of a good story, talk about creating texture and see how flash fiction differs from slice of life and other short forms.
2. Examples of flash fiction
3. The story of you – Who are you? Why do you want to write flash fiction? What do you need to achieve your goal? What are your obstacles? With success in flash fiction, where do you see yourself in five years?
4. Getting story ideas – The class will come up with story ideas, work to frame them in 15 words or less and discuss what makes them good.
5. Emotions and hooks – How do you make a character likable? How do you raise questions and build emotions? The class will see how word choice, character design and the order of expression can engage an audience.
6. Telling a story – Students will be invited to share stories with the class and will receive personalized critiques from the teacher.

Week two
1. Making time to write – Even a 1000-word story takes time to write. Students will exchange ideas on how to get started, How to avoid distractions and what can be done in 15 minutes each day.
2. How to say it fast – With a little help from Strunk & White, students will look at how to write things economically and see the power of concise expression. As a class, they practice trimming some long sentences.
3. The satisfying ending – Students will test real endings to see if they may sense, are earned and pay off on the promise of the story’s premise.
4. Analysis of student stories

Week three
1. What audiences want – It doesn’t become personal until you write the story to someone. Finding out who your audience is, why they are reading your story and what they expect involves reading, listening, and asking questions. Fellow students in the class will play the role of audience for this interactive exercise.
2. Rewriting – The class will discuss techniques for making stories better and work through a step-by-step exercise with a real example.
3. Getting it sold – The Internet is a goldmine of opportunities for selling flash fiction, with over 300 paying markets. The class will learn how to choose the best markets for them, how to present their material and how to track their efforts
4. The uses of flash fiction (for the author) – No one gets rich writing flash fiction, but there are possibilities for credit, building an audience, getting feedback and even leveraging stories for bigger opportunities. The class will explore how they can take full advantage of their baby steps toward being published authors.

Instructor Bio:
Peter Andrews is a full-time independent writer, and he has worked as a speechwriter, a Web producer, and a radio producer. He writes the popular How to Write Fast blog ( He has authored two books, sold dozens of short stories, and published over 200 articles explaining technology to lay audiences. He is a member of RWA and president of its Young Adult Chapter.

Register for this workshop at Online Workshops Registration Form | Low Country Romance Writers

WriteSEX (2Weeks)

Presented by Sascha Illyvich
Dates: Apr 4 – 18, 2016
Cost: $20

Course Description:
A primer on writing erotica, covering the basics of writing erotica for a profit. This is an extension of the WriteSEX blog and is usually taught by a few of the panel members from WriteSEX.

Instructor Bio:
Proclaimed by the Publishing industry as the Bad Boy of Romance, Sascha started writing fifteen years ago. Author of over 45 titles, his erotic romances have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended read list, and he’s been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio. Recently, Torn to Pieces was a USA TODAY Recommended Read.

Former host of The Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata, Sascha continues to write for Red Sage, Ardent Books, Secret Cravings Publishing, Decadent Publishing, Sizzler Editions and Totally Bound. Find him at

Agency Representation provided by The Corvisiero Agency

Sascha also edits for Ardent Books, a division of Assent Publishing, and Sizzler Editions Intoxication Line, a division of Sizzler Editions. Sascha is also part of the WriteSex Panel, a blog group defining erotica for writers in any genre! Find us at

Register for this workshop at Online Workshops Registration Form | Low Country Romance Writers

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